Wanda Vanover


Guardian Alert 911 is a two-way communication device which doesn't entail any month-to-month payments, no long-term contract pledges in addition to no unknown expenses. The small accessory worn by the person instantly dials a 911 operator whenever necessary. This isn't only a regular 911 alert device, but a two-way communication tool which makes it possible for talking directly to the operator. When the occasion arrives that you or your friend wants support, there's no number to worry about. It is as simple as pressing a single button. It’s like owning the security of 911 inside your pocket at all times. No matter if you are a senior living by yourself, a baby-boomer, a mum or dad looking to protect your kids, or an grownup with parents growing older, emergency alert devices are absolutely a necessity. A simple fall or sudden sickness has the ability to cause great damage for anyone that can't assist themselves in the event of a accident or becomes ill and needs instantaneous assistance.