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Current Status of the LBNL Procurement System Allan DeMello 9/1/2004 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Current Status of the LBNL Procurement System Allan DeMello 9/1/2004. Outline. The LBNL procurement system overview The Web Job Ordering (WJO) system Attaching drawings to the WJO The Engineering Document Control Center (DCC) eProcurement system Business to Business system

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Presentation Transcript
Current status of the lbnl procurement system allan demello 9 1 2004

Current Status of the LBNL Procurement System

Allan DeMello



  • The LBNL procurement system overview

  • The Web Job Ordering (WJO) system

  • Attaching drawings to the WJO

  • The Engineering Document Control Center (DCC)

  • eProcurement system

  • Business to Business system

  • Current problems with the system

  • Consequences of the problems

  • Recommendations

  • Resources

Ideal procurement flowchart from engineering s point of view
Ideal Procurement Flowchart(from engineering’s point of view)

Engineering Personnel Orders Item

Engineering Personnel is Notified That Item Has Been Received (on time)

Engineering Personnel Puts Item into Service

Overview of current procurement system

START Process: Engineering Originator Creates a Web Job Order

END Process: Engineering Originator Receives the Item

Attach Documents from DCC (if necessary)

Engineering Approver Approves the WJO

LBNL Receiving Transfers the Item to ALS Receiving

General Ledger Creates a Project (UC) Number

Ordered Item is Received by LBNL Receiving Dept.

WJO is Transferred to the ePro Requisition System (usually a 1 day delay)

Buyer Submits Purchase Order to the Vendor

Buyer Creates the Order in the PCard or regular P.O. System (depending on value or vendor)

Buyer Assigned to the Order by a Procurement Supervisor

Overview of Current Procurement System

The web job order system
The Web Job Order System

  • Benefits of the Web Job Ordering System

    • Any LBNL employee with a valid LDAP email address can initiate an order with just a web browser

    • Many of the input fields have drop down menus to aid in completing the WJO

    • If input is incorrect the WJO system will not accept it

    • All specification, notes and attachments stay with the order to provide a central location for all order information

    • Easy approval system using just an email account and a web browser

Overview of wjo system
Overview of WJO System



WJO System

JO Distribution Only

Off Site Request For Quote

On Site Request For Quote

Commodity Procurement

Off Site Job Order

On Site Job Order

Sukhon Panomchan

John Mehren

Tom West

ePro System

Paper Distribution



Getting to the web job order login page
Getting to the Web Job Order Login Page

Type ‘engineering’ into the address field of any browser

Engineering division home page
Engineering Division Home Page

Click on the A-Z Index link

Engineering a z search page
Engineering A-Z Search Page

Click on the link to the W index page

Engineering a z search w page
Engineering A-Z Search, W Page

Click on the link to the Web Job Order System

Web job order login
Web Job Order Login

LBNL Employee’s LDAP (email) user name

LBNL Employee’s LDAP (email) password

WJO Redirection page

Start a new web job order
Start a New Web Job Order

Click on the “New Job Order” link to start

Initiating an order
Initiating an Order

Fill out the Web Job Order ‘Header’ page and SAVE IT!

Required fields are marked with RED asterisk

Header complete
Header Complete

After filling out the Web Job Order header page and saving it the rest of the selection tabs become available

Distribution list
Distribution List

People entered in the distribution list will receive paper copies of the WJO attachments (drawings etc.)

Click the ‘Add to Distribution List’ button to bring up the distribution list input pop-up box

Ordered items
Ordered Items

Click the ‘Add Item’ button to bring up the item input pop-up box

Ordered items pop up box
Ordered Items Pop-Up Box

Type a short description of the item being ordered here (maximum of 40 characters)

Since PCard only accepts 40 characters in its description field any further information needed to provide a full description should be input into this field

Ordered items pop up box attachments
Ordered Items Pop-Up Box(Attachments)

Click on this ‘Work Manager Users’ link and the system will take you to the DCC to automatically attach drawings, engineering notes, etc.

Dcc login page from work manager link
DCC Login Page(from Work Manager Link)

LBNL Employee’s LDAP (email) user name

LBNL Employee’s LDAP (email) password

Adding dcc drawings
Adding DCCDrawings

Type in the drawing number, the engineering note number or the engineering specification number and click ‘Search’ for the DCC .pdf drawing file

Adding dcc drawings1
Adding DCC Drawings

Click the DCC .pdf link to attach the drawing file to the Web Job Order

Copy the 3rd title line to the clipboard so it can be pasted into the WJO in the next step

Adding dcc drawings2
Adding DCC Drawings

DCC drawing .pdf link is attached to the Web Job Order

Most recent Rev is filled in by DCC

Paste the third line data (copied into the clipboard) into this field

Adding notes
Adding Notes

Use the ‘Notes’ tab to add any information/instructions not entered into the ‘Item’ description field

Click on the ‘Add Note’ link to get the note pop-up box

‘Send to ePro?’ check box migrates your note from the WJO into the ePro system

Adding attachments scanned drawings
Adding AttachmentsScanned Drawings

For scanned drawings archived in the DCC (non Work Manager) you can add a .tif extension to the drawing number to create a link to the DCC’s scanned copy.

Adding non controlled attachments lbl master
Adding Non Controlled Attachments‘LBL Master’

  • No system for directly attaching drawings in the ‘LBL’ directory (ME10 files on the x: drive) to a Web Job Order has been established with the DCC.

  • You will have to create a .pdf file from a ME10 drawing in the ‘LBL’ directory and attach it to the WJO yourself.

  • This is an issue that the Document Control Center is going to address.

Adding non controlled attachments lbl master1
Adding Non Controlled Attachments‘LBL Master’

Type in the 3rd title line here

Click ‘Browse’ and search for the .pdf file to attach

The ‘Send to ePro’ box should be checked to migrate documents to ePro

Submit to approver
Submit to Approver

After all information is input into the WJO click on the ‘Summit to Approver’ option in the blue bar at the top of the page

After submitting to approver
After Submitting to Approver

  • Wait for a notification email that the order has been approved or that it needs more information

  • After approval, if the order has no special instructions and is not a fabrication, it is automatically submitted to the procurement ePro system

  • If special instructions are necessary (or it is a fabrication) it is issued to John Merhen. He will fill out the ePro requisition manually, with the special instruction, and submit it to purchasing

Current document control system

Future Implementation

CoCreate Work Manager

Already Implemented

Category Code Master Data Base

Engineering Notes

Document Control Center

Drawing Number Requests

Small Projects

LBL Master (on the x: drive)

Pro/E Interlink

ALS Electronic Engineering

Current Document Control System

Web Job Order System Attachments

Scanned Drawings

Peoplesoft eprocurement system
PeopleSoft eProcurement System

  • The ePro system has replaced the aging Oracle procurement system and the LBNL Accounts Payable system

  • ePro is a modern web based system that has been integrated with the LBNL Web Job Ordering System

Distributed purchasing unit pcard orders


Brown: Division

Blue: Procurement

Grey: Vendor

Pink: Receiving

Green: Payables (AP)


Receiving creates Receipt & forwards material to Requester


POs/Yr: 28,936

$/Yr: $13.9M


Deliver Materials to LBNL

PCard Order



Order phoned to merchant

ePro Requisition


Bank: 1) pays merchant, 2) bills LBNL, 3) sends LBNL transactions






AP receives bank charge and

sends EFT payment to bank

Buyer creates PCard Order

Buyer matches Orders to Transactions



Procurement Supervisor

Assigns to Buyer

LBNL division

Projects charged

Distributed Purchasing Unit PCard Orders

Checking on orders
Checking on Orders

An order can be checked for buyer’s name and PO number under the item tab after the order has been entered into the ePro system

Click this icon to get full procurement information

Checking on orders1
Checking on Orders

Full procurement buyer, status and PO information is displayed in the ‘View Item’ page

Business to business system
Business To Business System

  • Business to Business agreements are available to Berkeley Lab personnel

  • These eliminates the need to use the Web Job Order system

  • Examples of vendors include:

    • McMaster-Carr, WW Graingers, Newark and MDC

  • Each vendor has specific requirements for their B2B ordering

  • Click the company web link available on the procurement web site for the details on how to order

Problems with the procurement system
Problems with the Procurement System

  • You must fill out the ‘Header’ information before you can move to the next input tabs.

  • You MUST SAVE the header page any time you edit it BEFORE you move to any of the other selection tabs or your edited header information will be lost.

  • You are unable to attach more than one drawing to a WJO at a time and the 3rd line title must be entered by hand.

  • Three data bases for the drawings. With different ways (or no way) to attach drawings.

Problems with the procurement system1
Problems with the Procurement System

  • No notification from the buyer that there will be a delay in receiving the order.

  • If you cancel (or cancel and reissue) a Web Job Order after it has entered the ePro system the cancellation from the WJO does not propagate up the system to cancel the ePro order as well.

  • If the WJO is cancelled the buyer is not automatically informed

  • PCard does not feed back the buyers information to the WJO.

Problems with the procurement system2
Problems with the Procurement System

  • Lower limit for the unit cost is $0.51.

  • The WJO system is being changed without alerting the users.

  • Revised drawings must be reattached to the WJO.

  • Approver must login to a new session for every order that needs approval even if a WJO session is currently open.

Problems with the procurement system3
Problems with the Procurement System

  • Sometimes approver must hunt for the order to approve after the email link takes him/her to the WJO login page

  • Buyer misplaces or forgets to place the order with no feedback to engineering

  • PCard description field limited to only first 40 characters with the possibility of lost instructions (from the WJO)


  • Engineering division personnel spend large amounts of their time inputting data into the WJOs

  • Engineering division personnel spend large amounts of their time following up on the status of their Purchase Orders

  • Engineering division personnel are “beta testing” the WJO to ePro interface to find the bugs

  • These consequences can negatively impact both a project’s budget and schedule

Some recommendations
Some Recommendations

  • For time critical orders call your approver before submitting the WJO to alert them to look for it in their in box.

  • Look at the WJO after your “approval is granted” to see who the buyer is for that order.

  • Call the buyer and relay the importance of the order and ask if they would please notify you if there are any delays, problems or questions.

  • Get as descriptive as you can (within the first 40 characters) in the item ‘Description’ box of the WJO.

Some recommendations1
Some Recommendations

  • If a WJO is cancelled call the buyer and inform him/her that the order has been canceled.

  • Create a dummy or drop out account number to allow the WJO to be filled out as much as possible before a project account number is known

  • Use the Lab’s B2B procurement system whenever possible

  • If you have problems with the Web Job Order system call John Mehren at ext. 5524

Final note
Final Note

  • Engineering personnel can not commit the Lab to any purchasing!

  • Only Procurement Department personnel are authorized to purchase on behalf of the Berkeley Lab

Cardinal Rule Of Procurement

Web site information
Web Site Information

  • Web Job Order

  • Web Job Order Tutorial

  • Berkeley Lab B2B System Contracts

  • Procurement

Web site information1
Web Site Information

  • Procurement Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Procurement Staff

Contact information
Contact Information

Engineering Group

  • Engineering Liaison (outside contracts) John Mehren x5524

  • Engineering Inside Fabrication Tom West x5904

  • Document Control Center Sukhon Panomchan x5016

  • Document Control Center Dan Pulsifer x5640

    Questions about the WJO system John Mehren x5524

    Commercial and Fabrication Group

  • Team Leader Susan Walker-Lam x6687

  • Mechanical Fabs. & Equipment Alan Campbell x4592

    Edward Anderson x4575

    Deanna Ashorobi x4583

Contact information1
Contact Information

Distributed Purchasing Unit (DPU) Group

  • Team Leader Sheri Freeman-Matterson x6743

  • Advanced Light Source Antony Marquez x5148

  • Engineering Lisa Cordova x5521

  • Engineering Doug Morton x7920

    Web Job Order Maintenance

  • Engineering Primary Contact John Mehren x5524

  • Programmer Jeff Willer x8624

  • Programmer Seni Sangujee x6660