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Instructional Coaching

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Instructional Coaching. February 1, 2013. Welcome!. Please Do Now: Take 2 minutes to write 3 lines: How would you define Instructional Coaching? What is your experience with Instructional Coaching?. Turn and share with a partner. The Role of the Coach.

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instructional coaching

Instructional Coaching

February 1, 2013


Please Do Now:

Take 2 minutes to write 3 lines:

How would you define Instructional Coaching? What is your experience with Instructional Coaching?

the role of the coach
The Role of the Coach

Instructional coaching is emerging as an important approach to helping teachers improve their practice. It is, however, much more.

Coaching is part of a whole-school improvement strategy that fosters collective problem solving and offers highly targeted professional development embedded in teachers’ daily work.

It is a structure designed to enhance practice, build collaborative cultures and improve student learning.

the role of the coach1
The Role of the Coach

Instructional coaches team with teachers and provide one-on-one, side-by-side assistance, working together on specific needs in their classrooms. They provide professional development for teachers and school leaders with real-time support focused on changing practice, increasing student engagement, and improving student achievement.

Coaches offerprofessional learning opportunities focused on both content and process, and they play a broader role:  nurturing a learning community in their schools to ensure that teaching improvements are shared, ongoing, and focused directly on identified needs in that school.

the role of the coach2
The Role of the Coach
  • What roles do you have in the schools you work with?
  • How can these relate to coaching?
pre conference planning before
Pre-Conference Planning (Before)

An instructional coach works collaborativelywith the teacher to . . .

• identify the focus for the visitation

• review instructional goals and materials

• clarify the role of the coach during the classroom visitation

• identify what the teacher should watch for during a model lesson

• co-construct visitation form

• establish a time for debriefing


Classroom Visitation (During)

Based on the pre-conference, the coachand the teacher agree to one of thefollowing:

• Coach models a lesson/strategy with anidentified area of focus for the teacher

• Teacher and Coach co-teach

• Coach watches the teacher and

collects data using the co-constructed form


The coach provides feedback for the teacherbased on the teacher’s identified focus. Thecoach…

• Uses the co-constructed observation form to

collect data related to the identified focus areas

• Respects the parameters of the visitationprotocol

• Ensures that data collected are objective andnon-evaluative

• Reminds the teacher of the debriefingappointment


Debriefing (After)

• The debriefing is most effective when both partieshave had an opportunity to reflect and prepare theirthoughts

• The lesson is reviewed by discussing the areas of

focus agreed upon in the “before” or planning stage

• The instructional coach and teacher discuss studentengagement and how students responded to thelesson

• The coach helps the teacher recognize theareas of strength and areas of needin that lesson


Have a game plan

Watch the tape

It doesn’t all happen on the field!

how do we build relationships with teachers
How do we build relationships with teachers?
  • What are we doing now?
  • What can we do?
  • What should we not do?
do s and don ts for coaching
Do’s and Don’ts for Coaching
  • Jigsaw activity
  • The article is on Key Learning
  • As you read, please summarize your section in 1-2 sentences.
  • Prepare to share-out.
levels of intensity
Levels of Intensity
  • How much time do you typically spend at each level?
  • What parts of your role are found at each level
thinking about

Thinking about

Thinking about


dr derek cabrera how thinking works
Dr. Derek Cabrera –How Thinking Works


  • As you watch this video, please jot down:
    • 3 powerful moments or ideas
    • 2 things you question, or have questions about
    • 1 way these ideas could affect your teaching
ticket out the door
Ticket Out the Door

Thinking about today’s session, prepare to share ONE way this information reaffirms what you

alreadydo, and ONE new thing you will take from today.