Elements of fiction
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Elements of Fiction. Focus Questions for Dead Poets Society. Symbolism. Symbolism. A symbol has meaning in itself, but stands for something else. However, a symbol is not what it symbolizes.

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Elements of fiction

Elements of Fiction

Focus Questions for Dead Poets Society


  • A symbol has meaning in itself, but stands for something else. However, a symbol is not what it symbolizes.

  • For example, a dove is a bird, but when used as a symbol it represents peace. If the dove dies, peace does not die.

Focus questions
Focus Questions

  • What does the candle symbolize?

  • What are the four pillars?

  • Who are the boys names that are attending Welton?

Elements of fiction1
Elements of Fiction

  • What does Carpe Diem mean?

  • How does Mr. Keating’s initial lesson with the boys represent a transcendentalist perspective?

Focus questions1
Focus Questions

  • Who is the protagonist in the story?

  • What is the main conflict of the story?

  • What are a few of the major themes?

  • What is type of conflict is the main conflict?

  • Character v. Character

    • Character v. society

    • Character v. nature

    • Character v. self

Focus questions2
Focus Questions

  • What is the deeper meaning of “sucking the marrow out of life”?

  • What words did Mr. Perry say to Neal come back to haunt him?

  • Which three boys best represent carpe diem?


  • Foreshadowing occurs when something occurs within the plot that predicts future events.

  • Focus Question

  • Predict which events are foreshadowed in the story as it relates to the boys?

Elements of fiction2
Elements of Fiction

  • Plot = The Storyline

  • Theme = Main idea or moral of story

  • Setting = Where, when, why (context)

  • Characterization =

    • Protagonist = Main Character

    • Antagonist = Causes conflict for the protagonist