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Grundfos GO

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Grundfos GO. Why Grundfos GO?. Data logging. Change settings. Guidance onsite. Education upfront. Manage reporting. Professional End-users. Intelligent data analysis. Installers & Service Partners. Monitoring. Access support information. Connect & identify pumps. 2.

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Presentation Transcript
why grundfos go
Why Grundfos GO?

Data logging

Change settings

Guidance onsite

Education upfront

Manage reporting

Professional End-users

Intelligent data analysis

Installers &

Service Partners


Access support information

Connect & identify pumps


content of this training
Content of this training
  • The product concepts
  • Infra-red and radio communication
  • Grundfos GO remote App features
  • Grundfos GO CAPS App features
  • App demonstration
  • Service
grundfos go the concept
Grundfos GO the concept
  • Grundfos GO is based on standard Smartphone technology, we support iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android based telephones. Some of the features in Grundfos GO requires additional hardware to establish a communication link to the pump
  • Supports infrared communication for backwards compatibility, and radio communication for faster connection to new products.
mi 201 ipod touch complete box product
MI 201 – iPod touch (complete box product)
  • One product number, iPod inclusive
  • Insert iPod into protective cover
  • Power-on
  • Download the Grundfos GO Remote App
  • Ready to GO!

Delivered with:

  • iPod touch 4G 8 GB version
  • Power supply for charging
  • Protective sleeve for MI 201
mi 202 interface for iphone ipod ipad
MI 202 – interface for iPhone, iPod, iPad
  • Connect Mobile Interface
  • Install Grundfos GO app from app store
  • Powered from i-device
  • Ready to GO!

Delivered with:

  • Protective sleeve for MI 202
  • iPhone is not provided by Grundfos
mi 301 universal interface
MI 301 – Universal interface
  • Pair MI 301 with Smartphone (Blue tooth)
  • Install Grundfos GO app from app store or android market
  • Ready to GO!

Delivered with:

  • Power supply for charging
  • Battery can operate for 8 hours continual use
  • Automatically enters sleep mode when not used
  • Smartphone is not provided by Grundfos

Infrared communication

Grundfos GO is backwards compatible with Grundfos E-pumps and will communicate with the following Grundfos products:

  • Pumps:
  • Control boxes/systems:
  • Multi-E
  • CU 300
  • CU 301
  • IO351
  • MP204

Radio communication

  • Line of sight not necessary
  • Distance 30-150 ft
  • Encrypted communication to avoid tampering
  • Button on pump must be pressed to exchange keys
  • Two ways to connect with radio
    • Direct connect
    • List connect

Product dashboard

The product dashboard is designed to give you a quick overview of how your pump is operating.

Grundfos Eye

status information

Product information

Speed and power

Alarm status and log

Adjust set-point

Change Operation mode

Change controlmode

Update / Refresh

Report Tool


Context aware help

If you need help, it is never more than a click away, the context aware help function will guide you on the right track

Help on subject

Cancel help

Get context aware help


Status data

  • In the status data view, all measured data from the pump can be monitored.
  • With the new radio based communication the data is continuously updated.

Alarms and Warnings

  • See actual alarms and warnings
  • See alarm log for product
  • Reset actual alarm and warnings
  • Error codes are explained in plain text

Product settings

Products settings are easily adjusted with the new touch based interface. Adjusting the set point of your pump has never been easier, just drag and set directly from the pump curve


Installation report

Grundfos GO has been designed to save you time and effort. The built-in PDF generator stores your pump reports and important notes safely in an easy-to-share format, that saves you the trouble of dealing with pen, paper and printouts.

Add notes and pictures from the installation, when you are done have the facility manager sign directly on the screen.


Read/Write profiles

With Grundfos GO you can easily install multiple pump, read the settings from one pump, and write them into the next pump.

demo mode

Demo Mode

Open Grundfos GO Remote app

Select ‘Settings’.

Select ‘On’ under ‘Demo mode’.

Return to ‘Select a Connection’.

Select ‘Radio’ or ‘IR’.

Explore the menus.

Return to ‘Settings’.

Select ‘Off’ under ‘Demo mode’.


Service for Mobile Interfaces

  • The Grundfos parts are cover with normal Grundfos service strategy, 2 year warranty.
  • If they malfunction, the complete product is scrapped.
  • The iPod touch is not covered by Grundfos, Apple has the 1 year service obligation, the customer can join the Apple Care Protection Plan can be purchased from Apple if the device is registered.
  • Tested for connectivity with Apple devices