sip h 323 interworking requirements n.
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SIP-H.323 Interworking Requirements PowerPoint Presentation
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SIP-H.323 Interworking Requirements

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SIP-H.323 Interworking Requirements - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SIP-H.323 Interworking Requirements. draft-agrawal-sip-h323-interworking-reqs-02.txt. Hemant Agrawal - GlobeSpan Inc, Radhika R. Roy - AT&T, Vipin Palawat - Cisco, Alan Johnston - MCI WorldCom, Charles Agboh - Ebone, David Wang - Nuera Communications Inc,

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sip h 323 interworking requirements

SIP-H.323 Interworking Requirements


Hemant Agrawal - GlobeSpan Inc, Radhika R. Roy - AT&T,

Vipin Palawat - Cisco,

Alan Johnston - MCI WorldCom, Charles Agboh - Ebone,

David Wang - Nuera Communications Inc,

Kundan Singh and Henning Schulzrinne - Columbia University

sip h 323 interworking requirement draft status
SIP-H.323 Interworking Requirement Draft Status
  • Requirement draft (draft-agrawal-sip-h323-interworking-reqs-02.txt) updated based on comments
    • Added SIP- and H.323-side definition
    • Clarified that conversion of one media format to another is out-of-scope
    • Added registration of IWF with H.323 GK
    • Clarified that TRIP may be used to register the SIP-side of the IWF
    • Added clarifications for overlap sending and mid-call digit transfer
    • Clarified that call flows will include both fast start and without fast start
    • Clarified definition of media to include fax
    • Added support for out-of-band dtmf signaling
    • Added T.38 fax interworking requirement
finalization of sip h 323 interworking requirement draft
Finalization of SIP-H.323 Interworking Requirement Draft
  • The revised draft was submitted in February’01
  • Last call in mid-March’01
  • Informational RFC number to be sought after the last call
  • Requirement draft presented in both IETF and ITU-T
    • Comments received incorporated in the draft
  • The informational RFC will be submitted to the ITU-T SG16 for an informational Annex in H.323
sip h 323 interworking standard draft
SIP-H.323 Interworking Standard Draft
  • Preliminary interowking standard was submitted in February’01
  • Discussion is going in the SIP/eGroup and SG16 email exploder
  • Some example issues
    • State machine
    • UDP packet-size limitations for registration of the large number of SIP endpoints by the IWF in H.323 GK
    • Sending of SDP for the SIP-H.323 call setup: ACK vs. INVITE
    • Others
  • Next phase
    • SIP-H.323 T.38 fax interworking to be included as part of the IWF that includes H.323v4 interworking with SIP
    • SIP will be in the "supportedProtocol" field of H.323v5 RAS messages