Simple perceptrons
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Simple Perceptrons. Or one-layer feed-forward networks. Perceptrons or Layered Feed-Forward Networks. Equation governing comp of simple perceptron. activation function, usually nonlinear, e.g. step function or sigmoid. ksi. Threshold or no threshold?. with threshold.

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Simple perceptrons

Simple Perceptrons

Or one-layer feed-forward networks

Equation governing comp of simple perceptron
Equation governing comp of simple perceptron

activation function, usually nonlinear, e.g. step function or sigmoid


Threshold or no threshold
Threshold or no threshold?

with threshold

without threshold; threshold simulated with connections to an input terminal permanently tied to -1

The general association matching task
The General Association (Matching) Task:

Is to ask for: actual output pattern = target pattern

Threshold units
Threshold Units

  • Start with simplest threshold unit, practical for 1-level perceptrons

  • Also assume the targets have plus/minus 1 values and no values in between those extremes, that is,

  • Then all that matter is that for each input pattern, the net input (weighted sum) h to each output unit has the same sign as the target zeta

A notational simplification
A Notational Simplification

  • To simplify notation, note that the output units are independent

  • [In a multilayer nn, however, the hidden (non-output) layers aren’t independent]

  • So let’s consider only one output at a time

  • Drop the i subscripts

Weights and each input pattern live in the same space.

Advantage: can geometrically represent these two vectors together.

A simple learning algorithm
A simple learning algorithm interpretation

  • Also called the Perceptron Rule

  • Go through the input patterns one by one

  • For each pattern go through the output units one by one, asking whether output is the desired one.

  • If so, leave the weight into that unit alone

  • Else in the spirit of Hebb add to each connection something proportional to product of the input and desired output

Simplified Simple Learning Algorithm interpretation(for one neuron case)

  • Start with w = 0 (not necessary)

  • Cycle through the learning patterns

    • For each pattern ksi

      • If the output (O) != desired output (zeta), add product of the desired output and the input to w. (i.e., w = w + z*x)

  • Keep cycling through the patterns until done.

  • Convergence is guaranteed provided the two classes of input points are linearly separable.

    • Perceptron convergence theorem guarantees this

Weight Update Formula, interpretation“Hebbian” from blue book, too complicated