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Know in Details about the Lares Trek PowerPoint Presentation
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Know in Details about the Lares Trek

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Know in Details about the Lares Trek

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Know in Details about the Lares Trek

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  1. Know in Details about the Lares Trek Many trekkers long to avoid the well-travelled roads and make their vacations a truly unique experience. For visitors to Peru, a Lares trek through the amazing scenery and incredible natural beauty of the Lares Valley is the perfect way to bust out of the typical tourist routines. And if you intend to visit the mysterious Lares valley trek to Macchupicchu, a Lares trek is the perfect way to reach your destination in an uncommon way.

  2. A journey by foot through the Lares Valley will take you through a remote region seldom seen by outsiders, and give you a glimpse into the daily lives of the farmers that work the hillsides every day. See their locally-made, brilliantly colored ponchos, stone houses with thatched roofs, and herds of alpacas and llamas as you wind your way along your hike to one of the most interesting and beautiful places on earth. As the traditional Inca Trail has become increasingly crowded with trekkers recently, more people are turning to other options such as a Lares Trek. With this option, you will hike through the same region as the famous Inca Trek, but ultimately you'll take a train to the final destination of Machu Picchu. There are many different versions of this trek, as you really can tailor your route to your preferences. Several stand out as being among the most popular, however, and they are as follows (mostly lasting full day tour to Macchupicchu):

  3. The first is commonly known as the "Weavers Way" because it travels through textile-producing communities of Huacahuasi and Patacancha. Beginning at the thermal springs of Lares, it is among the easier options for a Lares Trek. Another popular route, offering a more remote trek, follows a more mountainous path to Yanahuara, via the Village of Cuncani and the base of NevadoPumahuanca. This more strenuous trek rewards adventurers with views of snow-capped mountain and alpine lakes. A third route begins in the village of Quishuarani and climbs through the mountains, ending in Patacancha. Once again, you'll be rewarded with glorious vistas of mountaintops and lakes.

  4. Two more paths are slightly more difficult and will likely take a little longer than the three mentioned above. One begins in Huaran of the Sacred Valley and involves some steep climbs to remote villages before culminating in Lares. You can expect this to take 4 or 5 days, depending on how strenuous you want it to be. The final trek I'll mention here is sometimes referred to as the "Lares Circuit." It will take you from Huaran to Yanahuara, and will be a fairly difficult trek covering six days.

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