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Types Of Sedation Dentistry PowerPoint Presentation
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Types Of Sedation Dentistry

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Types Of Sedation Dentistry
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Types Of Sedation Dentistry

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  1. Types Of Sedation Dentistry

  2. For many of us, anticipating a dentist’s appointment may distill a feeling of extreme fear and anxiety. Not everyone can sit in the dentist’s chair, surrounded by dental instruments and an irrevocable antiseptic smell without thinking about running home. Luckily, you can still get dental treatments without panic and fear through sedation dentistry.

  3. A sedation dentist usually administers medications to help a patient relax during a dental procedure. While it’s commonly known as ‘sleep dentistry’, the patient is not entirely asleep and is given various levels of sedation according to their particular case.

  4. Here are the types of sedation methods involved:

  5. A minimal sedation procedure involving inhalation of nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide, widely known as ‘laughing gas’ is given to the patient mixed with oxygen through a mask. Your dentist can control the amount of sedation you receive through the mask.

  6. Another method of sedation is oral sedation which involves giving patients a pill for relaxation. The dose administered can be from moderate to high and depends upon the patient’s case.

  7. IV sedation involves giving patients a sedative through a vein so that it works quickly. Your dentist can adjust the level of the sedation quite easily in this method.

  8. General anesthesia is a method of deep sedation which can make the patient fall asleep during the procedure. The patient can’t be awakened easily until the effects of sedation wear off.

  9. Heritage Grove Family Dental offers sedation dentistry in Plainfied, IL. Now you can get all your dental treatments done without any fear and anxiety. Get in touch for more details.