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Cruise Brief. LT Roberts. Dates. CORTRAMID: East: 25 May – 23 June West: 06 July – 04 August 2/C or 1/C: Phase 1: 30 May – 25 June Phase 2: 26 June – 21 July Phase 3: 24 July – 15 Aug Mountain Warfare: - Tofel, you know when to go. ALL - Break in your boots!!

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Lt roberts

Cruise Brief

LT Roberts



    • East: 25 May – 23 June

    • West: 06 July – 04 August

  • 2/C or 1/C:

    • Phase 1: 30 May – 25 June

    • Phase 2: 26 June – 21 July

    • Phase 3: 24 July – 15 Aug

  • Mountain Warfare:

    - Tofel, you know when to go.

    ALL - Break in your boots!!

  • CORTRAMID: Ensure you have a 3/C swim qual!!

Summer cruise travel information
Summer Cruise Travel Information

  • We will mail tickets/info to your home of record or to your local Austin address (you will receive them approx 1 week before your cruise departure date)

  • Your airline tickets will have you DEPARTING and RETURNING to your Home of Record or to Austin

  • Let Ben or me know if your Home of Record has changed


  • VERY IMPORTANT!!! SK1 will make sure you have all your items!

  • You will pay for all items which are not in your seabag.

  • Check with SK1 Busano next week if you do not have all of your items

  • Sign travel/uniform form and return to me today. OR SEE BEN

Summer cruise travel info
Summer Cruise Travel Info

  • You will get advance travel pay before you leave on cruise.

    • 80% of total

    • You MUST fill out a travel claim. Fill it out at your respective commands/CORTRAMID.

    • If you do not fill one out, book money/stipend will be ZERO for the first few months of next semester.

Summer cruise travel info1
Summer Cruise Travel Info

  • CORTRAMID students will have their travel claims done at CORTRAMID. All others must submit claims!

  • Keep ALL lodging, gas, taxi, and airline receipts for reimbursement via travel claim

  • If you have an EXTREME EMERGENCY and must change your travel plans:

    • 1. Contact Ben, Chief or I,

    • 2. If unable to contact us, call SATO

    • Do not change travel plans for any other reasons, unless you want to see CAPT Inbody.

Summer training handbook
Summer training handbook

  • Checklist- Upon departure, you MUST have your:

    • 1. Orders

    • 2. Medical/Dental records

    • 3. Midshipman summer training handbook (signed)

    • 4. Plane ticket (E ticket)

    • 5. Travel claim

    • 6. Your Government ID – You will be sent home w/o it.

    • 7. Direct deposit account info (account # and routing #) with a pre-addressed envelope to be mailed back to UT NROTC.

    • 8. A 3” x 5” card with UT NROTC phone numbers and other emergency phone numbers

    • 9. Pre-addressed stamped envelope to mail back your travel claim and all travel receipts including plane/taxi, etc..

Summer training handbook cont
Summer training handbook (cont)

  • Do not pack these items away during your luggage. You will need them to report in.

  • They are ESSENTIAL to your summer cruise.

  • Your orders will be mailed to the location which you requested to depart from. They will contain travel instructions to follow. IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THIS LOCATION, YOU MUST SEE BEN OR ME BY NEXT WEEK!!!!!!

  • You will not have to pay for any meals while in training. It will be taken out of your travel claim.

  • Read the summer training manual!

When you arrive at destination
When you arrive at destination:

  • Follow instructions on orders…they will be very specific!

  • Get orders stamped

  • Turn in all records (medical/dental/shots, etc)

On your return
On your return:

  • Get your orders stamped

  • Ensure you have all of your records (medical/dental/shots, etc)!

  • Ensure travel claim is completed at ship/command.



  • For cruises in CONUS, wear whites.

  • For cruises outside CONUS, wear civilian clothes.

  • You will pay for all items which are not in your seabag.

  • Do not wear unit ribbons or insignia

  • Have a civilian change of clothes with you (carry on items)

Common problems
Common Problems

  • Personal funds. For those traveling Make sure you bring at least $100 of your own $, especially if you are traveling overseas or arriving early.

  • Travel claims….travel claims… claims

  • Passports….you must have one if you are going overseas.

  • Shot records….make sure you have them and that they are current!!!!


  • Travel light….no GOLF


    anything of that sort.

  • Sunburns

  • Conduct---do what is asked and act professional

  • Fraternization and sexual assaults

Lt roberts

  • Bring two locks.

  • REPRESENT YOU UNIT WITH HONOR – Have fun but stay away from alcohol and sordid situations.

Lt roberts

  • Who does not have shots?

  • Who did not get their uniform / seabag items inspected by SK1? Set an appointment with him.

  • Who is traveling overseas and has not yet applied for a passport?

  • Read and sign your midshipman handbook. DO NOT LOSE IT. It will be placed on the battalion website.

From the chief
From the Chief….

  • Take it away, Chief Gomez……