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Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Kenya

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Real Estate Investment Opportunities in Kenya - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The people of the world are eager to invest their savings in real estate which is one of the best markets to get a hefty return on.

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With the world economy on a steady rise, a rise in the desires of the middle class has been

witnessed. Since the middle class have been steadily evolving and money is getting back into the

peoples' pockets in the service sector among a few other sectors, people are now acting prudently.

The people of the world are eager to invest their savings in real estate which is one of the best

markets to get a hefty return on.

The real estate trend

While some countries are emerging and serve as lucrative for real estate investments, some are

still not so favorable. For example- Real estate investment Kenya is at a steady pace towards growth

and is certainly a great place to buy property if you intend on making a lucrative investment.

While most people are under the notion that real estate investment is great to get a great return on

investment, it does not necessarily have to be so. While purchasing property, every customer

should keep two factors in mind.

• Decide your motive behind purchasing property. If you are looking to sell it after some time to

earn a major return, then you definitely need to seek professional help. As mentioned above, this is

because you need to purchase property in a country or city where the resale value is estimated to

be high in the coming years.

• If you want to purchase property because you happen to like a place and intend to settle down

out there, then you can choose to overlook the investment factor but do not neglect it.

Certain observations

Quite a few western countries are embracing the phenomenon of purchasing property. They are

encouraging people to buy property, but some countries are very rigid with the extent to which

investors can purchase second homes. Unlike tourism where visitors are highly encouraged to

come and visit, this may not be the case when it comes to real estate.

For people who own property

If seen from another perspective, if you already own property, you have a great chance of getting

returns if the conditions and place of property owned is favorable. If you own land, you can sell it at

a really high price if the area is situated in a metropolitan city where many buildings are coming up.

If you happen to own a house in a tourist hotspot, you can use it as a guest house for tourists to

come and stay at. Then there is the possibility of renting offices in corporate buildings just like the

trend of offices for sale Westlands seen lately.

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