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Poverty. By Kian Salamzadeh. No food…. No home …. No basic needs …. No education …. These are only some of the effects of poverty…. Health…. About 50, 000 people die each day due to the lack of food or cannot be treated for disease

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By Kian Salamzadeh

no food
No food…

No home…

No basic needs…

No education…

  • About 50, 000 people die each day due to the lack of food or cannot be treated for disease
  • This equals up to an amount of 27 million, most being women or children as of 1990

-More than 11 million children die before they reach the age of five years


Many children around the world do not have proper education


  • juvenile delinquencies
  • child pregnancy
  • low income
  • parental influence
  • fall ill easily; cannot afford health care= miss days off school.
  • forced to move around a lot
  • no schools available
  • many kids help to support their families by working instead of attending school

- Create more jobs, and increase government subsidies for low income families

- Help children learn skills that will help them earn a living and make right choices in the long run

- Make social services that help children and families survive crises, such as disease, drug abuse, or loss of home and shelter

  • Control family fertility so that poor families are not burdened by children
  • Increase world awareness so that more donations and charities will be directed to those in need
reasons for choice
Reasons for choice
  • Many people around the world suffer from poverty unwillingly
  • It is a serious and deadly issue
  • It includes many aspects/issues
  • Almost all other issues provided for choosing fit into the category of ‘poverty’
  • Poverty is the root of many global crises