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Federal Geographic Data Committee Update

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Federal Geographic Data Committee Update - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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September 4 , 2013 National Geospatial Advisory Committee Meeting. Federal Geographic Data Committee Update. Ivan DeLoatch Executive Director, FGDC OS. Topics. GAO Response Actions Update A-16 Supplemental Guidance NGAC Nominations Update FGDC 2013 Annual Report

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Presentation Transcript
federal geographic data committee update

September 4, 2013

National Geospatial Advisory Committee Meeting

Federal Geographic Data Committee Update

Ivan DeLoatch

Executive Director, FGDC OS


GAO Response Actions Update

A-16 Supplemental Guidance

NGAC Nominations Update

FGDC 2013 Annual Report

FGDC Standards Activities

NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program (CAP)

Agenda for 9/12/2013 Steering Committee Meeting

gao response actions update
GAO Response Actions Update

Contact: Ivan DeLoatch, FGDC OS, ideloatch@fgdc.gov

“OMB and Agencies Need to Make Coordination a Priority to Reduce Duplication”

GAO issued report GAO-13-94 Nov. 26, 2012

3 Recommendations for FGDC, directed to the Steering Committee

FGDC response was to commit to the execution of 3 actions

Memo from Anne Castle, FGDC Chair to Steering Committee members directed the FGDC’s focus on these 3 actions in 2013

gao response actions update cont
GAO Response Actions Update (cont.)

Action 1)Steering Committee to: Develop a plan with timeframe to facilitate the implementation of OMB’s portfolio management guidance

    • Target Date: FY 2014, Q1
    • Responsible Officials: Adrian Gardner, NASA; Ivan DeLoatch, FGDC OS


  • Memo to agencies sent through the President’s Management Council from Anne Castle, FGDC Chair, June 7, 2013
    • Identify agency Theme Leads/Co-Leads, Theme Executive Champions, and staff to participate in the development and review of the plan
  • Initial draft Implementation Plan outline has been developed
  • Agencies need to identify additional Theme representatives to complete the development of the initial plan
  • Next Theme Lead’s meeting to be scheduled soon to discuss draft plan
gao response actions update cont1
GAO Response Actions Update (cont.)

Action 2)Steering Committee to: Develop and implement guidance and timeframe for identifying planned geospatial investments using the Geospatial Platform

    • Target Date: FY 2013, Q4
    • Responsible Officials: Jerry Johnston, DOI


  • Development of the “Marketplace” community on the Geospatial Platform is progressing.
  • The shared Data.gov/Geospatial Platform metadata catalog now supports “planned” tagging for records
  • Capability to visualize geographic data collection areas in development
gao response actions update cont2
GAO Response Actions Update (cont.)

Action 3)Steering Committee to: Create and update a strategic plan with timeframe and implement the plan within the established time frame

    • Target Date: FY 2014, Q1
    • Responsible Officials: Dan Cotter, DHS; Ivan DeLoatch FGDC OS


  • Public comment period review of Version 2 closed.
  • Third “leaders forum” held 8/26/13 for input.
  • Primary discussion items at NGAC and Steering Committee meetings.
  • Comments will be addressed and the Final Review Draft (V3) developed in Sept-Oct.

Further details provided later in today’s meeting.

a 16 portfolio management plan
A-16 Portfolio Management Plan

Laying the Groundwork

Compared the theme datasets with Data.gov/Geospatial Platform records

Developing a high level guidance and lessons learned for Theme leads

Release of Theme Lead’s GeoPlatform community

Develop data lifecycle maturity guidance

Theme Leads/dataset managers validate dataset inventory

Develop dashboard, tools, and theme communities on the Geospatial Platform

Aligning the Portfolio Implementation Plan with the NSDI Strategic Plan

implementation plan schedule
Implementation Plan Schedule

*Plan implementation is supported by Geospatial Platform tools still to be developed. The working draft plan will be revised to align with actual implementation solutions as they are developed.

a 16 supplemental guidance
A-16 Supplemental Guidance

Implementation Plan Outline

  • Executive Summary
  • What is a Portfolio
  • Scope of A-16 Portfolio
  • Portfolio Management Approach and Timelines
  • Implementation Processes, Actions, and Products
    • Executive Management of the Portfolio
    • Data Theme Management
    • Data Set Management
  • Metrics
  • Expected Outcomes
  • Tying to National Priorities and Initiatives
ngac nominations update
NGAC Nominations Update

Contact: John Mahoney, FGDC OS, jmahoney@fgdc.gov

Read ahead: None


  • 16 of the current 29 NGAC appointments will expire in December 2013
  • 39 nominations received – another strong set of candidates

Review Panel:

  • Interagency review panel evaluating nominations and developing recommendations to DOI Office of the Secretary


  • August: Nominations period close August 12
  • September: Review panel will meet to evaluate nominations and develop recommendations
  • Sept-Dec: Appointments reviewed/approved/signed
  • December: Announcement of new appointments expected
2013 fgdc annual report
2013 FGDC Annual Report

Contact: Gita Urban-Mathieux, FGDC, burbanma@fgdc.gov,


Featured Topic: Geospatial Platform 2.0

Includes: highlights, success stories, next year’s goals, challenges, overviews of: leadership, structure, National Geospatial Data Assets

Contributions from across the Federal agencies

Initial draft is complete, currently in editing and layout

FGDC Coordination Group will review in October

Projected completion: mid-December

Last year’s report available at http://www.fgdc.gov/library/whitepapers-reports/annual%20reports/2012

fgdc standards activities
FGDC Standards Activities

FGDC Endorsed Standards in 2013

Geopolitical Entities, Names, and Codes (GENC) version 1, with concurrent withdrawal of ISO 3166-1:2006 on country codes

OGC® WaterML 2.0: Part 1- Time series

ISO 19156:2011, Geographic information - Observations and measurements

Time-Space-Position Information (TSPI) standard version 2.0

Wetlands Classification Standard revision

fgdc standards activities cont
FGDC Standards Activities (cont.)

Contact: Julie Binder Maitra, FGDC OS, jmaitra@fgdc.gov,

(703) 648-4627. www.fgdc.gov/standards

  • 2012-09-24 Next FGDC Standards Working Group meeting.
  • Topics:
    • For recommendation for FGDC endorsement
      • Web Feature Services (WFS) 2.0
      • ISO 639, Codes for the representation of names of languages
      • ISO 80000, Quantities and units
      • Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM) 5.1
      • U.S. Government Real Property Asset Data Standard
    • For recommendation for withdrawal: Spatial Data Transfer Standard, all parts
nsdi cooperative agreements program cap
NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program (CAP)
  • FGDC OS will not be soliciting projects for FY2013 or FY2014.
  • A result of budget reductions and sequestration, the Federal funding portion of this cost-share program is no longer available.
  • Active projects will continue to be supported through their scheduled completions.
  • 2014 would have marked the 20th anniversary of this long-standing collaborative cost-share program between Federal and non-federal partners to advance the nation’s spatial data infrastructure.
  • FGDC OS official announcement is on the FGDC website http://www.fgdc.gov/grants

Contact: Gita Urban-Mathieux, FGDC, burbanma@fgdc.gov,


nsdi cooperative agreements program cap1
NSDI Cooperative Agreements Program (CAP)
  • Since 1994, 707 awards representing over $22 million in Federal funding.
  • Matched by over $14 million in funding from State, county, local, and tribal government academia, professional consortiums, non-profit, and private sector organizations.
  • Many repeat awardees represent active NSDI partners.
  • CAP has helped lay the foundation and provide the guidance for advancing the NSDI.
  • Truly national in scope, cooperative agreements were executed by all 50 States, 2 territories, the District of Columbia, 8 tribal governments, and universities in 38 States.
  • Categories adapted regularly to align with priorities and current initiatives – 45 categories to date.
  • Foundational categories were consistently available: standards development, implementation, education, and outreach; metadata, data clearinghouses; and data services.
  • In only the past seven years, over 2,600 persons have been trained in metadata alone; all CAP developed training materials are available online, to all.