officer john ryan change n.
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Officer John Ryan Change

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Officer John Ryan Change. Before.

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Presentation Transcript
  • Office John Ryan is a white cop working for the LAPD. In his first scene (the telephone call with Shaniqua) we straight away are faced with a short tempered and racist man. Haggis uses lighting in this scene with cold and dark colour’s of Ryan to warm yellows in Shaniqua’s office.
  • In the scene when Ryan pulls over Cameron and Christine, the viewers realise that Ryan misuses his position and obviously is a lonely man.
  • In the first scenes with Ryan, Haggis uses mid shots to convey how trapped Ryan is in his life. This relates back to the key theme of entrapment.
  • Close up shots of Ryan’s facial expressions show he is tied and very stressed.
  • In the Crash scene we see Ryan in slow motion P.O.V shots. This symbolises a heroic figure and relates back to films such as The Terminator where the main, heroic character is always presented in slow motion shots.
  • We see several shots through the broken windscreen of the car while Ryan is rescuing Christine. This symbolises the racist bonds breaking in Ryan's life and the beginning of a new person.
  • In the closing scenes with Ryan and his father, Ryan is presented in white clothes to emphasise his change in to a heroic figure and thoughtful and more compassionate towards his father.