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Independent Financial Advisors by Grant Davis Denver Colorad PowerPoint Presentation
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Independent Financial Advisors by Grant Davis Denver Colorad

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Independent Financial Advisors by Grant Davis Denver Colorad - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An investor may seek out an independent financial advisor to managing different types of investments. Stocks, bonds, ETF’s, managed funds, mutual funds, commodities, and alternative investments are securities that an investment advisor understands. There are investment advisors, registered investment advisors, independent financial advisors, certified financial advisors and certified financial planners. An investor, shareholder or depositor needs to research different types of financial advisors and a variety of investment management companies in order to select a financial consultant and company that best address their personal needs, their goals and their risk tolerance. In finding an independent financial advisor it is essential for the investor to explore cost of service, qualifications of the advisor, credentials, experience and training of the financial advisor. How do they buy and sell stocks and/or bonds? Do they work for a large investment management company, a bank or are they an independent financial advisor? See Grant Davis Denver Colorado Blog.

  • An Investment advisor is an individual who offers professional investment advice. Registered investment advisors, financial advisors, financial consultants, and/or planners may need to register with the Security and Exchange Commission. Questions to ask a financial consultant are as follows: What is their investment philosophy? Are they registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission? If they are an independent financial advisor what brokerage do they use? What are the fees that the brokerage charges? Do they prefer growth stocks or value stocks? Can you as an investment advisor explain the difference?

What does it mean to be a small cap company or a large cap company? What are emerging markets and what are developing markets? Are they safe? Does the investment advisor plan to hold a stock or bond position for several years or are they in and out of positions. In other words, do they have a large turn over of securities in a month or a year? An investor needs to make sure that they fully understand the investments that the investment advisor is making, the qualifications of the investment advisor and the cost of the advisor’s services and the brokerage that they are using. Communicate and investigate with any investment management company, financial advisor, investment consultant, investment firm, and/or asset management company that you, as an investor, plan to use.

  • A Denver investment company called, Davis Capital Management LLC, researches investments to find the strongest companies within an industry. Their investment committee meets at least once a month pulling together evidence for future investments. Keeping cost down, administrative fees under control is part of their investment philosophy. Information about Davis Capital Management LLC can be found on their blog site at