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My Mission

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My Mission

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  1. My Mission To help people live better longer Dr. Mike Milligan

  2. To help people live better longer • Dentistry • Dental Health Products, Inc • Cold Sores • Canker Sores • Periodontal Health • Systemic Immune Support Nutritional Products • Improve Your Health Three Ways • Improve Periodontal Health • Oral-Systemic Link: Better Perio => Better Total Health • Health Benefits of Nutrition Irrespective of Perio

  3. The Dental Patient’s Little Book of History, Humor, and Triviaby Don Dible “According to Merriam-Webster OnLine, The word receiving more clicks on their website than any other in 2005 was “integrity.” Year-after-year, Gallop poll numbers consistently tell us, That term perfectly characterizes the profession of dentistry!”

  4. “The RealAge Makeover”by Michael F. Roizen, M.D. • The RealAge scientific advisory team voted unanimously to include hs-CRP in the RealAge program. • Hs-CRP is the high-sensitivity assay (measurement) of C-reactive protein. This value is elevated when inflammation of virtually any type exists in the body. • Inflammation may be the most important of all factors in heart attacks and strokes other than hypertension. • The data are clear. Infection and inflammation are the two major causes of aging of both the arteries and immune system. • Having a normal C-reactive protein level – meaning one that is normal in your doctors office and on three different occasions over a two-year period – will make your RealAge four years younger.

  5. What are Your Patients Hearing? • Inflammation is the body's first defense against infection, but when it goes awry, it can lead to heart attacks, colon cancer, Alzheimer's and a host of other diseases. • Perhaps a long-running bacterial infection, like gum disease, keeps the internal fires burning and tips the balance toward chronic inflammation. • Flossing your teeth combats gum disease, another source of chronic inflammation. Fruits, vegetables and fish are full of substances that disable free radicals.

  6. What are Your Patients Hearing? • Gum disease may also heighten the risk for heart disease, diabetes, pneumonia and premature birth • Your dentist can do much more than save your teeth and gums. Your dentist can save your life. • People with periodontitis were twice as likely to die from a heart attack and three times as likely to die from a stroke • Pregnant women with serious periodontal disease have about four times the risk of delivering preterm babies, and they face an increased risk of preeclampsia, in which blood pressure climbs sky-high after the 20th week, threatening the lives of both mother and fetus. How Your Dentist Can Save Your Life The dentist may be the most important doctor you see this year. From Reader's DigestDecember 2005 By Dan Ferber

  7. What are Your Patients Hearing? • Our research finds that people with high inflammation levels but low cholesterol have a worse survival rate than people with high cholesterol and low inflammation," says Ridker • A simple blood test can determine your inflammation level by measuring the C-reactive protein (CRP) • Here's how to lower your CRP level: 1. Brush and floss Research now links gum disease and tooth loss with a higher risk of atherosclerosis and higher CRP levels; one study even suggests that cavities, gingivitis, and missing teeth are stronger predictors of cardiovascular problems than high cholesterol or triglycerides.

  8. Fish Oil + 1 Hour “Cleaning” 22 patients Perio sites# @ 0 Days# @ 30 Days 6mm 4 0 5mm 18 7 4mm 74 47 Total 96 54 Perio sites reduced 44% Bleeding sites 604 212 Bleeding sites reduced 65%

  9. Ongoing Studies • New product by $500 million nutrition company • 50 patients in 10 dental offices • 30 days product only, then clean, then 30 days • Even better results than fish oil, esp. pocket depth • Relapse if quit taking supplement • Green tea product • New product + fish oil (40-100 patients) • Would you like to participate (1 patient for 60 days)? • Topical CoQ10 product

  10. 1966 2001

  11. Dad • Periodontal disease, missing teeth, smoker, a little overweight; not much exercise • 1980 - age 53 – first heart surgery – triple bypass; blood transfusion – didn’t screen blood for Hepatitis C • 1986 – second triple bypass operation • 1990 – cirrhosis of liver from the hepatitis • 1991 – liver transplant – Presbyterian Hospital; recovery was difficult – determined liver had probably been damaged in transport from Montana to Pittsburg • Sent him home at Christmas to die at home with family • 1992 – April – dad passed away

  12. Our Mission as Dentists “More than 90% of systemic diseases reveal signs and symptoms in the mouth. Most patients see their dentist on a regular basis more frequently than they do their physician. We are in a unique position to help our patients. Our mission as general dentists is no longer merely to wipe out dental decay but to correct diseases in the mouth so that the patient’s overall health also benefits.” David A. Tecosky, DMD, MAGD General Dentistry, a peer-reviewed Journal of the AGD, Dec. 2002

  13. Who do you care about?

  14. Periodontal Health = Total Body Health • If you have periodontal disease, then you have a much higher risk for: Heart Attack 2xs Higher Oral Cancer 4xs Higher Stroke up to 3xs Higher Osteoporosis 2xs Higher Low birth weight babies & Spontaneous pre-term births 2xs Higher Plus, you have a higher risk of diabetes, respiratory disease, arthritis, stomach ulcer, obesity, and other diseases. Why? • Research shows that you have FOUR times more harmful bacteria products in your blood if you have severe periodontal disease. The general mechanism behind the systemic effects of periodontal disease is thought to involve, in part, a SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATORY RESPONSE through blood-borne oral bacteria and their products.

  15. What is a Cold Sore? • Fever Blister, Herpes Labialis, Oral Herpes, HSV-1, Herpes Simplex Virus –1, #?*!%!!! • Prodrome, skin eruption, vesicles, ulcer, weep – contagious, dry, scab, heal 8-14 days • Lips, nose, eye, fingers, arm, leg • Painful, embarrassing, contagious • United Airlines – don’t come to work!

  16. How common are Cold Sores? • 90% people have the virus • 40% of those get cold sores • 1/3 of the population • 150 million people in U.S. • Average 3 lesions per person per year • 338 million treatable outbreaks/yr in U.S. • And GROWING!

  17. Triggers • Fever • Cold • Stress • Allergy • Sun

  18. A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing • Seen as trivial – heal spontaneously 8-14 days • Highly contagious – kiss, human contact, eating utensil, glass, towels, lipstick, razor • Eyes – may lead to blindness • Baby or immune compromised – very serious and possibly death

  19. HSV-1 and HSV-2 • HSV-1 – traditionally above the belt • HSV-2 – traditionally below the belt • Today over 50% genital herpes is HSV-1 • Auto-transmission, oral-genital behaviors • 25% females over age 12 have genital herpes • Usual ages of transmission: 3-7 and 12-21

  20. Topical – I much prefer topical to systemic • Apply ONCE per outbreak – when properly applied • Stops the pain – within minutes of application • Heals faster – in 3 to 4 days rather than 8-14 days • Germicidal – disrupts lipid coat and kills virus on contact • Clear Liquid • Unique applicator reduces auto-inoculation • Costs less – $13.32 per vial suggested retail price

  21. Why Add Viroxyn? • Hero to Your Patients • Reactivate Previous Patients • New Patients • Income

  22. YOU SAVED MY WEDDING! Doctor, thank you so much!

  23. Viroxyn Research Clinical Research Associates Dr. Gordon Christensen December, 2005 “86 % of 29 CRA evaluators stated they would incorporate this product into their practice. 90% rated it excellent or good, and worthy of trial by colleagues.”

  24. Testimonials “Viroxyn allows you to provide a solution to a painful, embarrassing, highly contagious problem. You can now help people who have been mislead with advertising, confused and disappointed from wasting their money on poor results from ineffective products.” Dr. Tom Orent 1000 GEMS Independent Dentist Newsletter

  25. OUCH!

  26. OOOOUCH!!!!!!

  27. Aphthous Ulcer Canker Sore #!?*#@!!!

  28. What Are Canker Sores? • Canker sores are a common form of mouth ulcer. They affect about 25% of the population. • They occur in women more often than men. • They may occur at any age, but usually first appear between the ages of 10 and 40.

  29. What Causes Canker Sores? • The cause is unknown. • There may be an inherited predisposition to their development. • There may also be an immune system link. • Ulcers may develop in response to mouth injury such as dental procedures or aggressive tooth cleaning.

  30. DEBACTEROL Stop Canker Sores In 5 Seconds Flat • Immediately stops the pain • Seals damaged oral mucosal tissues • Aids in natural healing • Single application when properly applied

  31. How Does Debacterol Work? The overall chemical activity of Debacterol is characterized by the modified tissue penetrating and denaturing activity of sulphonated phenolics and by the dehydrating and oxidizing activity of moderately concentrated sulfuric acid. It Cauterizes it.

  32. Affects Only Damaged Tissue • The total of the denaturing properties of Debacterol is such that it provides for effective debridement and cauterization of damaged tissues when applied properly, but it lacks sufficient denaturing potential to damage normal epithelial tissues or healthy tissue. • The overall effect is to produce a pain free site that is cleared of necrotic debris and ready for natural healing to begin.

  33. Application Tips • The initial sting when applying Debacterol is less if you have refrigerated the Debacterol.  This is especially important for youngsters. • Allergy to sulfa and phenols is a contraindication. • Don’t treat an aphthous ulcer larger than the size of a quarter. If you do it may be too painful and swell up because deeper tissue layers are involved. Rather, catch it and treat it at an earlier stage when it is smaller than a quarter. • You can anesthetize before treating, but not with topical as this may coat the lesion and prevent the active ingredient in Debacterol from getting to the diseased tissue and working properly.

  34. Testimonials

  35. Debacterol • Debacterol is an Rx product • Use it to treat patients in your office • Give or sell it to your patients to use at home at the earliest symptom • Help your current patients • Reactive patients • New patients

  36. Total Oral Sore Management The “System” • Sore inside your mouth – usually Debacterol • Sore outside your mouth – usually Viroxyn