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National Geographic PowerPoint Presentation
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National Geographic

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National Geographic

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National Geographic

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  1. National Geographic • National Geographic was an obvious choice to follow. • They have always been about spreading knowledge and sharing the unique qualities of all people and the world itself • While the National Geographic is often watered down to be more interesting for normal consumers, it is still full of accurate and exciting information such as advancements in science or new discoveries in the jungle • National Geographic makes for an excellent supplementary source for many subject areas most notable being science and social studies • Discussions of new advancements and technologies can establish for students the wide reaching effects of our advancement in various areas of technology from space and exploration, to the medical, and the every day uses • National Geographic often discusses ancient, foreign and exotic cultures as well as many of their traditions and practices. This sort of information can add to a sense of excitement and learning the unknown in what may have otherwise been another ‘boring’ social class. I mean how exciting would it be to discuss with students why some tribes in South America used to shrink heads and what this practice says about respect in other cultures.

  2. Larry Ferlazzo • According to his profile Larry Ferlazzo is an inner-city high school teacher. Advice from almost any experienced educator is beneficial, providing unique incites as well as advice in peculiar situations. • His tweets are often entertaining, which is its own benefit. • Mr. Ferlazzo often posts about educational resources on interesting subject matters that could be used to begin unique and intriguing conversations in a given subject. • I intend to use many of the resources he has provided to supplement lessons as well as add a more entertaining atmosphere to my educational practices so that students do not have to feel as though they are ‘stuck’ in class but rather that they are part of the class. These interesting subjects and resources that Mr. Ferlazzo shares present a possibility for a strong and unique rapport with students.

  3. Tes Special Needs • This choice too seemed obvious to me. In my studies I am minoring in Special education. • Special education is always important, not simply to providing those students with disabilities or of exceptional ability the best possible environment for learning. It is also beneficial to use the principles of special education to benefit the so called ‘normal’ student to see that every student is successful. • Tes Special Needs is often posting new and relevant information in this dynamic area of education. The spread of this knowledge will be beneficial in my practice in helping me to remain up to date on current special needs practices, while also providing constant advice so that I can best benefit all my students education. • Tes Special Needs also posts different useful, entertaining and most of all educational resources that can be used to create more meaningful learning experiences for every student as well as those with special needs.

  4. Contributions • In truth I myself have not posted anything. So it would be fair to say that I have not yet contributed to my professional learning network. • However, there is much I have and still can take away to further advance my own progress as an educator. Each person and group that I follow provides new and unique resources as well as their own personal takes on what it means to be a teacher… this information will help me in my own journey to become an effective teacher. • Currently, I have a distinct lack of experience in the field of education as a first year student, filled most with hearsay and the advice of so many others. But when I myself have progressed further on in my own education and in the profession of teaching itself I will be more comfortable sharing and contributing to the practices of others. • My professional learning network is comparable to the circle of life in that first I am an inexperienced babe that knows little and can contribute less. Then as I advance in knowledge and experience so too will my contributions and from what I am able to provide or contribute will aid so many others in their own journeys to professional and educational advancement.