success story for madagascar in ffre policies n.
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Success story for Madagascar in FFRE Policies PowerPoint Presentation
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Success story for Madagascar in FFRE Policies

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Success story for Madagascar in FFRE Policies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Success story for Madagascar in FFRE Policies. BERA Arsonina Director of Pollution Management Madagascar. Madagascar :. 03 big hydro power stations supplying energy to our captal city and two other big cities

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success story for madagascar in ffre policies

Success story for Madagascarin FFREPolicies


Director of Pollution Management


Madagascar :
  • 03 big hydro power stations supplyingenergy to our captal city and twootherbigcities
  • Project on biogas provision aims at putting in place 05 big digesters in progress (PIF preparation level financed by GEF)
  • Ongoing EU financed project to transforming organic wastes, from some urban communes amongst the Capital City of Madagascar ,into energy supply for the vicinity with big digester facilities to be implemented (3 year round)
  • PV material tax free measures initiated by government
  • Environmental policy on climate change because Madagascar `s national contact point situated at the Ministry in charge of Environment
  • National Strategy on pollution Management and a national directorate in charge of pollution effect abatement
  • Eco-tax regulation development is in progress
  • Active member of all IOC Projects related to the matter
  • Area tracking study findings for major potentials on Renewable Energy (hydro, solar,wind and biomass)
  • National energy policy but not really be adequate to today situation regarding energy democratization , transition to renewable energy supply to give little breaths to environment
  • At every ministerial department , the environmental Unit is already put in place to enable them to mainstream in its activity the environmental dimension.
  • Cooperation amongst ministries and private sectors as lead as far as implementating any activity tending to protecting the environment , preventing from any barbarian act effect of human being in the environment.
  • Different small scale projects or demonstration projects have been carried out all nationwide with regard to renewable energy supply but it is still quite insignificant compared to our potentials in the matter and the target people.