Animal babies
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Animal Babies. Special names and characteristics. Rabbit babies. Rabbit babies are called kits. They can’t see or hear until they are about ten days old. A baby deer. A baby deer is called a fawn The fawn’s spotted back helps it hide in the shadowy forest. Lion babies.

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Animal babies

Animal Babies

Special names and characteristics

Animal babies

Animal babies

Animal babies

Lion babies are called cubs.

They lose their spots as they grow older.

Animal babies

Baby swans are called cygnets.

They are covered with soft, grayish-brown feathers called down.

Animal babies

Baby ducks follow their mother everywhere.

When ducklings are only one day old, they begin to swim.

Animal babies

A baby horse is called foal.

A foal can run a few hours after it is born.

Animal babies

Baby pigs are called piglets.

They like to eat a lot.

Animal babies

Polar bear babies are called cubs.

They love to wrestle and climb.

Penguins full-grown man.

Animal babies

Penguin babies are called chicks. full-grown man.

Parents gather round the chicks to protect them from the cold.

Baby kangaroo
Baby Kangaroo full-grown man.

Animal babies

A baby kangaroo is called a joey. full-grown man.

It does not leave its mother’s pouch until it is about four months old.

Baby koala
Baby Koala full-grown man.