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  1. 15 WAZPZ start The Crystal Skull

  2. Next Hey, you guys seen my Nintendo DS anywhere? What’s a DS? Nope

  3. Next Have you tried the cellar? Nearly everything ends up in there I’ll come with, maybe I can find my Rubik cube…Aka, the AllSpark!!!

  4. Next You do know that was just a movie, right? But a hell of a good one. Despite what the reviewers said…

  5. Transformers (2007): This movie is bland and confusing to follow. 2 hours Of explosions isn’t interesting. Michael Bay has gone overboard with his Special effects. 1 Star… - The Sun Next

  6. Well we’ll sort something out for the sequel…

  7. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (2009): This movie is more bland and confusing than The first Movie. And the lack of any special effects in the action scenes Are a big let-down 1 Star… - The Sun Next

  8. Next Well it might be in these boxes somewhere…How are you doing over there, Jack? Crap

  9. Next Just as worse… More Crap

  10. Next Nintendo Gamecube Hey, what the hell is this? More Crap

  11. Next Jack…? More Crap

  12. Next …dickhead More Crap

  13. Next Jack’s been in his room for nearly a week now. Think there’s something wrong? Will you shut up? I’m watching my TV show

  14. The Scott Sutton Show

  15. Next Hello, I have made the world’s funniest joke. No one can read it and live… “why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side…”

  16. Next That’s not funny…

  17. Next Ah screw it, let’s go see what’s up

  18. Come on, Jack. Tell us what’s up. Look at the state of ye… What ye mean, he’s stiff and lifeless like the rest of us… Next

  19. I don’t know what happened. I looked into those cold eyes and I saw all sorts of awful things happening. Things otherworldly yet familiar… Next

  20. You sure it wasn’t just Sean in the dark? ‘cos that’d make Frankenstein’s Monster shit it’s pants…if it has an Anus… Next

  21. Oh I’ve included it into my Geofiction hobby. It’s where all my worlds are. I call it Maeltir Why have you got a Picture of a Galaxy over your bed? Next

  22. Why? Does it mean something like infinite or mystical? No, it’s an anagram of Tamriel… Next

  23. Anyway, what eyes are you talking about, Jack? That skull I found in the cellar Next

  24. Skull, eh? It wasn’t a Crystal Skull by any chance? I think it was, why do you ask? Next

  25. Jack, people alike are searching for those things. They’ve already found 8 out of 13 of them So you’re saying we’ve found the 9th one? Next

  26. James, those are fictional characters in a Video Game. Still, you must admit it’s a riot when our 3 characters are thrown in Jail Wow!! We’ve become part of Mythological History. Like the things you see on Oblivion… Next

  27. Next What’re you in for, Argonian? I punched a Khajiit who was then killed by the Leyawiin Guards…Then I was thrown in here for it…what about you?

  28. Next I killed Mehrunes-Dagon who then fell on the Emperor. It took ¾ of the Imperial Legion guards in Cyrodiil to get me in here !

  29. Next What about you, Ugly?

  30. Next I punched a Horse… Did you kill it?

  31. Next No, It knocked me out and the guards were throwing me in here when I woke up… You’re not a very good Orc, James

  32. Anyway, we’re on the verge of uncovering a mystery that has baffled man since the late 19th century. If we follow the clues, we can uncover the last 4 Skulls Next

  33. I’ll prepare the Packed Lunches And I’ll fire up the Winnebago… Next

  34. Next Ok, we have our goods all packed. We know, James. Stop saying that…

  35. Hey, Matthew, the legends say that all 13 Crystal Skulls need to be together to unleash it’s true intentional energy…Why don’t we try and obtain the 8 Skulls that are already found first? I thought someone would bring that up. Not to worry, I hired a team of experts to get the obtained skulls while we find the lost ones… Next

  36. 4 Adults please… Whoah, maaan!! I’m only 11 Years ooold, maaan!!! Next

  37. Whoah, maan!! Why do you have a Child’s ticket separate from an Adult when it’s the same damn priiice, maaan!! That’ll be £10 each, please… Next

  38. I’ll consult my Gun and see if it’s acceptable… Next