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Does Synephrine powder help for lose weight? PowerPoint Presentation
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Does Synephrine powder help for lose weight?

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Does Synephrine powder help for lose weight? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on - Synephrine, or as it is more commonly know, Bitter Orange, is a plant in which the leaf, fruit and fruit juice are harvested and used to make medicine and the peel itself is used to make oil. The oil of bitter orange can be applied to the skin to help treat infections, such as ringworm and athletes foot.

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Does Synephrine powder help for lose weight?

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Does Synephrine powder help for lose weight?

1.What is Synephrine?

Synephrine, or as it is more commonly know, Bitter Orange, is a plant in which the leaf,

fruit and fruit juice are harvested and used to make medicine and the peel itself is used to

make oil. The oil of bitter orange can be applied to the skin to help treat infections, such

as ringworm and athletes foot.

Although many studies are still being conducted, there’s also sufficient evidence to show

that when someone consumes a sufficient amount of bitter orange, it posses the ability to

suppress appetite. This is where synephrine shows signs of weight loss among users as it

simply creates a lasting effect within the body to make the consumer feel full for much

longer and reduces any temptation for cravings or the desire to consume extra food. By

consuming less food, you consume less calories, which in turn, results in weight loss over

a period of time.

2.Should you be taking Synephrine?

Besides the ability to suppress appetite, synephrine shows zero evidence of being able to

burn fat itself. Therefore, Synephrine cannot be considered to be a fat burner. By taking

synephrine with a fat burner though, you will feel that you will be less tempted to snack

during your day as you will remain fuller for longer and have almost zero desire to eat

beyond your daily means.

Just because it’s a supplement on the market doesn’t mean you should take it though.

Synephrine is still undergoing testing and some results show that when consumed, it can

have possible side effects, such as headaches, nausea, and upset stomach feelings. Its

also fair to warn that since synephrine is considered to be a stimulant, that those who

have or are at risk of high blood pressure, have family history of heart disease or has even

had a stroke, that you should avoid taking this product as it can possibly lead to an

increase in risk since it does elevate heart rate slightly.

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3.Why do people use Synephrine?

Today synephrine is used mostly for its stimulant effects, and its capability to stimulate

the basic synephrine factsmetabolism. This wonderful substance appears to be effective

at helping your body to maintain a healthy appetite and to support a good metabolism.

The great thing about synephrine is that it appears to be able to increase metabolism rate

and support appetite without affecting blood pressure or heart rate.

Most substances with stimulant effects will increase either heart-rate or blood pressure.

The compound is also used as an anti-stress substance with mood-enhancing effects and

has been shown to decrease symptoms of low mood, in animal studies.

4.How does Synephrine work?

Synephrine is made naturally in our bodies, through the metabolism of trace amines. It is

metabolized (‘eaten’) by enzymes in the brain called Monoamine oxidase enzymes. These

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are the same enzymes that control the levels of norepinephrine, serotonin, and dopamine,

and so it appears that synephrine works in a similar way to these brain chemicals.

It works in the brain to stimulate the metabolism and suppress the desire for food,

specifically the desire for carbohydrates.

5.Is Synephrine dangerous?

Using synephrine by itself is considered safe, so long as you stick to the recommended

dosage. There are reports of headaches as a side effect in some people. The main thing

to watch out for is combining with other stimulants or using stacks that combine

synephrine with ephedrine or PEA.

Synephrine is a potent stimulant and combining with other stimulants can increase the risk

of high blood pressure, fainting and heart attack. This is very uncommon considering how

many people use supplement stacks containing synephrine with caffeine and ephedrine,

but we definitely recommend using synephrine on its own.

6.How safe is Synephrine for your health?

Synephrine is a naturally occurring component in the human body, so consuming this from

outside won’t harm your health. The bitter orange fruit has a rich content of synephrine,

and the supplement which is now available in the market is made from the extract of this

fruit. Being composed of natural ingredients makes it, even more, safer to consume than

any other available supplements in the market which often have a high level of chemical

composition. Such chemical can wreak havoc on one’s health. Thus Synephrine is thus by

far one of the best supplement to consume. But as every product has its pros and cons,

Synephrine is also no exception. It is safe to use, until the time a person follows the

recommended dosage. In a hurry to gain quick results of this supplement, many people

may end up consuming it more than its prescribed. In such a case people can report

having a severe headache.

But the most important thing to be watched out is Synephrine’s composition with any other

components such as ephedrine or PEA. Being a powerful component in itself, Synephrine

is recommended to be used a single component. Merging it with other chemicals can lead

to health hazards such a high blood pressure, cardiac arrest, or fainting. Some dealers

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may even sell it by mixing with stacks like caffeine or ephedrine. But it is advisable to

consume synephrine as a single component.

7.Effects of Synephrine on the human body

Synephrine is a naturally occurring substance in the human body, and an abundant

presence of it is mostly seen in the bitter orange fruit. This ingredient is extremely

beneficial for people who are striving hard to lose their body weight and reduce appetite.

For few people, workout session can be extremely strenuous. Synephrine supplement can

be beneficial in such a case. However, many people are of the opinion that stimulants can

cause potential harm to their body. It can result in an effective hormonal change which has

an adverse effect on one’s health. Breaking down all these notions, Synephrine

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supplement has taken a buzz in the market with its effective results in helping to lose body


The unique feature of this supplement is that is made of natural ingredients like the extract

from the bitter orange fruit which has an abundance of Synephrine component in it. These

properties make this supplement a viable option for the people who are looking a proper

weight loss supplement. The main feature of Synephrine supplement is that it induces

body’s metabolism rate but hardly shows any effect on a person’s heart rate or blood

pressure. So, if you have a medical history of a cardiovascular ailment or hypertension,

but you too desire to become fab from flab, then synephrine supplement can be your best

companion. Still, it is recommended that before opting for purchasing this supplement

consult a medical practitioner for better guidance.

Besides surpassing its adversaries as a supplement with no side effect on the heart rate

and blood pressure, synephrine supplement is also used by people as an anti-anxiety

component that can work as your mood elevators. Stress, depression, and anxiety are

now a part everyone’s life. So, a supplement that can acts as a mood enhances besides

potentially rendering aid in controlling appetite and helping to lose weight is currently the

best option available to the customers. Synephrine also reduces depression and aids in

treating its associated problems like sleep disorder, concurrent mood swings, and an urge

to eat at odd times. Now, let us have a look at the functioning of Synephrine.

8.Synephrine powder Benefits

Potent Metabolism Booster

This supplement can be used as a potent metabolism booster, through its effects on

thermogenesis (heat production in the body by the burning of fat).

In a number of studies, researchers have pointed to the metabolism-boosting effects of

this supplement. For example, an open-label study found that the 9 women who were

participating lost an average of 2.40 kg, when the supplement was taken, and only 0.94 kg

when placebo was used. In another study, researchers focused on the effects of

Synephrine-containing chew-tablets on heart rate, blood pressure, and appetite. Results

pointed to a statistically significant decrease in appetite and with no changes in heart rate

or blood pressure.

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A recent study, published in the International Journal for Medical Sciences, focused on the

metabolic effects, both alone and in combination with other flavonoids. Researchers

suggested that the mean resting metabolic rate was increased by an average value of 65

Kcal for subjects taking a baseline serving size of 65 mg. Importantly, the researchers

found that, even when taken in combination with the flavonoids Naringin and Hesperidin,

this supplement did not increase blood pressure or heart rate:

“None of the treatment groups exhibited changes in heart rate or blood pressure relative

to the control group, nor there were no differences in self-reported ratings of 10 symptoms

between the treatment groups and the control group. This unusual finding of a

thermogenic combination of ingredients that elevated metabolic rates without

corresponding elevations in blood pressure and heart-rates warrants longer-term studies

to assess its value as a weight control agent.” (G Kaats et al., 2011)

Along with a few more recent studies, these results certainly suggest some interesting

benefits relating to increases in metabolism and support for a healthy weight. Unlike most

other supplements that increase metabolism rate, this supplement does not appear to

have any effects on heart rate or blood pressure.

Increases Mental Energy and Focus

The benefits for mental focus and alertness are mostly known as a result of reviews, as

well as through an examination of effects on receptors in the brain and a synergistic

relationship with Caffeine. Furthermore, scientific reviews looking into the safety and

effects of this supplement have mentioned its ability to help promote mental focus and


This supplement binds to Monoamine oxidase (MAO) enzymes in the brain – specifically

to MAO-A type receptors. Although it does not inhibit the function of MAO enzymes, this

supplement acts as a competitive ligand and binds to MAO receptors, preventing them

from oxidizing the neurotransmitters that they would normally act on. Compounds that act

on monoamine oxidase enzymes are known for their ability to improve mental focus and

alertness and are have been in a number of applications – often for the reduction of stress

and to promote a healthy mental state.

Furthermore, this supplement has been shown to have a synergistic relationship with

Caffeine. Studies have shown that the two compounds work well together to boost mental

focus and alertness, as well as wakefulness and mental energy. As one study (published

in the International Journal of Medical Sciences) found, many Synephrine-containing

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supplements and products also contain Caffeine because of their well known synergistic

relationship. Using Caffeine may help to enhance the cognitive effects of this supplement.

Increases Physical Energy and Performance

This supplement also has clear and significant effects on exercise performance, a few of

which have been confirmed in recent human studies. It has the potential to increase

exercise performance and endurance, as well as to boost physical energy levels and


In one study, researchers focussed on the effects of this supplement on exercise

performance, both alone and in combination with Caffeine. Results showed a significant

increase in mean power, endurance, and exercise performance for the test groups.

Synephrine can be used to increase physical energy and performance either when taken

alone or when used in combination with Caffeine.

In another study, researchers found that p-Synephrine supplements, when taken at a

serving size of around 2-3 mg/kg, significantly improved fat oxidation (fat burning and the

subsequent generation of energy, also known as thermogenesis) in people who were

performing exercise of increasing intensity. Interestingly, in both the placebo and the test

groups, the highest level of fat oxidation with seen to occur at around 38-42% of VO2 max,

for each person.

Reduce appetite

Craving for food at odd hours can have ill effects on your body. Yes, it is enticing to grab a

pastry for afternoon snacks, but the amount of calorie that it contains will add on to your

present weight. For some people eating is a habit just like sleeping. However they try, they

fail to control their desire for food. But a person can attain a perfect figure only when

he/she maintains all the guidelines that will aid in losing weight. First and foremost is your

habit of conducting regular exercises apart from the workout session. Secondly, comes

your maintaining a proper balanced and nutritious diet. This chart is recommended by

dieticians to be followed by weight loss. And if amongst all this hard work a person ends

up having junk food, then all his struggle goes into vain. So Synephrine supplement is an

added benefit for them as this supplement entwines with the brain chemicals and induces

metabolism that aids in controlling the appetite, especially for carbohydrates.

Aids in weight loss

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Losing weight is a tedious task. A person has to undergo several strenuous activities to

burn out body fat. Obesity, as we know, is the cause of several ailments like heart

problems, thyroid, high blood pressure, diabetes, or arthritis. Too much body weight

affects your leg muscles and elevates pain points. So, people should keep a check on

their weight. In saying so, after a hectic day at the office, many of us will feel lethargic to

go for a workout session. Under such conditions, your desire to look perfect takes a back

seat. Synephrine supplement is therefore available in the market to help you reduce

weight. It induces thermogenesis and heats up the body to burn down the excess fat. This

product also prevents any further storing of fat as well. Consuming this supplement on a

regular basis will escalate the process of losing fat faster and quicker.

Acts as a mood enhancer

Overweight is one of the signs that show you are leading a stressful life. This is because

when a person is under stress, his/her craving for food, especially junk food increases

than an average person. They feel that eating can be a way to deviate your find from

pressure or anxiety. Stress and anxiety are also accompanied by frequent mood swings,

irritable behavior, less patience to handle others, etc. So, a stress management therapy is

indeed required in such a case. If your stress gets reduced, you will not feel the urge to

deviate your mind from consuming oily and junk foods. For these, synephrine supplement

can be your viable option. It can work wonders to enlighten your mood and boost up a

healthy and active life. Besides, it will further aid in helping you lose the weight that you

had gained in due course of your stress period. Also, it will put a check on your frequent

desires too, of munching down something. So combining all these properties, it seems

that synephrine is a multi-talented supplement that a person can use.

Reduces depression

Stress and depression are interlinked. Depression can come from both personal as well

as professional life. Too much work pressure, or concurrent failure to deliver quality work

can not only earn you a bad name in the organization, but it can also affect your morale. In

case of your personal sphere too, depression might arise from regular tiffs with your

spouse, or a prolonged medical ailment that you or anyone else in the family is suffering

from, or constant bullying from fellow mates for being overweight. Anything around us can

lead to depression, and it can have serious effects on your health as well. It can render

you sleepless night and make you look tired all throughout the day. As a remedy, many

people undergo counseling session or consult a psychiatrist. There are much more who

opt for anti-depression medication, which can further impact your sexual life. So, what

remedy is available? Answering to all these queries, Synephrine supplement barges in the

healthcare market with its robust solutions to treat depression and make you feel active.

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An everyday dosage can be more beneficial in case you have been suffering from this

problem for a prolonged time span.

9.Synephrine raw powder recommended dosage

Most synephrine-containing products on the market recommend up to 100mg/day for

weight loss benefits, even though researchers believe doses as small as 35mg could be

effective. Synephrine does have synergism with caffeine, so if you’re particularly sensitive

to caffeine, it’s best to start very small with synephrine if mixing with caffeine. To avoid

toxicity, dosages should not approach or go over the 200mg/daily mark.

Synephrine dosage start with 10 to 20mg to assess your tolerance. Then, if you do not

experience negative side effects, take another 20mg after at least 2 hours. Do not exceed

a dosage frequency of once every 2 to 4 hours and do not take within 4 hours of bedtime.

Synephrine’s half-life is around 2 hours.

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Synephrine is a powerful component that has the potential to induce metabolism in the

human body that in turn helps in burning down those extra kilos and control your appetite.

A recommended dosage of 10- 20 mg thrice a day is advised. However, for some people,

a dosage of 50 mg is also given but not thrice a day. It is better to for a medical

consultation before deciding on its dosage.

10.Synephrine Side Effects and Warnings

Importantly, p-Synephrine is considered highly safe, due to its ability to increase energy

and metabolism without affecting heart rate or blood pressure.

There is some confusion about the safety of this supplement, as a result of the use of

poorly-designed stacks that contain Synephrine along with a number of additional

energizing/metabolism-boosting compounds, some of which are known to produce

unwanted side effects. Many ‘supplement stacks’ contain this product along with other

compounds found in the Bitter orange/ Citrus aurantium – including the now-banned

Ephedrine. In the past, people who used these stacks suffered from adverse effects and

this created some confusion about the safety of Synephrine. A recent review of literature

looked into the safety of Synephrine supplements for humans. Researchers pointed out

the fact that this supplement has a very wide safety margin, and does not produce any

cardiovascular effects at serving sizes of up to 100 mg.

The mechanism of action for this powerful supplement involves interactions with β‐3

adrenergic receptors (whose role is to regulate fat and carbohydrate metabolism),

NMUR2s, and AMP‐activated protein kinases, cAMP, and Ca(2+)‐dependent channels.

This supplement produces few binding effects at α‐1, α‐2, β‐1, and β‐2 adrenergic

receptors, which allows improved energy levels without producing effects on heart rate or

blood pressure.

Side effects from larger servings may include headaches, nausea, and restlessness. If

you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking any medication, please speak to

your doctor before using this supplement. There is not yet sufficient research regarding

the safety of this supplement for breastfeeding and pregnant women.

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11.Synephrine overview

In summary, this supplement is extracted from the Bitter orange (Citrus aurantium) and is

known for its ability to increase thermogenesis and metabolism rate. It should not be

confused with compounds like Ephedrine, Hordenine, or extracts from the Seville orange

or sour orange which contain a number of different phytochemicals.

People who take this supplement often talk about its ability to promote increased mental

energy and focus, alongside its benefits in increasing physical endurance and exercise

performance. Studies have pointed to this supplement’s capacity to increase fat

metabolism without affecting heart rate or blood pressure, making it much safer than most

other energizing and metabolism-boosting products available today.

The presence of Synephrine is seen in human body and as well some plants especially

the bitter orange fruit. This tree is situated in parts tropical Asia and East Africa. From

ancient times, the bitter orange fruit has been used for its medicinal value. It contains high

quantity of ephedrine and synephrine. Although ephedrine has reported of adverse effect

on people who have a pre-medical history, the synephrine extract was used to treat

nausea, constipation, and problems related to indigestion. According to early sources, the

synephrine found in bitter orange fruit was used for treating heartburn, weight loss, and to

reduce appetite in the Mediterranean part of the world. The oil from this ingredient was

even used for skin care.

So, it is not just now, rather synephrine was a prevalent component in aiding weight loss.

Nowadays, it is available in the market as a stimulant that escalates the process of your

weight loss session and as well keeps a constant check on your appetite. When a person

is undergoing workout session specifically for losing those extra kilos, then a proper diet

chart to needs to be maintained, in order to get the perfect shape. Too much of oily or junk

food not only induces the fat manifold but these foods are also a rich source of cholesterol,

which when found in excess in the human body can lead to cardiovascular ailments. So it

is always recommended to stay active by consuming healthy food, preferably leafy green

vegetables and fruits for your diet. Apart from this, a regular usage of synephrine

supplement can further enhance the effectiveness of your workout sessions.

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