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Financial Consultant by Grant Davis Denver Colorado PowerPoint Presentation
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Financial Consultant by Grant Davis Denver Colorado

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Financial Consultant by Grant Davis Denver Colorado - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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You may ask yourself, “Do I need a Financial Consultant, Investment Advisor, Broker and/or an Investment Consultant?” How do I get a Financial Consultant? How much does a Financial Advisor or Consultant cost and are they worth the money?

  • Financial Consultants, like other professionals, have knowledge and experience helping clients understand the importance of saving and investing for retirement, college education and/or for the future. Investment consultants work with clients on establishing personal investment goals. Advisors help build portfolios that match client goals as well as their tolerance for risk. Communication is an important feature of an investment consultant. A significant characteristic of an investment manager, financial consultant, investment advisor, investment consultant or a financial advisor is being able to educate and answer questions comprehensively for their clients. Investment firms that practice corresponding in understandable language with clients are worthy of consideration in planning a financial future. Clients welcome thorough and logical explanations regarding recommended investments that might include stocks, bonds, ETF’s, mutual funds, and/or managed funds, etc. Consultants communicating with clients that are individual investors, large and small institutions, and high net worth individuals need to adjust to different levels of knowledge and understanding of the many products that are available in today’s investment market. See Grant Davis DenverColorado Blog.
  • Locating a financial consultant can be done through a referral from a bank, a broker and/or other satisfied customers. Visiting and reading web sites can lend a hand in your search for a financial relationship regarding investing.

The cost of financial advisors, consultants or investment managers needs to be evaluated and clearly understood. Experience and knowledge of the market is a very important component in selecting a financial consultant. If the investment manager has experience analyzing investment products that may give the client more comfort in the investments that are selected. Communicating cost and returns is important for building a good financial relationship.

  • Davis Capital Management LLC provides customized services for their clients that center around returns, risk tolerance, client needs, goals and a clear rate structure.
  • 1. Does Davis Capital Management LLC provide an investment structure that meets your needs?

Davis Capital Management LLC, an investment management company, has experience working with small to medium size pension plans, profit sharing plans, foundations, individual retirement accounts, trusts, and high net worth individuals.  

The management company provides communication with their clients through a newsletter that explains the movement of the market. They adapt a portfolio that moves with the market and meets the needs of individual clients. 

  • 2. How does this financial investment company select securities? 

Davis Capital Management, an investment management firm, selects a variety of securities based on 25 years of experience in financial analysis and investment management.  

  • 3. What are Davis Capital Management fees for providing asset management services?

Davis Capital Management is a “fee-based” investment management group. Fees are based on the amount of money invested and whether or not prior approval is needed to make a specific investment. Information about Davis Capital Management LLC can be found on their blog site at