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Clinical Skills Assessment. The Exam. How Do You Feel Now?. Ideas. Something you have got to do No way of getting out of it How soon to do it- should you put it off or do it early Would be better to revise in group Going to take a lot of preparation

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  • Something you have got to do

  • No way of getting out of it

  • How soon to do it- should you put it off or do it early

  • Would be better to revise in group

  • Going to take a lot of preparation

  • Fit it in with everything else I need to do

Common concerns mentioned by gpsts
Common Concerns mentioned by GPSTs

  • I‘m really scared

  • I don’t want to travel to London

  • How will I pay for it ?

  • How will I pay for the re-sit?

  • I’ll never be prepared for it/good enough

  • Is November too early?

  • How do I book it?

  • Where do I start revising

  • Do I need to go on more courses?

  • Have I given myself enough time to revise?


Try and reflect as much as it could a normal surgery session.


  • It is a pain going to London

  • It is expensive

  • It is scary


  • They are not trying to trick you

  • Everybody is very pleasant and they try to put you at ease.

  • Get into the swing of it really quickly

Booking it
Booking it

  • RCGP website

  • MRCGP heading and click on csa, then click on the apply for CSA ,this will give you the dates for when the exam is,

  • 4x a year September, November, February and May

  • Taking in November you can apply from 4th October

  • Taking in Feburary can apply from 6th December

  • This year costs £1525, have to pay in 1 instalment

  • Website can be slow dates first open


  • Purpose built building in Euston

  • 30 Euston Square, London NW1


  • Euston Mainline and Euston Square tube station 5 mins on foot away.

  • Don’t go by car – no parking!

  • Arrive by 9:00 or 12:15 for am and pm sittings

  • Usually leave around 1pm and 5pm respectively


  • Arrive, sign in, show your ID ( passport or photo driving licence) and hand in your mobile

  • Put in a room with everyone else- given a brief

  • Once everyone arrives taken to your floor

  • Put your things in your locker and go to your room with doctors bag

  • Need BNF, stethoscope, ophthalmoscope, auroscope, thermometer. Patella hammer, tape measure, peak flow and mouth pieces

  • Remain in same room for whole exam unless home visit or telephone consult

  • On desk will be an iPAD with all the cases for that session as well as peak flow chart, prescriptions, med 3s, tuning fork and tongue depressors.

  • Examination couch as well

  • Buzzer rings to mark start and end of consultation

  • 2 minutes between each case

  • Break of 10-15 minutes after 7 cases, water coffee and tea. With all other candidates and cannot speak about exam

  • At the end they will knock on your door and leave.

Thing you must bring
Thing you must bring

  • BNF

  • Stethoscope

  • Ophthalmoscope

  • Auroscope

  • Thermometer

  • Patella hammer

  • Tape measure

  • Peak flow meter and disposable mouthpieces (N.B. These must be EU standard)

Marking schedule
Marking schedule

  • 13 cases- change each day

  • All of them count

  • Marked on the 3 domains of data gathering, clinical management and interpersonal skills.

  • Each domain has an equal numerical score

  • Marked as clear pass ( 3), pass ( 2), fail (1) and clear fail (0)

  • Total 9 for each case- 117 overall

  • Examiner also marks whole case as pass, fail or borderline

  • For borderline cases score is added and averaged

  • Based on this they will integrate the scores and produce the pass mark

Actually doing it how did it feel
Actually doing it/ How did it feel

  • Worst bit was the waiting

  • No surprises

  • Nothing came up which you wouldn’t expect in a normal surgery in fact probably a lot more straight forward i.e patient only had 1 problem

  • Be yourself

  • Don’t panic even if you muck up a case

  • If you don’t know something admit this to a patient

  • Don’t waste time writing prescriptions/ sick notes

On reflection
On reflection

  • What went well

    • never too early to start revising

    • Get a revision group together- minimum 3

    • Have a consultation plan

    • Videoing

    • Practising cases with your trainer

    • Courses: Harrogate, RCGP, HDR mock CSA

    • Cases- look at general topics and write your own

    • Picking morning session

    • Going to the exam with other people- not necessarily on the same floor!!

    • Watch where you stay

    • 0% interest credit card

Km s reflections cont
KM’s reflections cont

  • What went less well

    • Books-

      • cases fairly complicated and not all have marking schemes

      • Make sure you don’t all have the same ones!!

    • Make sure you are consultating at 10 minutes

  • What I would change

    • Attend the mock CSA- need as much practise as possible- I always put it off

    • Don't be afraid to ask other people for revision sessions

    • Don’t talk about it once you are out

What do you need to do now
What do YOU need to do now?

  • When are you going to take it (may have already booked it)

  • Revision groups- how many? Where? When?

  • Resources you will need/use

  • Courses

  • Using your revision to also buff up your e portfolio