banska bystrica region
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Banska Bystrica region

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Banska Bystrica region. Ďumbier. is the highest mountain in the Low Tatra range, in central Slovakia . Despite the remains of medieval mines (gold, iron, antimony), the massif is now protected as a part of the Low Tatras National Park .

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  • is the highest mountain in the Low Tatra range, in central Slovakia. Despite the remains of medieval mines (gold, iron, antimony), the massif is now protected as a part of the Low Tatras National Park.
  • The easily accessible summit offers a scenic view of High Tatra, Liptov and the valley of Hron. A chalet called Chata M. R. Štefánika is situated under the summit (1,740 m). Ďumbier, as well as the nearby Chopok mountain, can be reached following the hiking trails either from the north (from the Demänovskádolina and Jánskadolina valleys) or from the south (from the bus stop Trangoška).
nov z mok new chateau
Nový zámok (New Chateau)
  • On the hill above BanskáŠtiavnica, Novýzámok (New Chateau) stands since 1571 bearing the name of the hill Frauenberg or Dievčenský or Panenskýhrad in Slovak (Maiden Castle or Virgin Castle).
  • It was built as the counter-Turkish fort in form of tower with four corner bastions. Nowadays, it contains expositions of the Slovak Mining Museum, documenting the counter-Turkish wars in Slovakia. The Exposition on the History of the Voluntary Fire Brigade in BanskáŠtiavnica has been opened recently.
chateau of hali
Chateauof Halič
  • West of Lučenec in southern Slovakia is the village Halič, known for its Baroque, now rather abandoned, manor house, which is the result of the 17th century reconstruction of the former fort from the 16th century.
  • A much older Gothic castle is part of this structure. The chateau, which is now in a bad condition, will be soon reconstructed.
  • Bellow the manor house there are old structures of the estate offices including a wool-cloth producing plant and majolica manufactures, as well as the salt office.
  • Berggericht, formerly the seat of the Mining Court and later also used by the Mining Academy, currently houses a Mineralogical Exposition.
  • The exposition showcases more than 400 kinds of minerals and displays an overview of mineral materials to be found in Slovakia. Visitors are also invited to see a mining gallerycalledMichal, 75 metres of which is available for the public. The museum also houses BanskáŠtiavnica Information centre.
creative artists of horehronie region gallery
Creative Artists of Horehronie Region Gallery
  • The gallery is situated at Námestie gen. M. R. Štefánika Square in a burgher house from the late 16th century. It is part of the Horehronské Museum in Brezno.
  • Through short-term, author-oriented exhibitions on various topics. It presents interesting works of contemporary amateur creative artists from the region. Moreover, it is also a place where artists are presented, under the title "Creative Artists of the Horehronie Region Gallery“.
gemer malohont museum rimavsk sobota
Gemer-MalohontMuseum Rimavská Sobota
  • Itmuseum, which was set up in 1882, focuses primarily on the Gemer-Malohonthistorical region. Since 1996, it has also been documenting the culture of the Roma in, but not only, the Gemer-Malohont region.
  • The museum in RimavskáSobota is the fifth oldest museum in Slovakia. Since 1910, the museum is located in a classicist building of the former artillery barracks from 1850. The building is a work of architect FerenczMiks who is an author of several public buildings in the town of RimavskáSobota.
modr kame
Modrý Kameň
  • Ruins of the ModrýKameň Castle stand on a hill over the smallest town in Slovakia bearing the same name - ModrýKameň. Nowadays the Castle houses a unique Museum of Puppets and Toys.
  • The originally Gothic Castle was built around 1137. The first known owner of the castle was Ditrich, head of the Zvolen county, from the famous family of Knight Donč.
  • The Castle was one of the most important in the Kingdom of Hungary in its best times, as it was part of the anti-Turk defensive line.
pust hrad
Pustý Hrad
  • he Pustýhrad Castle (also known as the Old Castle of Zvolen) is situated near Zvolenon the slope of a forested mountain in the Javorie mountain range, above the confluence of the Hron and Slatina rivers, in central Slovakia. It is surprisingly large, comparable with the more famous Spiš Castle.
  • It occupies an area of almost 8 hectares and ranks among the biggest castle ruins,not only in Slovakia, but also in Europe. In the southernmost part of the fortifications, a monumental passage gate tower was built, and its remnants became the symbol of the entire object.
about bansk bystrica
About Banská Bystrica
  • BANSKÁ BYSTRICA ranks at the sixth position among the towns of Slovakia in terms of size. It is the cultural and economic centre of central Slovakia and seat of some institutions with nation-wide competencies.
  • BANSKÁ BYSTRICA (population 81,281) lies in the north-west of the region of BanskáBystrica and the westernmost edge of Horehronie. BanskáBystrica is the town of the University of MatejBel and the Art Academy. The wonderful natural environs of the town offer numerous and attractive opportunities for leisure. The fairs of Radvaň became famous among the locals and now they also attract people living in environs of BanskáBystrica as they provide a nice opportunity to meet friends.