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SkyGlue. Your Real-time Web Analytics Service. What is SkyGlue. A real-time web analytics service that helps companies understand how users interact with web applications Tracks and displays site visitors’ activities in real-time

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Your Real-time Web Analytics Service

what is skyglue
What is SkyGlue
  • A real-time web analytics service that helps companies understand how users interact with web applications
  • Tracks and displays site visitors’ activities in real-time
  • Provide event-based individual level behavior tracking and analysis
  • Provide Aggregated level data analysis
  • Event tracking is a way of measuring exactly what users are doing on your site. This functionality will grow more and more important as the Web grows more interactive.
    • E.g. invites sent, videos played, and user signups all count as events.
why web analytics
Why Web Analytics
  • Increase Sales
  • Visitor Satisfaction
  • Reduce Marketing Cost
  • Gain new insights on online customers
  • Help marketers and site designers answer specific business questions
mixpannel limitations
MixPannel limitations
  • Unreliable service
    • Missing events
    • Unable to load graph
    • Delay in real-time data collection
  • No individual level behavior tracking
  • No data push to browsers (need refresh to get updated data)
skyglue solution
SkyGlue Solution
  • Real-time data collection on site traffic
      • Referrer / Search engine / Search term
      • Country / IP Address
      • City / ZIP / Postal / Area / DMA / Code
      • State / County / Region / Province
      • Company / Organization / ISP
      • Number of pages viewed / Number of visits / First and last measurement
      • Technical Specs / Browser / OS / Resolution
  • Individual level data analysis
      • Track visitor click Path
      • Order of activities (e.g. 50% first look at video, 20% first look at pricing, …)
      • Meaningful data based on customer profile, better business intelligence
      • Understand top/paying customers experience
  • Aggregate data analysis
      • Event-based tracking
      • Visualized Funnel Analysis
      • Visitor Retention
      • A/B Testing
skyglue competitive advantages
SkyGlue Competitive Advantages
  • Real-time data push technology
  • Provide both individual level data analysis and aggregated analysis
  • Low Cost
  • Efficient & robust proprietary messaging server technology handling large load
  • Simple to Use, no API, no programming needed
skyglue core technology
SkyGlue Core Technology
  • Loosely coupled architecture
  • WS-Messenger (our proprietary cloud messaging server technology):
    • First Internet-scale publish/subscribe messaging system
    • Invented by Founder Eric Huang
    • reliably in production 3+ years in LEAD workflow system (Linked Environments for Atmospheric Discover ) (
  • Web Sockets Gateway
    • Third party technology (
skyglue team
SkyGlue Team
  • Strong Team
    • high qualification, strong passion, complementary skills and can execute.
    • Team skillset covers backend, frontend technology, business development and communications.
  • Eric: SkyGlue architect and backend technology
    • Ph.D. in CS with focus on cloud-based messaging
    • Strong statistics and math skills (MS in Financial Math)
    • Internationally-recognized expert on Internet-scale publish/subscribe messaging system with practical experience building cloud services.
    • Published over 10 research papers and has over 100 external citations around the world
    • Developer for Microsoft’s first cloud messaging service (Azure AppFabricServiceBus service) from incubation to production release.
    • Inventor of SkyGlue core technology
    • Full time on SkyGlue from July 1, 2010, attends Techstars full-time, no other commitments, no visa restrictions
  • Cindy: SkyGlue marketing & public relations
    • MS in MIS
    • Nine years experience in system development and IT customer care
    • Strong people skills
    • Attends Techstars full-time, no other commitments, no visa restrictions
  • Adam: SkyGlue frontend technology, user model & business strategy
    • Dual MBA/MIS degrees (natural hybrid of technology guru and business savvy)
    • Seven years experience in system development and integration
    • Business mindset
    • Attends Techstars full-time for one month, rest of time at least 20hrs/wk Due to H1B visa restrictions; working on resolving immigration status).
business model pay as you go
Business Model (pay as you go)
  • Charge based on data points tracked
  • Free basic service, free trials
  • Different plan level
  • Prorated upgrade
  • More attractive pricing than competitors, thanks to our efficient messaging technology
skyglue target market
SkyGlue target Market
    • Middle market of developers and businesses who find google analytics too basic and high-end services like Omniture too expensive.
    • E.g. Startups who like to tracking user behavior on their sites
    • E.g. growing businesses who are trying to gain users for the first time
    • Business, sales, marketing managers
    • Market research agencies and institutes
  • A large market since analytics and stat tracking is extremely important to the growth of any business

Mixpanel Usage Growth (

customer acquisition strategy and cost
Customer acquisition strategy and cost
  • Strategies
    • Participate in forum discussion, blogs
    • News release in targeted web sites
    • Attend targeted technical conferences
    • Invite a handful of early-adopters as testimonials
    • Customers can add Skyglue Logo to their websites to earn more free datapoints
    • Customer referrals to earn more free data points
  • Cost
    • no significant cost
current status
Current Status
  • Backend messaging technology ready
  • Currently prototyping frontend portal
    • Site design
    • JavaScript
    • Integration with web sockets gateway
skyglue timeline
SkyGlue TimeLine
  • Now – 8/16/2010 (Eric full time starting July on implementation)
    • Product design
    • Prototyping
    • Basic Prototype ready (demo simple end-to-end scenario)
  • 8/16/2010 – 11/12/2010
    • Beta release
    • Limited Users
  • Chargeable Version
    • February 2011
  • SkyGlue addresses a market in huge demand for real-time and event-based web analytics service
  • No need to wait days or weeks to get data results
  • See results instantly and innovate faster than ever
  • SkyGlue will be a huge success