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How to Activate Roku Streaming Device ? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Activate Roku Streaming Device ?

How to Activate Roku Streaming Device ?

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How to Activate Roku Streaming Device ?

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  1. Roku Streaming Device Activation

  2. Roku is a small, square-compact streaming device that enables you to watch no cost and subscribed video content on your TV using the internet.It consists of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube. Five Best Streaming Boxes Roku Ultra Roku Premiere Roku Premiere+ Roku Express Roku Express+ It also consists of two Sticks, and they are Roku streaming stick and Roku streaming stick+

  3. Roku Setup  Firstly connect the Roku into the HDMI port of the TV and link the Roku to the power outlet After that, you will have to switch to the Roku’s input and select the HDMI slot. Proceed with the on-screen setup, choose the language, and then start to link the Roku device to Wi-Fi. Enable the Roku to update as per its need. After that, you have to select and confirm the display settings. Now, set up the Roku remote and pair it. Most importantly, after doing all the above, you will get the Roku activation code. You need to enter this code into and start with the activation process.  

  4. Activation of Roku streaming device After setting up the Roku streaming device, you will get the Roku activation code on-screen Now, you have to visit the Roku activation site that is Enter the Roku activation code in this link and click the Activate device option. The Roku device will start with the activation process, and now you can add the channel on to your Roku streaming device. If you don’t have one Roku account, make sure to create an account. Reach the Roku channel store to add the channels and activate it via channels activation site you can call to the toll free number +1-844-861-6500 for setupand Activating the roku