a greece travel guide for your upcoming greece n.
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A Greece Travel Guide for your upcoming Greece Getaway PowerPoint Presentation
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A Greece Travel Guide for your upcoming Greece Getaway

A Greece Travel Guide for your upcoming Greece Getaway

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A Greece Travel Guide for your upcoming Greece Getaway

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  1. A Greece Travel Guide for your upcoming Greece Getaway The exquisite country of Greece is popularly known as the Cradle of Western Civilization since ancient times. With a plethora of Spell-binding locations &activities in Greece, you will be spoilt for choice. An ideal Greece Travel Guide will be a useful addition for your Greece holiday. Greece is known for many firsts like creating & hosting the first Olympic games and mooting the idea of democracy. But that’s not all! You will be mesmerized by Greece’s beguiling architecture, spectacular Greek islands & exotic cuisine. Discover captivating locations like The Delphi, Santorini, Mount Olympus & Monasteries of Meteora for a memorable Greece trip. If that’s not enough, get ready to be enthralled with a plethora of lip-smacking dishes from Greek Cuisine. Greece offers something for every tourist & sybarite. So, get hold of a Greece Visa UK &read the below mentioned Greece Tourist Guide to prepare for your trip to Greece. An Essential Gist of Greece to include in your Greece Travel Guide:

  2. 1. History of Greece: • get an exclusive opportunity to explore a plethora of prehistoric sites dating back to Neolithic & Bronze age. The origin of Greece can be traced back to the Paleolithic Era. Tourists • Bronze age brought in urban centres. Neolithic age was associated with the construction of buildings whereas • as its sole area. You can discover many preserved monuments of these eras on your trip to Greece. By 1669, The Ottomans invaded parts of the empire & Greece had Crete 2. Greece Civilization & Topography: • weaving, sculptures, jewellery & music. Greece civilization is characterized by its arts like pottery, architecture, • Africa, Asia & Europe. Greece is situated in south-eastern Europe & lies at the meeting point of • The country is characterized by 3 significant areas:

  3. i. Peninsular Mainland - Central Greece to Thrace ii. PeloponnesPeninsula - A unique region of Greece iii. GreekArchipelago– A collection of around 6000 Islands • perfect choice & addition in Greece tourism Guide for Adventurers. Almost 80% of Greece comprises of hills or mountains making it a • mellow temperatures & scanty rainfall. You will experience Mediterranean Climate – Good amount of sunshine, 2. General Information to know before Travelling to Greece: a) The capital of Greece is Athens & the Euro is the official currency used. b) Some of the popular festivals in Greece are: i. Apokreas– Carnival Season (January to March) ii. Easter– Season of Lent & Good Friday (March to April) iii. NavyWeek– Rich Greek Sea Legacy (June) iv. HellenicFestival– Music, Dance & Drama (June to August)

  4. c) handy Greece travel tips: In the case tourists want to avail essential health facilities, these are the i. Card (EHIC) Tourists from the European Union: Must Hold a valid European Heald ii. Tourists from other countries: Consult your social security agency iii. numbers for quick support. For Medical Emergencies, you can contact First Aid or Emergency Greece Travel Guide for an effortless Travel to Greece: 1. Places to Stay – A vital part of your Greece Travel Guide: • year that ensures the availability of world-class accommodation facilities. Greece receives an average footfall of around 12 million tourists per • top priority in your Greece Travel Itinerary. The categories of accommodation available in Greece are: If you are planning to visit Greece then accommodation should be the

  5. i. Hotels (Standard guesthouses) ii. Apartments or Rooms for rent (as per the number of tourists) iii. Villas (Luxury Living) iv. Tourist residences (If you prefer high-quality & privacy) v. Youth Hostels (Affordable accommodation) vi. Campings (Adventure activities with accommodation) 2. How to Travel to Greece & its Transport offerings: • Countries of Europe & Asia are well connected via Air, Sea, Road & Rail. Other Continents & its countries have direct flights for a hassle-free Greece Visit. If you intend on Travelling to Greece, then you are in for a treat. Major • your Greece Itinerary via public transport. Once you reach Greece, you can explore many tourist attractions as per 3. Guide: Visa – A Significant Component of your Greece Travel • Greece is a member of the European Union & is a Schengen Country. • These are the following Greece Visa & passport rules for tourists of: A. valid ID is sufficient. Visa is not required by tourists coming from the Schengen Area for a stay up to 3 months. EU & Schengen Area Members– If you are travelling within E.U, then a B. Other Countries: Visa is a must-have for tourists from other countries. Tourist Attractions – An Excellent Addition to your Greece Travel Guide:

  6. Greece Tourism offers an array of attractions that draw thousands of tourists each year. The country’s diverse offerings include its Rich legacy, Spell- binding culture, Archaeological sites, a wide range of enthralling islands, sandy beaches, rugged mountains & much more. Here are the types of Tourist destinations for your Greece Itinerary: Islands of Greece – A Must-visit attraction for your Greece Travel Guide: • The picturesque Islands are the main highlight of Greece’s geography. • Seas. An interesting fact is that only 227 Islands are inhabited leaving you with almost 5,700 untouched islands to explore. You can discover almost 6,000 islands spread across Ionian & Aegean • caves, bays & coves, coastal wetlands for a riveting experience of Glorious Greece. In addition to that, there are multiple sandy/pebble beaches, coastal

  7. Mainland & Urban Cities of Greece: • cities & the mainland are the best places to visit in Greece. If you are planning out a Greece Family vacation Itinerary, then Urban • Greece Mainland. Its beguiling culture & gorgeous coastline offer a resplendent experience for you & your family. Some of the must-visit places to add in your Greece Travel Guide are: You can discover vibrant cities, serene villages, bustling old towns in the i. Enigmatic Peloponnese (Historic sites & Unique Geography) ii. Macedonia (Mountains & captivating rivers) iii. Epirus (Mythical lakes & adventure activities) iv. Zagorochoria (Wide range of flora & fauna) v. Volos (Spell-binding views) • Heraklion. All these cities are located nearby ensuring that you experience Greece with a short duration. You can relish a tantalizing lunch or dinner with loved ones while learning about the rich heritage of Greece. Urban cities to explore comprise of Athens, Thessaloniki, Patras & Culture of Greece – An Enlightening Addition to your Greece Travel Guide:

  8. to your Greece Tour Guide: To learn about the opulent culture of Greece, you can add the following i. art Museums Museums– Archaeological, Byzantine, Theme-based, Historical & Folk ii. Fortress of Nafplion. Monuments– Acropolis of Athens, The Delphi, Palace of Knossos & iii. site list with popular attractions like Temple of Apollo Epicurius, Asklepios Sanctuary, Mount Athos, Meteora & many more. WorldHeritagesites - Greece has been added to the World heritage iv. Fair/Film Festival, Kalamata Dance festival & organization like Athens / Thessaloniki concert hall, Greek National Opera / Theatre are great places to learn about the unrivalled Greek culture. ExcitingEvents– Greek Festival, Thessaloniki International Book Nature Attractions – An offbeat experience in your Greece Travel Guide: • You can find a plethora of Nature offerings like: i. Mountains– Mountain ranges of Olympus, Rhodope & Pindus. ii. Rivers– Haliacmon, Struma & Vardar. iii. Forests– Foloi, Dadia, Steni, Koukounaries & Drimos. iv. Nationalparks– Ainos, Vikos, Lefka Ori & Olympos. v. Waterfalls– Nedas, Belles, Theodoriana & Edessa. Activities to include in your Greece Travel Guide: Greece has a wide range of engaging activities for you & your family explore & Travel Greece. Here are some of the activities for your Greece Tour Guide:

  9. Must-try sports to include in your Greece Travel Guide: i. Water Sports -Scuba Diving, Kayaking, Jet Skiing & Parasailing. ii. LandSports -Trekking, Mountain Biking, Skiing & Caving. iii. AirSports -Gliding, Hand gliding & Paragliding. Leisure Activites - A Crucial part of your Greece Travel Guide: i. memorabilia from markets like Athens Central, Eleonas Flea, Avissinias Antique market & many more. Shopping - You can buy a wide range of European products, clothes & ii. music cafes & funky restaurants of Greece for a fulfilling nightlife experience. VibrantGreekLifestyle - Explore theatres, pubs, clubs, bars, casinos, iii. Greece to relax & rejuvenate. Spa- You will find many therapeutic natural springs & renowned spas in

  10. Gastronomical Delights – A Zesty Inclusion to your Greece Travel Guide: i. Souvlaki & Choriatiki. As you travel Greece & its various cities, you will encounter different varieties of dishes based of seafood, meat, vegetables offering a nutritious experience. Varied Regional Cuisine - Savor exquisite dishes like Moussaka, ii. Cheese (Kaseri, Graviera & Kefalotiri), lip-smacking wines, Ouza & Mastic. Traditional Greek products - These are Olive Oil, Unique varities of iii. Ayioryitiko & Movrotragano. There are many other Greece-specific wines that will surely tantalize your taste buds. Wines– Taste renowned wines like Santorini an Vinsanto, Ksinomavro, iv. Volkan & Nissos. Beers– Savor lip-smacking variants of beer like Mythos, Alfa, Fix,

  11. The list is not over yet! There are various events & activities as per the seasons prevailing in Greece. So plan your Greece Trip Itinerary& carry the above mentioned Greece Travel Guide for a wholesome experience of Greece. Grab a Greece Visa & Go Greek! Resource Link:-