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  1. Plant Jeopardy pages 1-3 pages 7-9 pages 10-12 pages 4-6 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400

  2. $100 What purpose does transpiration serve in a plant? A. It creates energy for plants to use B. It helps take in sunlight to produce O2 and H2O C. Allows the plant to transport water and food to leaves D. Allows leaves to control the water and air entering and leaving. Allows leaves to control the water and air entering and leaving.

  3. $200 A reproductive process that involves only one parent and produces offspring that is identical to the parent. ASEXUAL REPRODUCTION

  4. $300 Energy is released from food in most organisms through the process of… RESPIRATION

  5. $400 Which of the following is a form of sexual reproduction in plants? A. Pea pod B. Tulip bulb C. Potato sprouts D. Strawberry runners Pea Pod

  6. $100 List the Levels of Classification in order from largest to smallest. KINGDOM, PHYLUM, CLASS, ORDER, FAMILY, GENUS, SPECIES

  7. $200 The scientific name of an organism consists of these two parts of the classification system… GENUS & SPECIES

  8. $300 The largest group of plants known to have true leaves, roots, and stems with a well developed system for transporting water and nutrients are called… VASCULAR PLANTS

  9. $400 List three plant processes that occur in the leaves of plants. PHOTOSYNTHESIS, RESPIRATION, & TRANSPIRATION

  10. $100 The type of vascular tissue that transports water from the roots to the leaves and other plant parts XYLEM

  11. $200 What part of the plant functions to anchor the plant, store extra food for the plant, and absorb water and nutrients? ROOTS

  12. $300 The plant process involving the transfer of pollen from the anther of a stamen to the stigma of a pistil is … POLLINATION

  13. $400 The early stage of seed growth is called … GERMINATION

  14. Why is dormancy a helpful response to harsh weather for a seed? A. The plant needs heat to produce carbon dioxide B. Animals that eat the plant come out in the cold weather C. It allows the seed to germinate when conditions are favorable D. Seeds cannot germinate in windy conditions $100 It allows the seed to germinate when conditions are favorable

  15. $200 The eyes or buds of these grow into roots and shoots to produce a new plant Ex: potatoes TUBERS

  16. $300 What function do the guard cells play in the function of the leaf? Open and close stomata

  17. $400 The kingdom of organisms that do not make their own food, but must grow on other organisms to gain nutrients is called… Example: Athlete’s foot FUNGI

  18. FINAL QUESTON(Wager as Little or as Much as the Group Wishes) The organelles in plant cells that contain chlorophyll, a green pigment, that absorb light energy and make photosynthesis possible? CHLOROPLASTS

  19. Plant Double Jeopardy Bonus Round pages 1-3 pages 7-9 pages 10-12 pages 4-6 200 200 200 200 800 400 400 400 400 800 600 600 600 600 800 800 800 800 800 800

  20. $200 A reproductive process that involves two parents is … SEXUAL REPRODUCTION

  21. $400 List the 5 kingdoms MONERANS, PROTISTA, FUNGI, PLANTAE, ANIMALIA

  22. $600 What is another term in the taxonomic classification known as divisions? PHYLUM

  23. $800 What are the two phyla in the plant kingdom? NON-VASCULAR & VASCULAR

  24. $200 The type of vascular tissue known to transport nutrients such as sugar from the leaves to the rest of the plant are called… PHLOEM

  25. $400 The stored food in the seeds of plants are referred to as … COTYLEDONS

  26. $600 The two major groups of seed producing plants are … CONE-BEARING PLANTS & FLOWERING PLANTS

  27. $800 2 examples of plants that contain spores include… MOSSES & FERNS

  28. $200 Dicot plants have this kind of root system… TAPROOT

  29. $400 What part of a plant attracts pollinators? PETALS

  30. $600 What are the three parts of a pistil and their functions? STIGMA- COLLECTS POLLEN STYLE- SUPPORTS STIGMA OVARY- CONTAINS OVULES

  31. $800 When ovules become fertilized, what do they become? SEEDS

  32. Which best illustrates fertilization in a flowering plant? A. A fruit develops B. Seeds are dispersed C. The seed absorbs water D. Pollen must enter the ovule $200 Pollen must enter the ovule

  33. $400 Corn smut & wheat rust are common examples of these kinds of infections of plants… FUNGI

  34. $600 The growth of a plant in response to touch is called… THIGMOTROPISM

  35. $800 The openings in leaves through which carbon dioxide, oxygen, & water move. STOMATA

  36. $800 For pollination to occur, a bee picks up pollen grain at letter ____ and then carries them to letter _____. F to D

  37. $800 Which parts of the flower make up the pistil? Letter E (includes A, B, C,D)

  38. $800 Mrs. Bowman visited Muir Woods in CA and noticed a plant she had never seen. Which of the following observations would let her know if a plant is cone-bearing? A, Flowers are blooming B. The plant has roots, stems, and leaves C. Needle-like leaves are present Needle-like leaves are present

  39. $800 Which variety has the best chance of surviving a long period of dry weather? Variety 3

  40. FINAL QUESTON(Wager as Little or as Much as the Group Wishes) What are 5 characteristics of all living things? Every Raccoon Can Dance Silly Energy, Reproduction, Cells, Develop, Respond to Stimuli