chong cao zang bian bao l.
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chong cao zang bian bao

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chong cao zang bian bao

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chong cao zang bian bao

Chong Cao ZangBianBao

Product details

Chong Cao ZangBianBao[Spec.] 10 capsules[Ingredients] Chinese caterpillar fungus, antelope pizzle, dear pizzle, yak pizzle, saffron, etc.[Functions] Arousing sexual desire and tranquilizing; nourish and strengthen the body and replenish essence; treating ache and weakness of waist and knee, low sexual function, damage of essence and prospermia, etc, especially for impotence and prospermia.[Dosage] One time per day; one capsule at a time (half capsule for mild symptoms).

[Application] 30 minutes before sex or take it with warm water before sleep.

[Attention] People with serious high blood pressure or heart disease should be cautious in use; don't drink before taking the medicine.

[Storage] Enclose and keep in a cool and dry place.