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SWR Use Case Modeling PowerPoint Presentation
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SWR Use Case Modeling

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SWR Use Case Modeling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SWR Use Case Modeling
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  1. SWR Use Case Modeling Francis Bordeleau (Mercury Computer Systems/Carleton University) Francois-Xavier Lebas (Thales)

  2. Usage of Statecharts and Sequence Diagram at the Use Case level • Use statecharts at the use case level to give a high-level global overview of system behavior • Use sequence diagrams to give an user-system interaction-based view of a use case • Relationships between use case and statechart is many-to-one • Relationship between use case and sequence diagram is one-to-many (potentially one sequence diagram for each possible scenario in a use case) • Refinement between system level statechart and component statechart must be consistent • Refinement between use case (black-box) level SD and white-box SD must be consistent, and must be consistent with class definitions

  3. Top level Use Case Packages • Current SWRadio spec includes • Radio System Functionality • Radio Set Functionality • HF4285 Military Waveform Example • In the new version of the SWRadio specification, they will constitute three different packages • Relationships between the three packages will be explicit • Radio System Package describes the global use cases/scenarios of a SWRadio system • Radio Set Package describes the main use cases/scenarios of a radio set. This is the main focus of the current specification • HF4285 Military Waveform is used as an example to illustrate and validate the general SWRadio use cases and scenarios described in the Radio Set and Radio System Packages • We propose to promote the first two packages (Radio System Package and Radio Set Package) to the main part of the document and put the HF4285 Military Waveform in an appendix.

  4. Main Radio System Main Use Cases • Purpose • Clarify end-users needs • Delineates what is addressed at lower levels • Proposed Use Cases • Operational Use • System Management • Configure • Deploy • Diagnose

  5. Radio Set Main Actors • Give an overall actor diagram that describes the relationships between the main system actors • Define the main actors using a template that provides • Actor description • List of system functionalities (use cases) in which the actor is involved • For each functionality, the role of the actor in the system execution of that functionality

  6. Radio Set Sub-Packages • Operational • Control • Startup • Shutdown • Configure • Replace Unit • Maintenance • Log related use cases • Support • Security? • Security and Manage Security?

  7. Main Radio Set Operational Use Cases • Reception (Rx) • Transmission (Tx) • Configure • Configure Software • Configure Radio Set • Download • Different types of download?

  8. RX Use Case Description

  9. TX Use Case Description

  10. Channel Configuration