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  1. It’s more than a Photo Gallery Phil Goff SIR Branch 116 August 20, 2009

  2. Photo File Sharing • Log into and set up an account – It’s Free. • You are given 2gb of storage. More is available for a fee. • Upload your favorite photos. • Organize your photos into Albums. • Assign tags and captions if you wish. • Edit the pictures online.

  3. Photo File Sharing • Email single photos from the website to friends in compressed or full resolution files. • Share the link to individual photos or complete albums with friends. They can download copies. • Post the link to photos in a website • Links are provided to all the major picture websites.

  4. What’s Different About • Sites like Shutterfly, Kodak, Costco, etc, let you upload pictures and create albums. • Friends cannot download full resolution copies of the pictures • They are full featured sites for ordering prints. • is for file sharing and links you to Shutterfly if you wish to order prints.

  5. What I like about • You can upload multiple pictures at a time, just click and walk away. • They offer very cool slideshows of your photo albums. • It’s easy to send an album link to your friends and let them download the pictures at their convenience. • You can share selected albums with different people.

  6. What I like about • They make it very easy to email compressed or uncompressed files. • The free 2gb of storage is large. Using 4mb files, I can store ~500 photos.

  7. What I don’t like about • Some of the features are hard to navigate – not very intuitive • It takes a while connect and load photo links to your computer • I don’t use their editor since it is faster to edit via PS Elements. • I don’t need links to Facebook, MySpace, Live Spaces, iGoogle, Yahoo, Xanga, Tagged, WordPress, Blogger, Live Journal, Vox, Bebo, or Piczo