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Mining the mind of masses transforming India from below PowerPoint Presentation
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Mining the mind of masses transforming India from below

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Mining the mind of masses transforming India from below - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mining the mind of masses transforming India from below
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  1. Mining the mind of masses transforming India from below

  2. Session Objectives • Victim to Victor perspective • Interaction-Influence System • Recognize, respect & rewarding peoples rights • Street labs • Mass sourcing vs. Out Sourcing • Vote of No-Confidence against inertia • Hunger for innovations • IDEAS:MIND to MARKETS

  3. Mapping the needs-Tapping the boundaries- Networking Hopes-Integrating young Minds & Socializing Technologies HOW??????????

  4. India as an Emerging Young Nation More than half of India's population is younger than the age of 25 and the entry of this group into the working population over the next few decades is expected to spur India's economic growth.

  5. Culturally rich, Creative communities, innovative individuals but economically poor : harnessing imagination of minds of the marginal's for yet another renaissance

  6. Where could the picture be from? Could formal Science address the concerns of these women???? Need of an ‘Oasis’ of ideas , innovations and interventions in these deserts!!!

  7. What is Science addressing today ?? Few needs of many (long tail of innovation) Many needs of few (long nose of innovation)

  8. Science that does not make a difference

  9. How long? just about 200 years

  10. Try to forget the pain of back bending centuries of paddy transplanting Source:,i18n%3Dtrue&cp=31&gs_id=n&xhr=t&q=paddy+transplanting+image+india&nord=1&gs_sm&gs_upl&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1360&bih=624&ion=1&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wq#5225312498863276162

  11. Design of a hand pumpDrops of water don’t matter, do they?

  12. Raise the level of expectations, challenge the Technical Youth for addressing socio-technical needs

  13. Looking is just not enough !!! - start gazing- start internalizing the pain – start socializing technologies- Address Issues of not only haves but also for have-nots to make the global growth more inclusive.

  14. What to do?????????

  15. Can We do or We can do Linking Formal & Informal Science

  16. The solution • New hand pump has a provision of 25% water donation for the animal trough, which is collected from the runoff • A provision of about 1 liter water storage inside the head of the pump which can be utilized through a tap for use as a drinking source just by pumping once

  17. A public innovation for public use

  18. Networking Compassionate –Collaborative and Creative Young Minds

  19. Living with Problems unsolved:a habit of inertia, or a recipe for disaster

  20. I want to integrate the gait of a person with a mobile. As walking style differ person to person, the software will be able to identify the signals based on the body movements while walking If the mobile will sense a different movement once act will lock itself and send a message about its location predefined number. : anurag rathor 9th class Why pierce skin to get a blood test done? I wish to make a blood testing system that would do the required test by scanning the skin surface or testing the skin excretions :srishti class iv I want a high tech school bus which can give alert signal as it approaches my bus stop. I would not miss my bus this way!!: pallavi, 9th class

  21. Nisha ChaubeNOIDABag with folding seat

  22. An electronic device that informs the user that the LPG in the gas cylinder is going to exhaust. When the weight of the cylinder decreases beyond a certain fixed weight, the signal gets activated.

  23. Rain Water Harvesting Umbrellas

  24. Md.Rojadeen: cooker for coffee creativity in champaran

  25. Century old Social issues-Technicalsolutions-Social engineering based on value Definition of literacy is Changing ! Can We SOCIALIZE @ DEMOCRATIZE technologies?? Stethoscope for remote diagnosis Device to make manual brick movement easy

  26. Children invent, engineers fabricate, companies commercialize…..

  27. What is Innovation? • Innovation is a successfuleક્ષ્ploitaion of a new idea- Schumpter

  28. Therefore • Reserch: Money-> Knowledge • Innovation: Knowledge-> Money, economics of knowledge • Venture capital or Adventure capital

  29. Mind vs Mind Set • Teaching= Speaking, • Learning= Listening

  30. Characteristics of innovators • Those who don’t know, it can’t be done • Those who see what everyone else sees, but thinks of no one else thinks • Refuse status quo • Convert inspirations-> Solutions • ideas -> products

  31. Nature of innovation • Forward Linkages-> Diffusion • Backward Linkages-> Fusion

  32. Types of innovations in india • Large System innovations • Denial Driven innovation • Incremental innovations • Radical breakthroughs • Community innovations ( Support, Scout, Spawn & Scale) • Social innovation

  33. Obstacles • Paper is more important than people • ( patent, publish, prosper) • Risk taking • Brain drain not due to ‘physical’ but ‘psychic’ income • Creating ‘silicon valley’ in ‘indus valley’

  34. More from Less for More • Hepatitis vaccine- 30 times less • Psoriasis treatment- 200 times less • Nano- 10 times less • Artificial foot- 300 times less • Eye Surgery – 100 times less • A model of ‘INDOVATION’

  35. How will it be? • Information Technology • Through • Indian Talent • By • Total Innovation

  36. It is very disappointing that there are not many lessons in science textbooks in schools or colleges about the innovations developed by common people. The absence of such lessons obviously makes the subject dry and sometimes less interesting. The practical orientation also suffers. The connections between science and society thus are not visible.

  37. Minds-hopes-needs and institutions are being integrated laterally for harnessing youth potential of the country for generating more social value.

  38. Frugality is thus an imperative, but not a choice Shadows of sustainable spirit: trying to look for frugal, diverse, resilient and simultaneous solutions, as nature does all the time

  39. Inclusive leadership requires dealing with dissent and diversity Ownership of future strategies cannot be widespread if the contribution for creating them is only from a chosen few.

  40. What are stairs used for: climbing up?


  42. What are stairs used for: climbing around, Connecting other’s heart: horizontal bonding between formal and informal sector, science and spaces

  43. Compassion & Collaboration have to Complement Creativity Merely increasing competence will not deliver inclusive innovations