The french and british in ohio 1492 1774
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The French and British in Ohio 1492-1774 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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French Flag. British Flag. The French and British in Ohio 1492-1774. Who else was in Ohio?. The Big Picture 1492-1774. England, France, North America. The French and British have arrived!. So what are they doing here?. French Flag. British Flag.

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The french and british in ohio 1492 1774

French Flag

British Flag

The French and British in Ohio1492-1774

Who else was in Ohio?

The big picture 1492 1774
The Big Picture 1492-1774

  • England, France, North America

The french and british have arrived
The French and British have arrived!

So what are they doing here?

  • French Flag

  • British Flag

Look at the map on page 87 in Social Studies Book

French Flag

La Salle

(luh SAL)

-Ran a trading post in New France.

-Native Americans told him about a great river in the south.

-When he found the Ohio River, he named it Le Belle Riveiere (luh BEL ri vee AIR).

-He claimed the area around the river for France.

Meanwhile what are the british doing

Uh-oh! Who’s in control of Ohio Country?

Meanwhile. . .what are the British doing?

The french are worried about the british

NO IT DOESN’T! It’s OURS! And, we’re going to start selling OUR land to OUR British people!

The French are worried about the British.

Hey! That belongs to the French! I’ll bury this metal plate in the ground to prove it!

Celoron de Blainville



Exit Ticket:

Describe what you have learned about the French and British. Please be detailed.

Day 2 the road to war
Day 2: The Road to War

  • Read pages 86-89 in your text book.

  • Page 89 will be new information. Use reading strategies to visualize what is happening between the British and the French.

  • Answer Questions

British Flag

French Flag