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English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT)

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English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT). On the Model of IBT- TOEFL. English Proficiency III (Prepares you to pass UP- ELPT). ELPT is a pre-requisite for graduation ELPT (500) B.A ELPT (550) M.A. Instructor:. Mona Jebril M.Sc in Higher Education

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english proficiency iii prepares you to pass up elpt
English Proficiency III(Prepares you to pass UP- ELPT)
  • ELPT is a pre-requisite for graduation
  • ELPT (500) B.A
  • ELPT (550) M.A

Mona Jebril

M.Sc in Higher Education

(Oxford University)


B.A. in English Language and Literature

(Al Azhar University)

  • Overview of the test:

Aim: To measure the level of English proficiency of nonnative speakers of English.

Required by: - English-language colleges and universities.

- Some institutions such as government

agencies, businesses, or scholarship


Format: The test exists in both a paper format

a computer format.

the paper version and the computer version
The PAPER version and The COMPUTER version
  • Listening Comprehension/ Listening:To demonstrate ability to understand spoken English, you should be able to answer various questions about the passages you just heard either by listening to the tape recording or on the headphones.
  • Structure and Written Expressions/ Structure: Todemonstrate ability to recognize grammatically correct sentences (through making choice, correcting/ identifying errors)
  • Reading Comprehension/ Reading: To demonstrate abilitytounderstand written English, examinees should read and answer various types of questions about the idea and the meaning of the passages.
  • TWE/ Writing:To demonstrate ability to produce meaningful, organized, and correct English, examinees must write an essay on a given topic either on the computer or by hand.

(N.B. The TWE is not given with every administration of the test)

the probable format of both format
The probable format of both format:

Paper- based TOEFL

  • LC (50 Q.) 35 min.
  • SWE (40 Q.) 25 min.
  • RC (50 Q.) 55 min.
  • TWE (1 Essay Q.) 30 min.


Computer- based TOEFL

  • Listening (30-50Q.) 40-60 min.
  • Structure (20-25 Q.) 15-20 min.
  • Reading (44-60 Q.) 70-90 min.
  • Writing (1 Essay Q.) 30 min.
what your toefl score means
What your TOEFL Score means?

Writing is scored on a scale of 1-6 Included in the overall TOEFL Score on the Computer based test, but handled differently on the paper- based TOEFL.

to the student how to prepare for the toefl test
TO THE STUDENTHow to prepare for the TOEFL Test
  • As the TOEFL test is a standardized test of English. To do well on this test, you should work to improve the following:
  • Work to improve you knowledge of the English language skills that are covered on the TOEFL test.
  • Work to understand the test- taking strategies specific to the version of the TOEFL test that you are taking.
  • When you take practice tests, focus on applying the appropriate language skills and strategies.
  • As you are taking the computer version for the ELPT, you should work on computer skills.
elpt tactics
ELPT Tactics
  • It is not a good idea to do a lot of studying in a short amount of time. You need to spread your studying over the weeks.
  • You need to study regularly and on daily basis (one hour of study on each six days is more beneficial than six hours of study on one day)
  • You need to do all the exercises for each section, do not omit some of the exercises that you don’t know.
  • You can choose to work and study together with some friends if you think this would help.
  • Although you might do some exercises with the teacher at class, it is still very important that you work at home and prepare, study, and revise what you take in class.
elpt tactics timing
ELPT Tactics- (Timing)
  • Wear a watch when you practice your test (your room might not have a clock).
  • Remember the average time per question on each section of the test (overall time\ number of questions).

(Be careful, If you are too slow or too fast, you will not get your highest score!)

  • Remember you can move around one section beginning with either type of question.

(Control the test; don’t let the test control you)

  • Easy questions and difficult questions are mixed together. If you spend too much time on a difficult question, you may not have enough time for some easier questions that appear later on the test.
elpt tactics posturing performance
ELPT Tactics- (Posturing & Performance)
  • Sit up straight, lean forward slightly, and keep both feet on the floor. Don’t lean back in the chair or lie on the floor or the bed.

(A position which is too comfortable will not help you learn)

  • Use both hands when you practise
  • Keep your eyes on the questions and the answer spaces. Don’t look around the room or at other people if you are working with a group.
structure computer
Structure - (Computer) -
  • Aim:Measure the ability to recognize the language appropriate for standard written English.
  • Number of questions: 20-25 questions
  • Time allocated: 15-20 min.
          • Types of questions:
  • 1) Incomplete sentences

(choose the word or phrase that better completes the sentence)

  • 2) Four underlined words or phrases

(choose the word or phrase that must be changed for the sentence to be correct)

ii structure
II. Structure

Type of questions:

  • 1) Incomplete sentences

(choose the word or phrase that better completes the sentence)

  • 2) Four underlined words or phrases

(choose the word or phrase that must be changed for the sentence to be correct)

practise at home
Practise at home!
  • http://www.testmagic.com/Knowledge_Base/TOEFL/Structure/index.htm