tribute to another dead rock star n.
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“Tribute to Another Dead Rock star” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Tribute to Another Dead Rock star”

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“Tribute to Another Dead Rock star” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Tribute to Another Dead Rock star”. Aaron Matthews. quote. “Watch out for those gals in high heels and short dresses, groupers or whatever. “ Pg.8. information.

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“Tribute to Another Dead Rock star”

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. “Tribute to Another Dead Rock star” Aaron Matthews

    2. quote “Watch out for those gals in high heels and short dresses, groupers or whatever. “ Pg.8 information The main character, Grady is going to do an interview about his moms music on the radio and his guardian does not want him to act like a rock star.

    3. Narrator quote “Steve and Roz don’t look like their voices. “Pg. 11 The narrator is inside the main characters head. He knows what Grady is thinking

    4. setting quote “She brings me a pitcher of water and a glass with no ice, ice makes noise she said no noise in the studio” pg. 55 information We learn that the studio is sensitive to other sounds

    5. character quote “Yea wed get a sno-kone yall ever had a sno-kone? “ Pg.17 information The main character is not a big talker because he runs out of stuff to say so he talks about food

    6. Narrator quote: “I don’t want to leave I'm surprised at how much I liked talking to them” pg. 21 Information: the main character put himself outside his comfort zone by talking with others about his mothers music, but ended up feeling foolish that he would be so nervous about such a thing

    7. Narrator quote: “I'm always a little startled when I first see Louie.” pg.68 Information: Louie is a little retarded so he does not always know how to act

    8. Character: “the workers in Tim’s looked like ex-hippies that dropped too much acid at too many grateful dead concerts.” Pg. 32 The author is able to communicate an image of two hippies that like doing drugs for fun.

    9. “Everybody knows that Mozart dude was a homosexual Satan worshipper. “ Pg. 87 The author knows that the boy does not like Mozart's music and also thinks he is a gay Satan worshipper

    10. “You’re a stud a stud gets it whenever he wants it, like James bond right. “ Pg. 75 The slightly retarded brother Louie is making a reference to a stud named James bond that sleeps with lots of women and comparing Grady’s rock star lifestyle that he really does not have.

    11. “Me and Mindy go next door to get a cinnamon roll, we sit at a small round table that looks out on a parking lot. “ Pg. 33 The author describes the view from in the restaurant on the outdoors.