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L2 Status. James T. Linnemann MSU Collaboration Meeting September 14, 2001. Who?. Now commissioning: Arizona, Columbia, Maryland, Michigan/CDF MSU, Munich, Nebraska, NIU, Oklahoma Saclay, Stony Brook, UIC, Virginia Fermilab ESE (Green, Kwarciany, Zmuda) Coming Soon

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l2 status

L2 Status

James T. Linnemann


Collaboration Meeting

September 14, 2001

  • Now commissioning:
    • Arizona, Columbia, Maryland, Michigan/CDF
    • MSU, Munich, Nebraska, NIU, Oklahoma
    • Saclay, Stony Brook, UIC, Virginia
    • Fermilab ESE (Green, Kwarciany, Zmuda)
  • Coming Soon
    • BU, Florida State, Orsay
  • A lot of good, hardworking people are responsible for L2 progress.
  • Power, cooling, cabling all in place except
    • Intra-crate cables
    • Last run of muon cables being re-cut
  • Safety clearance for power in process
  • All cards needed built and on site except
    • last 11 alphas being assembled this week
fic g link receiver all crates but muon
FIC: G-link receiver(all crates but muon)
  • FPGA code being tweaked
    • Some vme problems remain
      • commissioning modes only; progress being made
    • Extra data word in G-link?
      • Fix being tested
    • FPGA compiler problems probably resolved
      • Distraction: “test” version used nonexistent resources
    • Fermilab/ESE support for commissioning
      • Met this week with Saclay experts
mbt workhorse i o card
MBTworkhorse I/O card
  • 31 cards in hand (24 work; 16 at Fermi)
    • 4 need diagnosis/repair; 3 dead; 11+6 needed
    • Before install: stable SCL firmware
      • Estimate: September/October installation
  • firmware all written; being debugged (good turnaround)
      • Scl_init sequence; L1, L2 busy (easier)
    • Multi-card broadcast: need testing at FNAL
    • 128 bit fanout needs testing at FNAL with Edmunds: Oct
    • Some marginal timing being chased
    • Results write to Global: needs to be re-integrated
      • May need to tweak output amplitude
    • Monitoring functions: need to test at FNAL
  • First Production:
    • 4-6 fully work (7 max); 2 back soon; break/fix about 1/week
      • Most: multiple vias fixed and a BGA replaced
    • 17+2 abandoned
      • Broken CIA BGA not replaceable (center of board; vias too fragile)
    • PIO to Alpha not working (firmware)early October
      • concentrate on 1 Alpha/crate
  • Second Production:
    • Pre-production boards work
      • DMA fixes incorporated in layout
      • Learned can successfully replace CIA BGA (better than unreliable socket!)
      • new supplier for raw boards, better assembly (failures diagnosed; site visits)
    • 11 more being built now: earliest end September
  • Need 15 for nominal system (+7 for test stand)
beta replacement processor
Betareplacement processor
  • Intel Compact PCI card
    • 2-3  Alpha in CPU
      • First card received and being tested
  • Hold in 9u card with custom devices (3 BGA’s)
    • Universe Chip VME interface
    • commercial 64-bit PCI interface chip
    • Mbus and other logic in FPGA
  • Good start on low-level software
    • Prep for PCI device drivers
  • Schedule: (quote soon)
    • Schematic done; starting layout
    • Firmware specs written; starting Verilog coding soon
    • Prototypes available for testing December
    • Production: early summer
cic and sfo
  • CIC (L2Muinput card) installed; inputs cabled
  • SFO (fanout): all but 2 at Fermi
    • Needed by Muon system, and test stand
    • Very useful for commissioning
    • May have other uses during running
    • All cards work in most important modes
      • For one mode, have to hand-select cards
        • Only need 2 working in 1:12 fanout mode
        • Investigating why only half do, but half of 25 is plenty
  • Basic Operating System done
  • First algorithm tests (Mu Central) OK
    • Meet speed and efficiency requirements
    • Other algorithms ready for download
      • tested in emulator
  • Implementing monitoring scheme
miscellaneous interface hardware
Miscellaneous Interface Hardware
  • 16 to 128 bit mux add-on to MBT (UMd)
    • Returns L2 trigger mask to L2HWFW Sep/Oct
  • L1HWFW to L2 Global (via FIC) (MSU)
    • Optical Split: L1 trigger mask Aug/Oct
      • dummy content: fixed + event ID
  • Monitoring of Alphas by L1 Scalers (MSU)
    • Passive cable formatting card Oct
commissioning at last
CommissioningAt Last
  • L1SCL-MBT-Alpha-VBD-L3 milestone met
    • One channel “data”, real frame software, in MCH
      • Need to verify format from SAM
  • Muon system has seen real inputs-CIC-SLIC
      • L1 format needs correction
      • Scint format OK but L2&timing interfere: errors
      • MDT format OK
      • PDT unformatted: October?
  • Current tests:
    • SCL_INIT for MBT-Alpha (for permanent MCH running)
    • Add 2nd channel of data (FIC-MBT-Alpha-VBD-L3)
    • real algorithms into SLIC; timing Fwd Mu already
    • Muon: 2nd or 3rd input: CIC-SLIC-MBT-Alpha-VBD-L3
    • One event pushed through STT prototype vertical slice
      • FRC, STC, TFC: CTT roads, SMT clusters, fit
arrival of l2 inputs
Arrival of L2 Inputs

When inputs steadily available (subset, full)

  • L1 Trigger Mask to Global (August, October)
  • Cal (September?, November?)
  • Muon
    • Trigger (L2 software not tested) (June, November)
    • Detector (August,October?)
  • CTT,CPS (October,November)
  • FPS (November,December)
  • COOR programming September?
online software risks
Online Software ( & Risks)
  • Alpha:
    • Much of structural software exists in simulation
      • Control/data flow for preprocessor and global
    • Loader and modified Linux kernel;
    • Developing drivers in EBSDK (fast turnaround); check in Linux
    • Draft drivers/setup for MBT and event loop
      • Some alpha firmware problems (PIO needed for A-W split)
      • SCL_INIT—in progress (complex)
      • VME driver, buffer allocation (OK)
      • Verify byte order etc to L3
    • Error logging and beginnings of monitoring: testing
    • Linking, downloading to Worker; Linux 7.1 releases needed
    • Admin/Worker control; data flow software
      • few Alphas, so concentrate on 1-alpha crate for now
  • SLIC:
    • Basic operating system in place
    • monitoring; algorithms need download; scl_init
online software plans
Online Software Plans

Event data flow late Aug

  • Worker with filter code Sept
    • Multi-alpha (as available) Oct/Nov
      • interrupts for speed as needed Dec/Jan
  • Coor script downloading via TCC: Late Sept
    • Till then, configure from hand-edited file
      • Online and in TSIM
  • Data Flow Monitoring test Sept/Oct
      • Errorlogger to screen/S.E.S. Oct/Dec?
  • Global + Preprocessor Oct-Nov
    • FILTERING! (if have enough inputs…)
  • Verification: online vs. TSIM
    • 1st version running now; testing data capture
    • Needs pretty good data to be useful Oct/Nov?
algorithms in tsim downloadable some l1sim problems
Algorithms: in TSIM, downloadable; some L1SIM problems
  • Mu L1; Central alpha, DSP working, ready to download

output fmts need update

Fwd DSP in CVS; next release (alpha already there)

  • CTT base algorithm , tau working

Tau tuning, slow movers waiting for postdoc hirewhen?

  • PS
    • CPS running in TSIM; needs better L1
    • FPS written not released (no L1PS) when?
  • Cal all running in TSIM
    • e = Run 1B L1.5
    • j merge needs work (interference with beta)
    • MET = L1for now
  • Global some running in TSIM now
    • e(cal,cps,track), j(cal); tracks; deta, dphi (e: fps-ready)
    • Ht, Mass, MET; rsep coming
    • Mu(with ctt), but no tau
  • Need Studies, Timing, Tuning! Lost 2 maintainers
  • Commissioning is underway in earnest
    • Some real inputs—need more to do physics
      • Mu, cal, ctt, cps is probable order
    • Most hardware in hand
      • Remaining alphas soon, I hope
    • Firmware written; commissioning it now
      • MBT, Alpha, FIC
  • Crucial scale-up tests in coming weeks
      • All hardware in crates
      • Multiple inputs
      • Algorithm downloads
board summary dates risks
Board Summary:Dates, Risks
  • SLIC January 2001
    • Monitoring software
  • Crates/Power/Cables September
    • ORC; CIC crate
  • FIC September?
    • Commission; FPGA code problems?
  • MBT September?
    • FPGA code
  • Alpha now; September
    • Fragility of 4-6 from 1st production
    • PIO firmware
    • Fallback: Beta—next year
  • CIC,SFO August; September?
    • Install/Commission
  • Crate population, intra-crate cablingSeptember/October
progress since feb
Progress since Feb
  • Alpha
    • cards for commissioning; start final production
    • Fixed DMA; Beta started
  • FIC
    • Fixed output signal; FPGA work resumed
  • MBT
    • All firmware written/drivers (being debugged)
    • Integration testing with Alpha at 2 sites
    • multi-channel DMA, capture of SCL input info
  • CIC/SFO built
  • All power, most cabling
  • Software
    • Drivers for all devices written (being tested)
    • Most algorithms in TSIM
  • Real data sources in mu
  • data flow L1SCL to L3
where do we put our alphas staging rotating tests a w
Where do we put our Alphas?Staging; rotating tests; A+W

Aug-Sept (5-10)

  • 1 Maryland
  • 2 Test Stand/UIC
  • 1-2 Global
  • 1-2 Mu/Cal (turns?)

Oct-Nov (5 to20)

  • 2-4 Mu
  • 1-4 Cal
  • 1-2 Global
  • 2-5 CTT,PS
  • 1-2 Test stand
  • 1 Maryland/Va
  • 1-4 UIC/Test Stand
l2 cards names build operate
L2 Cards & Namesbuild/operate
  • FIC G-link to Hotlink Renardy, Mur (Saclay)

Buehler, Kostas, Heinmiller (UIC) Kwarciany (FNAL)

  • MBT Hotlink, MBus, other I/O

Giganti, Bard, Baden (Maryland) +Toole/ Schwienhorst

  • Alpha main processor (Campbell, Miller UM); Buehler,Heinmiller,Kostas, Varelas (UIC) Hirosky (UVa)

Kwarciany/Zmuda (FNAL)

  • SLIC  ProcessorSippach, Evans (Nevis/Columbia)

Kothari, Christos (CU); Maciel, Fortner,Uzunyan(NIU)

Christiansen, Strohmer, Trefzger, Schaile (Munich)

  • CIC, SFO SMB to RJ45 Hotlink; Hotlink fanout

Lewis, Snow (Nebraska) Tester: Johns (UAZ)

Hansen, Baldin, (Anderson) FNAL Maciel, Kothari, Fortner

  • VBD; Bit3 L3, TCC Zeller, Cutts; Commercial

Mattingly (Brown); Schwienhorst (MSU)

  • Limiting factors:
    • Stable, fully functional L2 Cards (ouch)
      • MBT’s with full functionality
      • FIC: lack of on-site expertise
        • Lack of reliable system to modify firmware
      • Alpha: lack of firmware expertise on-site
    • Manpower (trained—getting better)
      • Big conflict with
        • Prototype testing (MBT, CIC, SFO)
        • Production debugging (Alpha)
        • Beta (fallback plan for Alpha)
      • Rick Kwarciany is part-time integration engineer
    • Alpha software for commissioning
      • Limited, in turn, by above problems
    • Availability of inputs
      • Real, or test; becoming limiting factor
preprocessor chains commissioning scale
Preprocessor Chains:Commissioning Scale


  • 0%Connectivity not tested
  • 20Signal compatibility demonstrated
  • 40Correctdata transfer once or usually;

or physical layer (BIST?) full speed, error rate OK

  • 60Fake data, repeated transfers, error rate OK
  • 80Full speed fake data, error rate ok, >1 day
  • 100%Real data full cards, in system, full speed, errors OK, > 1 week
preprocessor chains
Preprocessor Chains


  • L1DFE FIC..SFO MBT Alpha L3 (test stand)
  • L1Cal FIC SFO MBT Alpha VBD L3 (DAQ)
  • Mutest CICSFOSLIC SFO MBT Alpha L3
  • Alpha MBTMBT Alpha (2 crates)
  • Alpha Alpha
  • L1SCL MBT Alpha VBD L3
  • MBT SFO patch panel MBTAlpha VBD L3 (test stand)
  • L1FW FIC MBT Alpha
  • Alpha MBT L2FW ….