the operations of the british council web n.
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The Operations of The British Council Web PowerPoint Presentation
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The Operations of The British Council Web

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The Operations of The British Council Web - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Operations of The British Council Web. Paul Squires Webmaster The British Council, Web Team Manchester. The future of the British Council. Policies of Blair government , channelled through Foreign and Commonwealth Office Department for International Development Panel 2000

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The Operations of The British Council Web

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    1. The Operations ofThe British CouncilWeb Paul Squires Webmaster The British Council, Web Team Manchester

    2. The future of the British Council • Policies of Blair government, channelled through • Foreign and Commonwealth Office • Department for International Development • Panel 2000 • promoting the UK as a nucleus of modern arts and culture • Visioning • addressing the shape of the Council Ukoln Conference - September 98

    3. The Activities of The British Council Promote the UK to the world Promote English language and education overseas Ukoln Conference - September 98

    4. The British Council Home Page Ukoln Conference - September 98

    5. Ukoln Conference - September 98

    6. Ukoln Conference - September 98

    7. 16,500 HTML files and 6,000 graphics 150 pages updated every day 140 web co-ordinators and 200 web authors across 109 countries over 100 countries find the site, across a plethora of operating systems and browsers 50-250 pages uploaded per day 15 local languages and 21 local servers 3,000,000 hits/month with 10% monthly increase TCO: approximately £3.5m per year Vital Statistics Ukoln Conference - September 98

    8. Web Authoring Diagram Ukoln Conference - September 98

    9. Remote Authoring System, a complete suite of templates and tools for web production Web Discussion Forumsservice Regional Web Training, co-ordinated in Manchester but delivered globally Comprehensive split statistics CD Romof Internet, RAS, Intranet Ratings exercisesand Quality Assurance to preserve the corporate web style Web Authoring Services Ukoln Conference - September 98

    10. Establishing local lingustic content is also encouraged projects more of a local presence empowers local offices capture more of a potential audience make more of a cultural link in-country provide greater services Local Servers and Content MIRRORED Australia Canada Chile Estonia Germany Greece Hong Kong Israel Italy Malaysia New Zealand Pakistan Poland Portugal Slovenia Sri Lanka Taiwan Thailand Turkey Ukraine USA COUNTRIES THAT HAVE LOCAL LANGUAGE CONTENT Argentina Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Ecuador Estonia Germany Hong Kong Mexico Peru Taiwan Turkey Venezuela Wales Ukoln Conference - September 98

    11. Non-white or graphic backgrounds Including unnecessary, clip-art or hand-drawn graphics Realigning and tinkering with templates Adding unnecessary links when a concise array of content will do Frames Animated GIFs Bad Design Examples Ukoln Conference - September 98

    12. Compliance • Managers, Executives and Board Members must feel that the Web is a Principal instrument for branding • Link site auditing with Design and Corporate Affairs Content owned by board • Evaluation of managerial performance Direct correlation with country/department web page performance • Ratings and QA for each office Every quarter Ukoln Conference - September 98

    13. user focused established ownership cutting edge technology, applied in a rational manner simple yet powerful and navigable design flexible Reshaping content and technologydevelopment principles Ukoln Conference - September 98

    14. Corporate IT andInformation Services Management Ukoln Conference - September 98

    15. NT Server in the Web strategy The primary function of NT in our strategy is to serve • Robust applications • Applications that can be easily built and developed by Council staff • Functionality not served to such an extent (functionality, TCO etc) by Unix However, for the Internet at large, our OS of choice will continue to be Unix Ukoln Conference - September 98

    16. Portable streaming media server: likely to be either RealVideo or Microsoft NetShow. Built around portable NT server and telecommunication links, with fixed point server Document management system, likely to be database driven Development of content and technology for WebTV Forthcoming Web services Ukoln Conference - September 98

    17. Technological change versus corporate security concerns Implications for the Web Team and Corporate IT • Security • Author Training • Connectivity • Infrastructure and server programs • Effect on Corporate Network The processing of these implications results in • Service Level Agreements • Password management services • Overseas staff training funding • Support for office connectivity overseas Ukoln Conference - September 98

    18. BC Web Team Activities co-ordination of incoming material editing quality testing uploading Editorial Assistants Assistant Web Master Web Master Web Manager maintenance of the site introducing new technologies policy and outreach Training Manager co-ordination and delivery of training development of Remote authoring system liaison with authors and ratings Intranet Manager intranet content development and publishing works with all BC departments outside, but with close relations to, web team Ukoln Conference - September 98

    19. The British Council on the Web Ukoln Conference - September 98