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one of the rooms in a house where wall tiles play n.
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Factors to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Wall Tiles PowerPoint Presentation
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Factors to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Wall Tiles

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Factors to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Wall Tiles
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Factors to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Wall Tiles

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  1. One of the rooms in a house where wall tiles play an important part is the kitchen. Unlike traditional kitchens, modern Indian kitchen walls are covered with the tiles from the top to the bottom. There are many reasons for this. Tiles have a long life and can be easily cleaned, a particularly important requirement in a kitchen. Fortunately there is plenty to choose from with India even leading in wall tiles exporters. Whatever your budget, lifestyle or design aesthetics, you can find a tile design that will fit your every need. But sifting through the many options can be pretty torturous and confusing. You must also keep in mind that unlike the wall paint, tiles are a long-term investment. So, a decision must be taken carefully. Here is a checklist of factors that will determine your choice: Location: The location of the tile is important in deciding the tile you will go for. Tiles can go on a wide range of locations in a kitchen. It can go under the cabinets, on the walls, floor, backsplash and even the countertop. Each location has its own requirements. For instance, the floor needs ski-free tiles, while the backsplash needs a slick finish that can be cleaned easily. Also Read: 7 Reasons Why Ceramic Wall Tiles are Still Best Easy to clean: Kitchens see a lot of spatter and spillage. Apart from that there is high occurrence of greasy deposit on unattended layer. That is why you will find a greasy layer on unclean corners. This is also why we need tiles that are easy to clean. Look for tiles that can easily cleaned with just a mild soap solution. In

  2. most kitchens we need tiles that can be cleaned daily with a wet cloth. Many wall tiles exporters today specialize in easy to clean tiles. Material: Some people are also particular about the material they want. It could be in accordance with the overall style of the house or a perusal preference. Materials range from ceramic, glass, vinyl to natural stones like graphite or sandstone. Usually the glossy ceramic stone is suitable because of its easy to clean quality. However, today many wall tiles exportersare bringing tiles that are equally easy to clean, even when they are made of natural stone. To get an idea make a thorough survey of all options available, find out pros and cons of each material and then make a decision. Style requirement: Some people are very particular of the coordinating kitchen tiles with the overall style of the house. For instance, a country style will go well with ceramic or natural tiles. A more contemporary or modern style will go well with graphite or designer tiles that fit the bill. However, it is perfectly acceptable to design a kitchen that is in contrast with the rest of the house. Since most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen, many people design a kitchen that is more modern, even when the overall style is contemporary. Also Read: How To Pick The Right Kitchen Wall Tiles Backsplash: Never economies on backsplash tiles. Buy the best that you can afford. A backsplash typically sees a lot of spatter and spillage. This is why it must be the best in terms of quality and sturdiness. Even if you are doing your kitchen on a budget, try to keep a bit extra for the backsplash. Ability to withstand wear and tear: As mentioned above, kitchen tiles see a lot of spillage and spatter. They should be sturdy with a long lifespan. These tiles will be cleaned regularly and often scrubbed. Hence, it is important that the tiles are able to withstand a lot of wear and tear. Budget: With the wide range in tiles today, the budget is one of the most important factors. If you want to splurge, sky is the limit with top-notch designer tiles. You can even go for commissioned tiles with special artwork. Fortunately, the other end of the price arc is not that bad either. Today wall tiles exporters are bringing perfectly good quality tiles at affordable prices. Even designer tiles have become more affordable today. Conclusion The decision to choose the right tiles must be taken carefully. There are many factors that influence this decision. With the wall tiles exporters bringing a wide range of tiles, you are bound to find what you are looking for. Source: Factors to Consider When Selecting Kitchen Wall Tiles