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Professional Learning. Queenstown. The state of play. PLD the strongest system lever in improving educational outcomes yet: Plethora of providers; Sporadic access; Lack of in depth work. Teacher requirements. Ongoing PLD. Trusted. Local. Available to all.

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The state of play

  • PLD the strongest system lever in improving educational outcomes yet:

  • Plethora of providers;

  • Sporadic access;

  • Lack of in depth work.


Teacher requirements

  • Ongoing PLD.

  • Trusted.

  • Local.

  • Available to all.

  • Sound balance of internal and external expertise.


The old consensus: SSS evaluation

  • Equity in access to services.

  • Synergy between pre-service and in-service teacher education.

  • Consistency of implementation of the national curriculum.

  • Schools development rather than individual teacher development focus.


SSS evaluation continued

  • A future focus to assist schools to look beyond the immediate issues and to proactively shape vision and direction.

  • Teaching practice is informed by evidence, thus forging a closer relationship in which knowledge is valued and shared.


Meenakshi’s Findings

  • More open, formal, systematic approach to school selection.

  • Increased information sharing to direct PLD.

  • Focus on the school as a system to better use the resource.

  • Coordinated and connected PLD.


Current PLD provision

  • 28 different contracts.

  • ‘Fully contestable’ model for letting contracts.

  • Contracts let to consortia and companies.

  • MOE chooses schools to target(use of SAFs and Senior Advisers).


National Provision: Contracts that have been let

  • Te Kotahitanga (closing down - EOI for new phase).

  • Ako Panuku (Maori teachers- Haemata Ltd).

  • Aspiring Principals (University of Waikato – Te Toi Tupu).

  • First Time Principals (Auckland Uni).


National Provision continued

  • He Kakano (University of Waikato).

  • Secondary Student Achievement Contract.

  • PB4L (Ministry of Education).

  • PB4L case study.


PB4L National PLD

  • Current evaluation.

  • Solid resourced process.

  • Based on evidence.

  • Is the PLD lever strong enough?

  • Data gathering process is progressing.


Restorative Practices

  • 24 trial schools.

  • RP manual.

  • National PLD around RP facilitation.


Cathy Wylie- Vital Connections

  • Need for local infra-structure that both delivers and coordinates PLD.

  • Has a role in principal appointment and leadership development.

  • Is trusted and high quality to support and sustain quality teaching.


PPTA role

  • Pressuring government for better PLD more aligned with Best Evidence Synthesis.

  • Professional Learning Groups.

  • Survey on PLD Term 2.

  • Preferred Professional Activities 2012:


Issues we can support you with

  • The Quality Teaching for Excellence and Equity document.

  • Teacher appraisal – PPTA’s resources.

  • Positive Behaviour for Learning and School Wide and restorative practices.

  • Session on PPTA’s ‘Safer Schools for All’.

  • The PLD toolkit.


What we can help with

  • Topics and issues of relevance.

  • Organising speakers.

  • Providing Advisory Officers to take workshops.

  • Best Evidence.

  • Collaborative practice.



  • Local issues and local (external and internal) expertise.

  • Sharing what works.

  • “What’s that school down the road doing about…?”

  • “I’ve heard that … is doing some really cool stuff with….”


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