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Leading Better Care Vicky Thompson National Programme Leader – Senior Charge Nurse Role, Clinical Quality Indicators &am PowerPoint Presentation
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Leading Better Care Vicky Thompson National Programme Leader – Senior Charge Nurse Role, Clinical Quality Indicators &am

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Leading Better Care Vicky Thompson National Programme Leader – Senior Charge Nurse Role, Clinical Quality Indicators &am - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leading Better Care Vicky Thompson National Programme Leader – Senior Charge Nurse Role, Clinical Quality Indicators & Releasing Time to Care NHS Scotland. Role Framework. Links. Exemplar Job Description & KSF Outline. Releasing Time to Care. Activity Analysis. SCN ROLE. CQIs.

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Leading Better Care Vicky Thompson National Programme Leader – Senior Charge Nurse Role, Clinical Quality Indicators &am

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Leading Better CareVicky ThompsonNational Programme Leader – Senior Charge Nurse Role, Clinical Quality Indicators & Releasing Time to CareNHS Scotland





Exemplar Job Description & KSF Outline

Releasing Time to Care

Activity Analysis



Workforce Planning

Educational Framework

Development Needs Analysis


By the end of 2010…

  • Senior Charge Nurses in hospital settings will be working in the context of the revised role
  • The majority of in-patient areas to have Clinical Quality Indicators in place
  • The SCN will be the visible embodiment of clinical leadership in NHS settings, coordinating patient care, and inspiring the nursing/midwifery team
Clearly define this key role and ensure that SCNs are visible and accessible to patients and their carers.
  • LBC establishes a national framework for SCNs working in hospital settings across NHS Scotland.
  • Empowers Senior Charge Nurses to be clinical leaders and guardians of safety and quality in their area.
  • Developed through extensive stakeholder involvement including patient / client input.
Four key dimensions for the Senior Charge Nurse role:

Ensuring safe and effective clinical practice

Enhancing the patient experience

Managing and developing their teams

Contributing to the delivery of organisational objectives

  • Supported by Clinical Quality Indicators (Falls, Pressure Ulcer Prevention & Food, Fluid & Nutrition)
  • The revised SCN role is applicable to nurses and midwives working in hospitals in all clinical specialities, and is supported by the NES Education and Development framework, a National Programme Leader and a Board-level facilitator network. 
  • Significant and essential links to the Releasing Time to Careinitiative
the vision from leading better care
The vision from Leading Better Care

‘We will have strong clinical leadership delivered by empowered Senior Charge Nurses who are the guardians of quality and clinical standards for the patients under their care.’

Paul Martin

Chief Nursing Officer

why change
Why Change?

‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you always had’

Albert Einstein

framework for implementation

Framework forImplementation

Implementation of Senior Charge Nurse Role

Educational Framework

Safe and Effective

Clinical Practice

Enhance Patient


Manage and Develop

Performance of the Team

Effective contribution


Organisational Objectives

Workload and Workforce

Planning Tools



Release Time to Care

Productive Ward

supporting framework
Competencies and KSF outlined

Working Document

For current SCNs and their managers

‘Talent Spotting’ – use as framework for development

Supporting Framework
implementation of the new role
Implementation of the new role
  • Crucial in leading and delivering the high quality care that our patients and the public expect.
  • Transition of SCNs to the revised role is a phased process that has Executive level support from NHS Board Nurse Directors across Scotland and is overseen by a national steering group.
  • The work of NHS Boards is supported by a funding package provided by Scottish Government Health Directorates. Board-level Clinical Facilitation, plus the delivery of education and development packages and one to one facilitation for Senior Charge Nurses will provide additional support
Many Boards are also offering action learning for their SCNs. In addition, educational and developmental initiatives are supported by the NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Educational Framework and resources.
  • Cohorts of SCNs are already developing into these roles across NHS Scotland and the initiative targets the implementation of this role for all SCNs working in hospitals by the end of 2010.
  • From recent information provided by NHS Boards we know that there are around 2000 SCNs in Scotland. Of them, around 1545 will be included in the revised role and around 700 are already undergoing development or working to the outline.
why did we need clinical quality indicators
Why did we need Clinical Quality Indicators?
  • Audit Scotland (2002) reported on limited availability of information on impact of nursing on quality
  • Audit Scotland (2007) – acknowledged progress but challenges for national quality indicators
  • Identify nurse specific measures that have impact on quality of care and patient experience
cqi progress
CQI Progress
  • Three CQIs developed:
    • Falls
    • Food, Fluid and Nutrition
    • Pressure Area Care Prevention
  • Data capture and reporting systems being developed locally & nationally
  • Further CQIs in discussion for specialist areas, eg midwifery, mental health, etc
clinical quality indicators
Clinical Quality Indicators
  • Change of culture
  • Data collection and analysis skills
  • Quality improvement skills
data data and more data
Data, data and more data…
  • Expect poor results initially
  • Use it as a tool to engage staff and improve care
  • If it’s not documented where is the evidence of care delivered?
impact on quality
Impact on Quality

Implemented revised

SCN Role

supporting development32
Supporting Development
  • National Programme Leader
  • Network of Clinical Facilitators
  • Steering group chaired by Executive Nurse Director
  • Commitment from Scottish Government, QIS and NES

Leading Better Care

Scotland’s Executive Nurse Director’s Group (SEND)

Leading Better Care Implementation Group

Releasing Time to Care Facilitator Network

eQIPS / CQI Development


Leading Better Care Clinical Facilitator Network


Leading Better Care Facilitators

8. NHS Highland

Jenny Lobban

Project Manager / Facilitator,

01463 704715

1. NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Susan Hannah

Practice Development Lead, 01294 323457


9. NHS Lanarkshire

Margot Russell, Practice Development

Specialist Clinical Leadership and Quality,

01698 723205

2. NHS Borders

Kim Smith

Practice Development Leadership coordinator,

01896 827651

3. NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Maureen McCrae

Unit manager, specialist palliative care,

01387 241986


10. NHS Lothian

Fiona Bonnar & Linda Conway

Lead Clinical Facilitators, 01506 434274 / 07813 579660

4. NHS Fife

Lynn Barker

Programme Lead Leading Better Care,

01592 743505


11. NHS Shetland

Andrea Ridealgh, Senior Charge Nurse,

01595 743357

5. NHS Forth Valley

May Fallon

Senior Nurse, Practice Development,

01324 678528

12. NHS Orkney

Moira Sinclair, Charge Nurse,

01856 888244



13. NHS Tayside

Debbie Baldie, Senior Practice Development Nurse,

01382 660111

6. NHS Grampian

Fiona Gray, Programme Manager / Facilitator,01224 555064


14. NHS western isles

Mary McElligot, Professional Practice

Development Manager ,

01851 708057



7. NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Kate Cocozza, Lead Nurse Practice Development,

0141 201 1695






National Programme Leader –

Leading Better Care

Vicky Thompson, 07920 765343

Special Health Boards

Golden Jubilee National Hospital – Irene McGachy,

Clinical Facilitator, 0141 951 5050

The State Hospital - Sandra Steele



Please note that this diagram is for internal use only and should NOT be used in any publications

by the end of 2010
By the end of 2010…

Clinical Quality Indicators will provide us with:

  • Data used for quality improvement as part of day-to-day work
  • Quality improvement methodology known and used regularly by all nurses
by the end of 201037
By the end of 2010…

Senior Charge Nurses will be:

  • Empowered clinical leaders
  • Guardians of quality and clinical standards
  • Visible, approachable and authoritative
contact details
Vicky Thompson

National Programme Leader –

Senior Charge Nurse, Clinical

Quality Indicators & Releasing

Time to Care

07920 765343

Contact Details