the jazz age in the 1920 s l.
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The Jazz Age in the 1920’s

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The Jazz Age in the 1920’s - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Jazz Age in the 1920’s. Grade: 8th Unit: The Roaring Twenties WARNING: This unit may create an appreciation of jazz, art and literature of the 1920’s. . Table of Contents. Changing Fashions - People in Societies and Culture

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the jazz age in the 1920 s
The Jazz Age in the 1920’s

Grade: 8th

Unit: The Roaring Twenties

WARNING: This unit may create an appreciation of jazz, art and literature of the 1920’s.

table of contents
Table of Contents
  • Changing Fashions - People in Societies and Culture
  • New Music and Musicians-World Interactions, American Heritage
  • New Generation of Writers-American Heritage
  • The Harlem Renaissance- Culture
  • Art
table of contents3
Table of Contents

Heroes of the Roaring Twenties-Science and Technology

  • Charles Lindbergh
  • Henry Ford

Democratic Practices

  • Censorship?
  • Stock Market Crash
  • Nineteenth Amendment
overview of the jazz age
Overview of the Jazz Age

Why were the 1920’s called the Roaring Twenties and the Jazz Age?

Have student preview the answer to this question by visiting the following website: decade20.html#events

the roaring twenties a revolution
The Roaring Twenties: A Revolution?

Student should watch video The Roaring Twenties on the following concepts:

  • Consumer revolution
  • Commercialization of leisure
  • Revolution in manners and morals
  • automobile culture
  • Harlem Renaissance
people in societies culture changing fashions
People in Societies/CultureChanging Fashions

Presenting Fast Facts

  • A New York City newspaper reported on 09/28/22 that a young woman wore “knickerbockers and a coat of mannish cut, done in robin’s egg blue, and swung a bamboo cane. Knee length stockings, a masculine collar, and a hat…..

-Frederick Schwarz, “The Time Machine”

fads knickers and flappers
Fads, Knickers and Flappers

Learn more about this topic by viewing parts of several films and hearing clips of radio broadcasts.

  • Find “Boarding the Silver Screen” in the Flapper Station.
  • Interpret transparency of the Battle of Big Horns p. D-57 in American Nation Resources.
  • Recreate a radio show using findings in the internet site.
harlem renaisssance
Harlem Renaisssance


Teachers and Students!

Duke Ellington Online Activities http: Students can form a complete biography on various artists by picking and clicking on them in this photo.

harlem renaissance
Harlem Renaissance


  • Map Mystery-Why Was it a Renaissance? Defines the word “Renaissance” and asks student to determine whether it had taken place according to a map
  • Read Portable Harlem Renaissance Reader. Viking, 1994.
  • Complete reproducible pages in American Nation Resources p.57 “Roots of American Music” p.58 “Great Figures in American Music”
  • Listen to audiocassette Take the A Train by Louis Armstrong
writers and authors
Writers and Authors
  • Zora Neale Hurston Their Eyes Were Watching God
  • Ernest Hemingway The Old Man and the Sea
  • Langston Hughes Selected Poems of Langston Hughes. New York, Alfred Knopf, 1954.
writers and authors11
Writers and Authors


  • Biography Flashcard - Who Am I?

Students are to guess which writer is being described based off of information given.

  • “The Negro Speaks of Rivers” by Langston Hughes. Student can connect the rivers that the author speaks of with a cultural heritage of African Americans.
art and culture
Art and Culture

Writers and artist of the Harlem Renaissance often stressed the African Heritage of black Americans. What point do you think this artist is making?

the automobiles
The Automobiles

The 1920’s would not be the same without the automobile. Students should visit the Henry Ford Website.

*An actual visit would make a great field trip

charles lindbergh
Charles Lindbergh

Students should read “The Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping” American History

Students can formulate a plan to survive in the Atlantic with no map, no parachute, and no radio.

the nineteenth amendment
The Nineteenth Amendment

Proposing an amendment to the Constitution extending the right of suffrage to women.

Visit this website to investigate further decade20.html#events

the stock market crash
The Stock Market Crash
  • During the 1920s, stocks and bonds were frequently sold to investors on the basis of glittering promises of fantastic profits - without disclosure of any meaningful information. The securities laws of the United States were developed by Congress in the early 1930s as a direct response to these market abuses, which were blamed in large part for the disastrous Stock Market Crash of 1929, and the ensuing Great Depression. As a result, the regulation of investment securities is one of the few areas in American law that starts with a presumption that the regulated conduct is illegal.
stock market activity production consumption
Stock Market Activity-Production/Consumption

What caused the stock market to crash?

Visit this website and identify two things that could be linked to the boom and bust theory.

  • Was the Jazz Age a revolutionary period?
  • Is music a bad influence on people?
  • Should music and literature be censored?