haumschild v continental cas co wisc 1959 n.
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Haumschild v Continental Cas Co. (Wisc. 1959)

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Haumschild v Continental Cas Co. (Wisc. 1959) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Haumschild v Continental Cas Co. (Wisc. 1959).

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Haumschild: “While the appellant's counsel did not request that we overrule Buckeye v. Buckeye, supra, and the subsequent Wisconsin case dealing with this particular conflict of laws problem, he did specifically seek to have this court apply California's conflict of laws principle, that the law of the domicile is determinative of interspousal capacity to sue, to this particular case. However, to do so would violate the well recognized principle of conflict of laws that, where the substantive law of another state is applied, there necessarily must be excluded such foreign state's law of conflict of laws.”


Swank v Hufnagle

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  • Indiana did not
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