spina bifida kitten timmy n.
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Spina Bifida kitten Timmy

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Spina Bifida kitten Timmy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spina Bifida kitten Timmy . We received a call that a small k itten had been found in a park a nd was injured. Here is his story…. His exam. The kitten was surrendered to our care and taken to our vet clinic: Basinview Animal Hospital www.basinviewanimalhospital.com

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spina bifida kitten timmy

Spina Bifida kitten Timmy

We received a call that a small

kitten had been found in a park

and was injured.

his exam
His exam
  • The kitten was surrendered to our care and taken to our vet clinic: Basinview Animal Hospitalwww.basinviewanimalhospital.com
  • There, the hospital team examined the kitten and xrayed him to make sure there weren’t any broken bones.
his hospital stay
His hospital stay
  • The kitten was kept at the clinic for observation and in no time had wrapped his paws around the hearts of the staff.
  • The staff named him Tiny Tim… or Timmy for short!
timmy s exam
Timmy’s exam
  • Timmy’s exam included xrays to make sure he didn’t have any fractures or broken bones.
  • The “injury” turned out to be a twisted spine, likely a birth defect. It was decided that Timmy would be taken to see a veterinary neurologist to assess the situation with his spine.
timmy s trip
Timmy’s trip
  • Timmy was an excellent traveller for the 2-hour car ride … and seemed very curious about his adventure!

After a 2-hour exam,

Dr. Webb ‘s findings

were that Timmy has

Spina Bifida.


We remain positive that Timmy will

continue to gain strength

and will do well.

We have been contacted by others

who have given us examples

of success stories

that encourage us to remain

positive and hopeful.


In the meantime

Timmy’s amazing spirit

and personality

continue to inspire us.

He is a happy kitten

that loves to run and play…

and his continuous purr

melts our hearts!


Please visit our blogsite

or website for

more updates on Timmy.

If you would like to sponsor Timmy,

we would love to hear from you.

We are a registered charity

and will provide income tax receipts

for any donations.