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Daily Edit 121-140

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Daily Edit 121-140. Daily Edit # 121. me and my aunt usually goes to the ohio state fair b. because our cat loves to lay between he and she. Daily Edit # 122. havent no one swam in lake stillwater recent may me and jack go to central park asked gustavo if we clean the kitchen.

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Presentation Transcript
daily edit 121
Daily Edit # 121
  • me and my aunt usually goes to the ohio state fair
  • b. because our cat loves to lay between he and she

Daily Edit # 122

  • havent no one swam in lake stillwater recent
  • may me and jack go to central park asked gustavo if we clean the kitchen

Daily Edit # 123

  • us girls went to consuelas House to finish our science project
  • they buyed these souvenirs at bridgeman park an bowl some posters and six postcards

Daily Edit # 124

  • their gonna repair this here Road next week she remarked
  • him and her brung four apples three lemons and a watermelon

Daily Edit # 125

  • the students of mt pleasant middle school performed a play for presidents day
  • b. i done what i could but martina werent able to keep up

Daily Edit # 126

  • our friends never finded i and jane in remembrance hall
  • b. they read mayor pitinos article entitled urban revival in that magazine

Daily Edit # 127

  • mom asked where is the new issue of sports illustrated and set down in the living room
  • b. her and her Kittens are laying their on the bed now

Daily Edit # 128

  • i should right that letter to senator kitigawa write now
  • b. aunt vera she has flew around the world several times

Daily Edit # 129

  • luis and paul is arriving at 600 PM tomorrow
  • b. there was only too letters leaved in this here mailbox

Daily Edit # 130

  • adrian was happy today he won the chess tournament
  • b. after the lake has froze ramona and me will go skating

Daily Edit # 131

  • she had shook the orange juice good before drinking it
  • b. the fifth grade Class visits the lennox recycling company in phoenix arizona every year

Daily Edit # 132

  • ms ahmed director of the pta has spoke here before
  • b. uncle kens dog is the most happy one i has ever saw

Daily Edit # 133

  • the boys sisters have began to meet their
  • b. she dont like that poem called a space of time very good

Daily Edit # 134

  • lets set down here before going to francesca’s place for dinner
  • b. chantelle called and your to call her back said liz

Daily Edit # 135

microtech filters company

492 georgian place

harrisburg pa 17105

dear sir or madam

please send me part no 808-2


vince luttati


Daily Edit # 136

  • alejandro could of drove her to school but she said it was healthier to walk
  • b. the animals cages by the way are cleaned very good

Daily Edit # 137

  • the moon shined brilliant over the lake last night
  • b. us Women have brung you them clothes for the charity auction

Daily Edit # 138

  • i asked dad to leave isaac and i make pancakes
  • b. mom said lets go to phoenix park if it dont rain

Daily Edit # 139

  • we are pleased said emperor akihito to be visiting the united kingdom
  • b. the students parents has saw the following displays kite building pottery making and boat building

Daily Edit # 140

  • we are late therefore we has to report to the principal’s office
  • b. there is many irish french and cambodians living in canada