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A Guide to Surviving Middle School The How- To’s and What Not’s PowerPoint Presentation
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A Guide to Surviving Middle School The How- To’s and What Not’s

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A Guide to Surviving Middle School The How- To’s and What Not’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Guide to Surviving Middle School The How- To’s and What Not’s . AAHHH! HELP, I’M IN THE LOCKER ROOM!. HELP! ITS A COMPLETE DISASTER! ITS PRISON! . Table of Contents The Basics in the Morning Periods 1-6 Connections and Sports Gym Any Questions?. Middle School Rocks ™.

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A Guide to Surviving Middle School

The How-To’sand What Not’s



Table of Contents

The Basics in the Morning

Periods 1-6

Connections and Sports


Any Questions?

Middle SchoolRocks™


the basics in the morning
The Basics in the Morning


Sometimes getting up in the morning is a pain in the booty. But these small tricks will get you up in no time!

  • SLEEP EARLY! This is the most important thing to worry about. If you are getting enough sleep! The first thing your body needs is energy besides food and water. If you don’t got to bed early, your sleep cycles are going to end early. You’ll look like a raccoon with all those dark circles under your eyes! If you cannot ever possibly fall asleep, try drinking a glass of warm milk before bed.
  • Try to get to school early (especially on the first day). It really helps your mind to think that you are mentally active and that you’re ready to go to school, especially on your first day when you stress and fear something will go wrong, or you are going to be late. Never fear! Tardy is here! Yup, there it is. The Big T. Some schools make sure you get detention if you get three tardies or even one! So try to be early to school. It really helps!
periods 1 6
Periods 1-6


Okay, I see you’ve made it through the morning ALL BY YOURSELF! I am so proud of you! But wait, there’s still more coming atcha! Prepare for LEARNING!!! AAAHHHH!

  • Attenhut! You gotta pay attention! A big key, especially if this is your first day, is to pay attention. Don’t be an oblivious outsider that knows nothing about the situation! Pay attention so you can maintain your grades. Its really important to boost up your education skills to prepare for the ultimate HIGH SCHOOL! Being mature and observant are key skills to help you prevent embarrassing moments such as tripping, falling, getting smashed, etc…
  • Even if you don’t have six periods of learning, you can still maintain your grades in how many ever periods you have and also make friends. Making friends and having fun are also a big part of your middle school “career”. So don’t stress about little things, especially relationships. Try not to indulge in those kind of opportunities until college. Trust me, I turns out WEEIIRRDD!

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

-Albert Einstein

“There is no substitute for hard work.”

-Thomas Edison

connections and sports
Connections and Sports


Phew! That last chapter was intensifying! STUDY STUDYSTUDY! GRADES GRADESGRADES! Its all bout education! I see. But, that’s not exactly true. You can do many things in middle school because you have so much more freedom along with reponsibility. You can join clubs and sports and more!

  • Some people say Band and Orchestra are for geeks. And trust me, I am in Band and I have got those rude comments before. But seriously, its nothing bad. You do have to push yourself to be a good instrument player, whatever instrument you might have, from piccolo to tuba! Its all got to do with the fact that you want to do it. This goes for clubs too. Try to stay enriched with lots of clubs and extracurricular activities. They will help you!
  • Sports. Humph. Which one should I play? Will I get popularif I play football or if I’m on the travel cheerleading squad. Well, the answer is no. Do what you love. Its as simple as that. Even if you are a geek in the Math counts, you still can be popular for your smartness. You just gotta love what you do and do what you love. Sometimes I feel the whole world depends if I play a sport. Being popular is nothing but a myth. Popularity only comes by doing something good. Winning the spelling bee for instance, or getting to the playoffs with your school’s football team, or even being the best tuba player in the world!


Tu dun! Tu dun! Tu dun! Here it is! The famous gym class everybody in your school fears. But fear not, why the gym rescuer, Mr. Locker is here!(Mr. Locker is a fictional character, therefore not accepting any third-party registration fees or jail forms)

  • Well, well, well. What do we have here, says your gym teacher to a group of kids who look like there about to faint. That’s not true. You see, gym is not all that bad. You might have a few tweaks here and there with your locker and other subjects, but it isn’t something to fear or stress about. Some topics that might get you in trouble, or cause you to go to a guidance counselor might be the locker-room or the kids you are with. If you have any concerns, there are many adults in the school and you have these amazing people who live with you! Your parents! But one main thing to remember if you ever have a locker crisis is to remain calm. In fact, let me give you one of my examples. One time I forgot my gym clothes and of course I had to face my teacher’s wrath, the embarrassment of sitting out, and the other kids being surprised. But it turns out, by the time I got to eight period, I had forgotten everything about the case! All you gotta do is go with the flow, meaning, going with the situation. It doesn’t matter if you are confronted by your teacher in front of many other students. At the end of the day, you’re gonna throw your hands up and say “I don’t care!’
any questions comments or concerns
Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

Questions are always going to be your best friend. Even though you hate them, there still going to help you. Would you like to ask a question? Maybe we didn’t cover the basics enough, so would you like to help us by posting comments? Go ahead! Feel free! Remember to always stay confident because you guys are now in MIDDLE SCHOOL! Whenever, wherever, or whatever you need something, ask your parents. You never know what they have in their big noggin of theirs (that’s btw a good thing). If you have any questions on puberty too, ask your health teachers, your parents, or older siblings! There are so many resources to look up these strange things! If you have ANY more information contact us on our e-mail! See ya and have fun! 

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