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  2. PM duties regarding SBCO • In the present time, status of SBCO is not known to any one. • PMs must know the present status of SBCO & requirements of Directorate so that they can ensure the proper functioning of SBCO • From the slide no. 3 to 26, past & present status of SBCO has been explained • PMs to know the present work items of SBCO to ensure their duties regarding functioning, control & monitoring of SBCO as desired by Directorate

  3. Prior to introduction of Sanchay Post. Role of HO Counter • HO Counter to prepare LOT of each scheme and transfer voucher bundle along with LOT to SBSO in the next morning. • SBSO receives LOTs and vouchers from SOs and after posting in the ledgers prepares consolidated journal of each scheme. • After totaling SOs transactions in the consolidated Journal, totals of HO transaction added. • Total of SOs transactions tallied with SO Summary and total of HO transactions tallied with HO Summary. • All vouchers and LOTs in separate bundles transferred to SBCO in the next morning along with Consolidated Journals and RBT/PBT (transfer of account) Journals.

  4. Role of SBCO- Prior to Sanchay Post • On receipt of above noted documents, SBCO PA mark the LOT as per ledger chart with red pen and total of each ledger struck. Then total of all ledger wise totals calculated and tallied with the total of LOT. • SBCO PAs post ledger-wise totals of transactions and non cash transactions from SB62(a)/85(a) in the Ledger-wise register (SB-62/SB-85) of each scheme from the LOTs and Office-wise totals in the Office-wise register (SB-63/SB-85) of each scheme. Place all LOTs and the registers to Incharge SBCO for checking. • Incharge SBCO checks the posting ledger-wise and office-wise and tally the same with the consolidated Journal. • SBCO post non-cash transactions in the non-cash register SB-62(a) and put up to Incharge SBCO who check the same.

  5. Role of SBCO- Prior to Sanchay Post contd…. • At the end of the month, a summary is prepared in the SB-63 with OB and CB of all offices to work out CB of HO as a whole for the month. • Simultaneously, balance of HO as a whole is worked out from Consolidated Journals and SB-62(a) register. This closing balance should agree with the CB calculated in the Summary prepared in SB-63. • Incharge SBCO maintains Statistical Register (SB-88). He posts entries from Consolidated Journals, SB-62(a), List of accounts treated as silent, Register of silent accounts revived, Summary of annual interest statement, RBT/PBT Journals at the end of the month for HO as a whole. This balance should agree with the balance calculated in the Summary of SB-63/SB85and the balance calculated from the consolidated registers. • A copy of the statistical Register will be sent to the PAO.

  6. Verification of Binder balances (Agreement) • The balance of each binder is required to be verified once in six month. • Listing of balances of binder was to be prepared by SBCO staff and total closing balance in the list was to be tallied with the CB shown in the SB-62 as a whole.

  7. Introduction of V2SBCO Software • V2 SBCO Software was introduced to facilitate SBCO for automatic generation of consolidated Journals, SB-62, SB-62(a), SB-63 and SB-88. • No orders were issued from Directorate of discontinue maintenance of manual control registers. • No orders were issued for data security or data back up in V2SBCO. • No amendment was made in the SBCO Manual at the time of introduction of V2SBCO which means there was no change in the basic functions of SBCO. • SBCO started maintaining separate data of each account pay posting from the LOTs without any provision in the rules to maintain such data.

  8. Introduction of V2SBCO Software contd….. • From this data, SBCO started agreement work and generation of interest statement based on the control registers generated by the V2SBCO automatically. • No orders were issued for tallying of V2SBCO and SBSO balances. Therefore, no such exercise was carried out in most of the circles. • Due to shortage of staff in SBCO, data feeding in V2SBCO gone to arrear resulting in arrear in ledger agreement also.

  9. Introduction of Sanchay Post Software. • On introduction of Sanchay Post Software, instead of entering data from the agreed list of SBCO or V2SBCO, data was entered from the HO as well as SBSO ledgers which were neither updated and nor agreed. • Sanchay Post was rolled out to SOs by copying un-agreed data from SOSB. • In Sanchay Post Software, a provision was made (after three years of introduction of Sanchay-post Software) to generate consolidation automatically after completion of posting of the day in SBSO and generation of SBCO control registers from that consolidation during the day-end process. • Posting in SBSO was in arrear even at the time of entering the data and posting was not done daily for all offices in SBSO which resulted in incorrect generation of consolidation and control registers. Preparation of Consolidation was started manually.

  10. Introduction of Sanchay Post Software contd… • V2SBCO was discontinued on the basis of Directorate order issued in 2002 for discontinuance of manual ledgers where it was mentioned that SBCO working with V2SBCO will attend to the work based on data entry already available in LAN Sanchay Posts. • Some circles continue to work on V2SBCO and some circles discontinued V2SBCO without comparing balances between V2SBCO and the SBSO data available in LAN Sanchay Post presuming that all the control registers are now being generated by Sanchay Post software correctly. • Some circles continue to maintain manual Control registers but some discontinued the same without obtaining any orders or guidance from Directorate.

  11. Introduction of Sanchay Post Software contd… • Presently, it is not known as to how many HPOs are having SB-63 with OB and CB and how many have updated Statistical Registers. Transfer of consolidated Journals with LOTs and Vouchers is still in arrear in many HPOs. • In 2002, when maintenance of manual ledgers was discontinued, it was mentioned that SBCO will attend to the work based on data available through LAN Sanchay Post and will check 100% vouchers. Verification of balances (Agreement) was never discontinued. • In 2003, percentage of checking of vouchers was reduced from 100%.

  12. Decentralization of MIS • In 2002, MIS ledgers were started in SOs and from 20.12003, MIS Scheme was decentralized and maintenance of separate ledgers at SOSB for MIS was discontinued. • Ledger-wise register for MIS in HO to continue but for SOs, it was discontinued in 2003. • SBCO was given the responsibility for maintenance of SOSB data in Sanchay Post after decentralization. • Verification of balances was prescribed on six monthly basis. • For HO accounts, balances to be listed by SBCO ledger-wise and should be agreed with SB-85.

  13. Decentralization of MIS contd… • For SO’s accounts, SBCO working on V2SBCO to feed the data in computer after verification of cash figures of consolidated Journal with HO cash book on daily basis. • After feeding of transactions, control registers to be generated automatically. Hard copies of control registers to be kept on record duly agreed with the figures worked out in the relevant consolidated journals on the last working day of the month. • SBCO working on Sanchay Post to feed the data of SOs from LOTs and HO data will be available through LAN. • Consolidated journal and Control registers will be generated automatically. • Consolidated balance for HO will be verified and tallied with the balance arrived at SB-85 on daily/monthly basis.

  14. Periodical agreement of balances • SBCO will take out hard copies of list of balances in triplicate every six months as on 30th June and 31st Dec. and forward two copies to sub post offices for check with the ledgers maintained there. • SOs to return one copy of the list to SBCO after verification.

  15. Decentralization of RD • RD Scheme was decentralized from 1.1.2003 and ledgers maintained in RDSO were discontinued in HO. • For HORD accounts, SBCO to list balances binder-wise once in six months and tally with SB-85. • For SORD accounts, SBCO working on V2SBCO after general check of vouchers and verification of total cash figures of consolidated journals with HO cash Book on daily basis, will fed transactions in computer. • After feeding of transactions, all control registers to be generated automatically. Verification of closing balances of ledger/office with closing balance arrived at SB-85/SB-62/SB-63 registers at the close of the month. • Generation of control registers and consolidated journals will be automatic. • Hard copies of control registers to be kept on record duly agreed with the figures worked out in the relevant consolidated journals on the last working day of the month.

  16. Decentralization of RD contd… • SBCO working on Sanchay Post, to feed transactions of SORD accounts from LOTs in computer and data of HORD accounts will be available on LAN. • Consolidated journal and all control registers will be generated automatically. Consolidated balance for the HO will be verified and tallied with the balance arrived at SB-85 register on daily/monthly basis.

  17. Periodical agreement of balances (from 1.1.2004) • Verification of balances of SORD accounts to be done once in six months. • SOs to prepare six monthly lists of balances on honorarium basis as on the fixed dates intimated by HO. • Lists are to be submitted to SBCO before 10th of the month. SOs to prepare list ledger/binder-wise and copy of binder/ledger chart will also be sent to SBCO. • SBCO will verify the balances shown in the lists with SB-85 generated by the system.

  18. Introduction of SCSS-2004 • SCSS-2004 was introduced w.e.f 2.8.2004 in all Departmental SOs. • All procedure applicable to MIS was extended to SCSS also.

  19. Present situation • Due to non-implementation of above orders issued from time to time, level of updating of data and its authenticity is different in different HOs even within a same Region/Circle. • Directorate issued orders in 2006 to update data of all schemes including decentralized schemes in HOs. Several reminders were issued from 2006 to date. But all in vain • Data updating of centralized schemes in many HPOs is still in arrear and basic data of accounts decentralized schemes standing at SOs is still not available in many HPOs.

  20. Present situation contd… • OB/CB (Office-wise) of many schemes is not available in many HPOs which is the main required tool for verification (agreement) of balances in ledgers/computer. • Statistical Registers of SBCO are not updated in many HPOs resulting in delay in sending monthly figures to DAP. • Posting in SOs is in various schemes is pending. • Posting in SBSO is pending resulting in non-generation of interest statement.

  21. Present situation contd… • In many HPOs, interest statement is generated up to date but interest is not posted in SO ledgers resulting in non tallying of balances between SOs and SOSB/V2SBCO. • In many computerized SOs, RD/MIS/SCSS are still functioning through manual mode as data feeding is not done. • Data in SOSB and V2SBCO not yet tallied. • Huge number of minus balances. • Large number of discrepancies in the available data.

  22. Possible steps for sanitization of present data. • Creation of data of all schemes in computerized SOs and its updating. • Updating of posting in all schemes in all SOs. • Posting of interest in ledgers of SOs and comparison of balance between SO ledgers and interest statement. • Comparison of balances of SBSO/HO (Sanchay Post) and V2SBCO through DB Analyzer and clearance of discrepancies.

  23. Possible steps for sanitization of present data contd… • Creation of data of RD/MIS/SCSS of SOs in all HOs in the SBCO and its updating. • Transfer of all pending returns by HO to SBCO and updating of all control registers and statistical registers by SBCO. • Comparison of decentralized schemes data of SO Ledgers with data available or updated in SBCO. • Clearance of all discrepancies in all schemes through DB Analyzer.

  24. Possible Steps for verification of balances contd… • Verification of balances should be done as per orders issued by directorate. • Where office-wise balance registers are up to date, tally the last balance calculated by the system with these registers and not down the difference if any. • Where office-wise balances registers are not available or not possible to calculate OB/CB office-wise, after data sanitization, calculate last balance report office-wise and scheme-wise from Sanchay Post on a particular date. Struck total of balances of all SOs and HO and compare it with the CB of HO as a whole calculated in the SBCO statistical Register intimated to DAP. Note down the difference if any. • Start the exercise of checking of posting by special team from office to office and minimize the difference before start of the migration of data to CBS.

  25. SBCO Control Registers • Basic functions of SBCO to maintain Office-wise balance Register (SB-63), Office-wise non-cash Register SB-62(a) and Statistical Register (SB-88) and tallying of Closing Balance of HO as a whole on monthly basis with the CB arrived at from Consolidated Journals were never discontinued. • If these functions are being carried out then SBCO must have Office-wise OB and CB as well as OB and CB of HO as a whole. • In 2002, when maintenance of Manual ledgers was discontinued where data is on-line in LAN Sanchay Post, there was no order to discontinue any of the above control registers.

  26. SBCO Control Registers contd… • Verification of binder/office wise balances once in six months with SB-62/SB-63 was never discontinued. • Even after decentralization of RD and MIS, there were orders that second set of data will be maintained by SBCO for accounts standing at SOs. No control register was discontinued. • Methodology of periodical verification of binder/office wise balances with second set of data maintained by SBCO was prescribed for both the schemes in 2003-2004.