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RiskMeter Online Training PowerPoint Presentation
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RiskMeter Online Training

RiskMeter Online Training

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RiskMeter Online Training

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  1. RiskMeter Online Training

  2. Agenda • What is RiskMeter Online? • How to Log In & Search • Basics of Geocoding • Choosing risk reports • Live Demo • Using Map Functions • Understanding risk data

  3. What is RiskMeter Online? • Online tool for insurance professionals • Property look-ups for risk & hazard info • Quick, accurate information based on location • Over 30 risk & hazard reports available • No digging for information! • Order multiple reports at once

  4. Why use RiskMeter? • Quick results, easy to use • Eliminates possibility of human error • Specific values returned • Decreases turnaround time for quoting and pricing policies

  5. Starting out… • Click the Log In button to begin • Type your Username and Password • Enter Member ID on the second screen if necessary

  6. Searching for a Property Address • Enter a complete, valid address • Street number is important! • Zip code is optional – if you don’t have one, leave it blank Garbage In/Garbage Out!

  7. Address Verification • The address you’ve entered is cleaned up and matched • CASS certification software • Standardizes the address • Fixes spelling errors • Finds zip code + 4 • Corrects suffix • Always double-check that the address returned is the correct address to search! Note: If you enter an address that does not exist in the town or zip provided, RiskMeter will find a name that is the closest match, or will give a list of alternative addresses.

  8. Report Selection Show Map Layer Run Test • List of reports shows only those available for the address entered • Two columns: • Run Test vs. Show Map Layer • Your account is only charged for ordered reports • The Map Layer can be toggled on/off on the report page as well

  9. Available RiskMeter Reports 2008 Distance to Shore Distance to Intracoastal (FL) Tier 1 Counties Storm Surge Model State Wind Pool Eligibility (AL, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, NJ, SC & TX) FL Wind Loss Mitigation Sink Holes (FL & PA) Flood Zone Determinations Flood Elevation City and County Lookups Elevation/Slope/Aspect Hail and Tornado Exposure Responding Fire District Distance to Fire Stations Fire Perimeters Brush Fire Zones - CDS Wildfire (AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, SD, UT, WA & WY) - Renie Ad Maps (CA Only), - Bates/SRA Zones (CA Only) Crime Scores Distance to Earthquake Faults CA PML Quake Zones EQECat Assess Test - MMI, Soil Type, Magnitude, Distance to Faults EQECat Advanced Score AP Fault Zones (CA Only) CA Liquefaction/Landslide State Premium Tax Codes (AL, DE, FL, GA, IL, KY, LA, NJ, NY, SC & TX) Customer Defined Rating Territory Policy Exposure Module Protection Class (MS) Year Built/Sq Footage Building Characteristics Tsunami (HI) Lava Flow (HI) Aerial Photos Batch Processing

  10. Map Layers • Visual representation of data overlaid on street map • View different layers one at a time • Each layer has a corresponding color-coded legend Crime Scores Flood Zone Wildfire Risk

  11. Mapping Engine • Geocoding: the process of taking an address on paper and creating a point on a digital map representing that location. • Three Geocoders built into the software • Higher match rate

  12. Geocoding Accuracy • Different levels of confidence help you understand the accuracy of each match • S6 – Exact Match to Point Zip Code • S5 – Exact Point Match • S4 – Street Match • S3 – Zip+4 Match • S2 – Zip+2 Match • S1 – Zip Centroid Match • SX – Street Intersection Match 90% of lookups are S5 matches or better! RiskMeter processes a few million addresses per month

  13. Understanding Geocoding Matches – S5 • This is the most common and accurate match • S5 means that the address was coded down to the street number

  14. Understanding Geocoding Matches – S4 • Another common match that is considered accurate • S4 means the property was mapped to the center of the street segment

  15. Understanding Geocoding Matches – S3 • The next type of match in order of accuracy • With an S3 match, the system maps the location to the center of the zip code + 4 defined area

  16. Unacceptable Georesults • The RiskMeter will not provide risk information for S1 & S2 Georesults • These are not considered accurate matches • No information is better than the wrong information! • More research may be necessary to yield accurate results

  17. Address Matching • Computer-aided mapping uses address dictionaries, databases, and maps • Updates are not automatic • Zip codes change often • Many streets have more than one name • New developments and subdivisions may not be mapped out yet

  18. Alternate Ways to Search • Other search options available • Intersection tab will locate subject to that corner • Lat/Long search will give an exact match for those coordinates

  19. Using the Map Functions • To use functions in the tool-bar… • Click the radio button to the left of the word • Click once on the map or photo • Tip: Use the “Enter” key on your keyboard • The map will re-center any time you click on it to keep the property in the center.

  20. Zooming the Map In & Out 2 mi • Zoom Level represents the distance from East to West on the map. • To quickly zoom to your desired level, type in the Zoom Level box. • Use the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons to zoom to ½ or 2x your current level. • Zoom your map to an appropriate level to get the clearest view of nearby risks! 0.25 mi

  21. Manually Placing the Subject Marker • Use this option to physically locate the property by hand. • After checking the Manual Placement button, click ONCE on the map or aerial photo to relocate the subject marker. • Advance this slide in PPT for an animation • RiskMeter will automatically recalculate your results for the new location! Technique: Zoom in and zoom out as necessary to find the location of the property. Click Right on the Rooftop Note: Only click once and allow the page to reload the test results and map.

  22. Measuring with the One-Click Ruler • Use the Distance button to find out how far away any point on the map is from the property. • E.g. Flood Zone, Shoreline, Brushfire Area, ETC. • One-Click: Locate the target and click ONCE • The measurement will BEGIN at your subject and END at your target Distance

  23. Birdseye Geocoding – Aerial Photos • Clicking the Birdseye Geocoding icon will open an aerial photo. • This photo is always synched in size and scale to the map. • The More Info button will provide specifics about the downloaded photo.

  24. Aerial Photos Note: Not all aerial photos are equal! If you zoom in on a map, RiskMeter will search for the clearest photo available. This means that you might download a new image that was taken at a different height above the ground.

  25. Tips & Tricks • Print or Save your report • Auto Log-In Tool • Stores your login info • Glossary/Resources Site & Other Links

  26. Account Customization • The RiskMeter is highly customizable based on your company’s guidelines or standards • Parameters of reports can be set by you • Coastlines and data sets can also be customized • Call your Account Representative to make any changes to your account

  27. Checking your Account • Check Number of Credits Remaining • Change Address, Contact, E-Mail address or Phone Number • Change Password Note: Changes to some accounts can only be made by calling or emailing us.

  28. Batch Availability • Any RiskMeter reports can be run in a batch • This means you can submit schedules of addresses for analysis and receive results in a spreadsheet format. • Grouped policies, book of business, etc. • Online service is available that requires no human intervention – results are returned in minutes! • Contact CDS Business Mapping for more Information.

  29. Troubleshooting • Never use the back button! • RiskMeter uses live client server mapping, meaning there are no static images.  Using the back button can confuse the system. • Go to the RiskMeter homepage and Refresh the page. • Delete your temporary internet files (Tools Menu > Internet Options > General tab > Delete Files). • 99% of symptoms are relieved with these tricks. • If you are still experiencing problems, call CDS Business Mapping. • For Geocoding problems, check the resources section for the Geocoding Help Guide.

  30. CDS Business Mapping, LLC If you have any questions, please call 1-800-746-7797 (617)737-4444 Dan Munson, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Ryan Turgeon, Customer Service Call your Account Representative to make any changes to your account