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which of these are documents n.
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Which of these are documents? PowerPoint Presentation
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Which of these are documents?

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Which of these are documents?
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Which of these are documents?

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  1. Which of these are documents? 1. 2. 4. 3.

  2. What is a document? Documents are designed to organize and communicate information using symbols , words, and pictures, usually for pubic use.

  3. By the end of the workshop, learners will be able to: Essential Skills Document Use Workshop Presented by The Essential Edge Project • Define what a document is. • Determine how information is organized on a document. • Quickly locate information on a variety of documents.

  4. Job Profile for Cooks Reading text: • read instructions on the operation of appliances and equipment, such as dishwashers, deep fryers and ovens. (1) • read rules for keeping cooking and stewarding areas clean. (2) • read recipes and use them to prepare food. (2) , (frequently) • read cooking texts and/or trade magazine articles and read special theme recipes on-line in order to gather suggestions for future banquets. (3) , (occasionally) • may read and interpret vendor purchase agreements. (3) Document Use: • interpret Occupational Health and Safety hazard symbols. (1) • read product labels to identify any ingredients that may be allergenic or excluded from restricted diets. (1) • read and enter data on the freezer temperature recording chart. (twice daily) (1) • check off items and quantities on delivery checklists. (1) • complete chef report sheets showing the number of entrees prepared. (1) • use item listing forms for ordering specific products, supplies and produce. (2) • may draw diagrams showing the arrangement of items on the plate. (2) • interpret customer satisfaction ratings displayed on charts. (2) • cross check the Stock Reconciliation form with the sign-out form to ensure accountability and adequate inventory. (2) • read customer orders and prepare accordingly. (2) • read event confirmation sheets in order to plan for events. The confirmation sheets contain information on the client, number of guests, times, location, liquor information, décor and furniture and detailed catering information, including costs. (3) • refer to salesmen's market reports regarding the availability and cost of goods in order to make appropriate menu decisions. (3) , (weekly)

  5. Lists... are the key to unlocking information in a document. Lists are the bricks we use to build all documents.

  6. What makes it a list? Groceries: Bread Butter Cheese Milk Fruit Veggies Lists have a label and a group of related items.

  7. rhinos Word also

  8. Paint Colours and Faucets

  9. How are lists organized? For example, Dictionaries are organized alphabetically. Calendars are organized by number and sequence.

  10. How to find information in a document quickly ? Step 1: Get an overview: Look at the titles and headings both vertically and horizontally.

  11. How to find information in a document quickly ? Step 2: Scan and locate • Why scan? • to find a particular piece of information. • How to scan? • Decide on what key words, phrases, numbers you are looking for, then let your eyes running quickly down the page searching for just that.

  12. Let’s Review 1. Documents are designed to communicate information using _____, _____ and ____ 2. Name one kind of organization method used in a document. 3. Always read the _____ and the _____ before you begin looking for specific information in a document. 4. Documents are designed to be read. T or F 5. In an intersecting table, you use information from ______ lists. 6. A good list is easy to read because it _________ and is ____________