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Technologies that boosts marine fuel efficiency PowerPoint Presentation
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Technologies that boosts marine fuel efficiency

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Technologies that boosts marine fuel efficiency - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The green framework has introduced a technology to increase their fuel economy without reducing the Marine fuel efficiency. This would help to cut down on fuel costs. The engineers introduce new technology to prevent water pollution. For more information visit

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4 economical ways to boost marine fuel efficiency

4 economical ways to boost Marine fuel efficiency

Finding out ways to cut down the fuel costs of your marine vessels? Try out these four methods to boost the Marine fuel efficiency of your vessel and cut down the fuel costs.

1. Air lubrication systems or friction reducer is one of the best ways to save on your fuel costs. The system decreases the resistance between the hull of the ship and the water. This reduces up to 15% of the fuel costs.

2 nanotechnology fuel treating system

2. Nanotechnology fuel treating system is the technology in which a catalyst is added with a fuel to revolutionize the same and make combustion to the maximum extent.

3 using pertinent technology to demolish the fuel

3. Using pertinent technology to demolish the fuel consumption of the vessel can help save up to 10% of fuel costs. This may be done by using proper hologens and parts. Also, the greenship software is one of the ways to keep track on fuel consumption.

4 making use of eco friendly techniques such

4. Making use of eco- friendly techniques such as De-sul systems. This will reduce the formation of harmful substances like soot and augment the Marinefuel efficiency of the vessel.

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