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Redecorating Committee Report

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Redecorating Committee Report - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Redecorating Committee Report. Qualities of Church. What qualities do we want to see manifested in our church structure?. Abundance Unity Classic design Comfort. Sharing Light Growth Beauty Joy. Others?. Committee Investigations. Podium and auditorium front

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qualities of church
Qualities of Church

What qualities do we want to see manifested in our church structure?

  • Abundance
  • Unity
  • Classic design
  • Comfort
  • Sharing
  • Light
  • Growth
  • Beauty
  • Joy


committee investigations
Committee Investigations
  • Podium and auditorium front
  • Back brown panels to be re-covered with lighter material.
  • Remove lattice walls; replace with one half-wall planter in front of organ in lighter wood; Possibly use some of the podium wood for this?  
  • Add quality silk plants for planter (screening wall for organist).
  • Put a baby grand piano on the right side open on the carpet.
  • Install doors to hide the back entry area.
  • Remove large front podium on platform; replace with one or two step open carpeted platform.
  • Repair and install “pony wall” behind readers between platform floor and wall.
  • Signs with more modern lettering; location of signs to be determined.
committee investigations1
Committee Investigations
  • Podium and auditorium front


Contractor costs estimated $375 - $500 a day;

10 -12 days                                                                  $10,000

Materials for podium repair, swing doors to back, wall behind platform, repair drywall holes                        $ 4,800

Podiums or desks to be discussed as the best option on the platform along with more greenery                        $1,500?

committee investigations2
Committee Investigations
  • Auditorium and foyer lighting
  • Chandelier lighting preference is choice A or B

(wider light source)

Cost for auditorium, foyer ceiling and wall: $ 4,171.83

  • 6 chandeliers, 2 sconces, ceiling fixtures

(chains provide flexibility in hanging)

Cost:    $ 3180.40

  • Couple floods/recessed cans over stairs Cost: $ 40.00
  • Retain cove lighting
  • Retain some floods by church front?   
committee investigations3
Committee Investigations
  • Seating
  • Upholstered chairs (back and seat); wooden arms + legs
  • Including hymnal rack
  • Assume 32” back; longer seat with trampoline seat

(improved after theater seating)

  • Not fixed seating; allow flexibility

Cost:   (approx. $156/seat x 100)  $ 15,600

committee investigations4
Committee Investigations
  • Carpet
  • Close loop weave estimate with pad (commercial grade)

Cost per square yard: $22.00 - $35.00Cost to carpet foyer, hall stairs + auditorium:                                                    $7000 to $10,000

  •  May consider Readers’ Rooms, Children’s Room, Counting Room, etc.
committee investigations5
Committee Investigations
  • Painting costs

Inside auditorium brick  $1,960

Outside foyer brick          $710

Back wall painting          $ 565

Main ceiling and beams $5,410

Total for all                                $8,645

$200 coupon available to us $8,445

(Prices include prime and block fill bricks, 2 top coats for bricks; back wall 3 top coats; sanding ceiling and priming with 2 coats.)

committee investigations6
Committee Investigations
  • Back seating area
  • Create a moveable ¾ long wall to define the front auditorium into a more intimate space; allow space for wheelchair
  • Seating; Add greenery, a few love seats or upholstered chairs, 6-top tables; ability to use space for business meetings,
  • After church meetings, Wednesday meetings, or open for lectures or expanded congregation                         
  • Foyer bench seats
committee investigations7
Committee Investigations
  • Other ideas shared
  • Paint walls or ceilings a cream color
  • Replace windows
  • Make basement accessible
  • Type of sign (Plexiglas, wood, metal?)
  • Re-panel foyer wood wall or wallpaper
  • Few bench seats instead of having all chairs in auditorium
  • Upstairs bathroom wheelchair accessibility – Combine upstairs bathrooms to have one larger bathroom; Make the hall wider upstairs.
committee investigations8
Committee Investigations
  • Sunday School
  • Construction of painted walls to separate rooms along parallel walls and bring color to the space.
  • A few paintings and timelines for rooms.
  • Add lamps to bring color and intimacy to the space instead of fluorescents.
  • Add some bookshelves (one per room)
  • Replace aqua plastic chairs with upholstered benches in center of room
  • A couple of loveseats/couches for high school/college class space; some pillows for younger classes
  • Possibly replace tables?  Not sure
  • Do something with windows (paint outside well white?)
  • Some greenery/silk plants or trees
decorator s observations
Decorator’s Observations
  • Painting interior walls and ceiling
  • A lighter color would give a more transcendent look and feeling of a modern church.
  • Would give us the best value for our money. 

We had not considered this, but we should give this some thought as it impacts the whole picture and was the first thing the professional recommended.  If we did the painting, we could choose not to change the seating for instance. In short, there is more than one way to look at things.

Example of church with light interior

decorator s observations1
Decorator’s Observations
  • Seating
  • According to the decorator, current seating is not a major problem.
  • Keep theater seating in the front.
  • Move the rows farther apart to give a feeling of more space and make it easier to move through the seating.
  • Lighting
  • Replace light fixtures with more something more contemporary.

We had not considered this, but we should give this some thought as it impacts the whole picture and was the first thing the professional recommended.  If we did the painting, we could choose not to change the seating for instance. In short, there is more than one way to look at things.

decorator s observations2
Decorator’s Observations
  • Podium + Auditorium Front
  • Replace fabric covering the speakers with new fabric or with metal or wooden frets.
  • Remove the lattice panels on either side of the podium.
  • Reduce podium size horizontallyClassical molding could be included in the front with the painting.
  • Color
  • Current appearance is very brown.
  • Color can be brought into the church with pulpit fabric, carpeting, and paint. According to decorator seating could be reupholstered, but current gold color is okay.
decorator s observations3
Decorator’s Observations
  • It is better to create a a total, coordinated package, than a patchwork of “this idea and that idea”.
  • Consider the elements of our church in light of visitors as well as from our own preferences.
  • Higher thoughts progress with the years; change isn’t bad.